Dress of the week October 26th

Good morning Ladies ! I am  sorry I missed out on writing  my  post  last  week.  I was  just so busy  I didn’t  get time to fit it in. Last weekend on Friday we    lit  a  fire in our  pit . It  was  borderline  too cold  but  we  soon warmed up!  Saturday was a busy  day of  housework  and  hanging out with the  kids.   On Sunday  we  travelled  90 minutes  to celebrate  the  birthday of  my  Grandma-in-law  who  turned  85. It  was  a lovely  lunch  get  together with  4  generations  celebrating.  She  is  a  strong willed  Lady who continues to drive  and  be  Independent. She  is  involved  in  quilting  with her  Church  where they send  them to people in need. A great role model.

Lovely fall scene

The  week  went  by  as  usual  with juggling of school and  work  ( we  get  through it every week!)  The  kids  had  Church  class  on Wednesday.  Last  night our  Neighbor  Brandon  came over  for dinner and   some  drinks   and  stayed to watch the  baseball world  series. This  evening we  are  going out  on  a   much   needed date  night  together!!  It  is hard  sometimes  to make  time  with  4  kids  but it is  important  to make  time. Our  Daughter  will babysit , so it is  responsibility for  her.  We are  going  to  go  to  a cute  little  town  15  minutes  away  and  have  dinner with a  few  drinks .

Please  rate out of  10  this graphic  floral print pleated  empire  crepe dress , see  here


Have  a  lovely  weekend  everyone , enjoy fall/autumn  while it is still here , Terri xo.



10 thoughts on “Dress of the week October 26th

    1. It was a lovely date Jessica ! WE went to a mexican restaurant we had not visited before and were very impressed. I love that photo, I wish it was in my living room ! How are you and the family doing? I need to catch up on your blog. Thanks so much for visiting Dear, Terri xo.


  1. Aww Happy Birthday to your grandmother in-law! How fun! That sounded like a nice celebration. This fall fireplace is lovely. I also love this dress of the week. Happy Monday!

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    1. Yes it was a great celebration Courtney for a wonderful lady! I found this photo online, I would love to recreate it in my living room! Thanks for the dress of the week comment. Wishing you a great rest of your week, take care , Terri xoxo


  2. Hi, Terri. I can understand how things get so busy that blog posts just don’t happen. They take (for me anyway) a good amount of time to compose and proofread, rewrite, proofread again, etc.
    Your husband’s grandma sounds like an amazing woman! She was probably so happy that all of you were with her to celebrate her birthday.
    I wish date nights were ‘a thing’ when my daughter was young. I think it’s a great idea. When my daughter was little we often got so busy that we didn’t even think of going out together, except maybe for an anniversary. I hope you both had fun.
    Fall is really progressing by me–seems so quick. Summer is long gone! 😦 Enjoy the week. ❤

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    1. She is an amazing woman Cindy! She got married at 16 and had five kids, with my mother-in-law being the youngest. She really enjoyed having us all there to celebrate! Date nights are few and far between for us but I hope they become a little more common as our daughter gets older. It was a fun night we went to a nice little Mexican restaurant and after went to this new Brewpub for a little fun. Fall is rushing by very fast here. It is more winter temperatures here now , it is 27° this morning! The rest of the week is staying cool as well. I hope the temperature stay a little warmer for you in the Chicago suburbs. Thank you so much for visiting this week I appreciate it. Stay warm, Terri XO.

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