Dress of the week October 26th

Good morning Ladies ! I am  sorry I missed out on writing  my  post  last  week.  I was  just so busy  I didn’t  get time to fit it in. Last weekend on Friday we    lit  a  fire in our  pit . It  was  borderline  too cold  but  we  soon warmed up!  Saturday was a busy  day of  housework  and  hanging out with the  kids.   On Sunday  we  travelled  90 minutes  to celebrate  the  birthday of  my  Grandma-in-law  who  turned  85. It  was  a lovely  lunch  get  together with  4  generations  celebrating.  She  is  a  strong willed  Lady who continues to drive  and  be  Independent. She  is  involved  in  quilting  with her  Church  where they send  them to people in need. A great role model.

Lovely fall scene

The  week  went  by  as  usual  with juggling of school and  work  ( we  get  through it every week!)  The  kids  had  Church  class  on Wednesday.  Last  night our  Neighbor  Brandon  came over  for dinner and   some  drinks   and  stayed to watch the  baseball world  series. This  evening we  are  going out  on  a   much   needed date  night  together!!  It  is hard  sometimes  to make  time  with  4  kids  but it is  important  to make  time. Our  Daughter  will babysit , so it is  responsibility for  her.  We are  going  to  go  to  a cute  little  town  15  minutes  away  and  have  dinner with a  few  drinks .

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Have  a  lovely  weekend  everyone , enjoy fall/autumn  while it is still here , Terri xo.




Dress of the week October 12th

Good morning  Ladies ! How is your  October  going ? It is  down to 34 degrees  F   and  we  had  a  dusting of  snow last night ! I hope winter is  not  here in  Autumn .

Last  Saturday  was pouring  rain all day  and  we pretty much stayed home. I am glad  we  went to the orchard  the  previous  Saturday!  On  Sunday we  went  to Church and  after  they  had  the  first  pancake  breakfast  for the   October thru May  period . They  do it once  a month and is  so good.  In  the  afternoon  we  spent  some  time outside  enjoying the  sunshine.

On  Monday  morning  I  went  to  the  post  office  early  to get  stamps  as  I was  mailing birthday cards  for  my  Niece  and  Sister . I  wanted  airmail stamps and  I  got to the  counter  and  asked  for them and  they were  out ! I  was  amazed , that never happened before.  So I left got in the  car  to leave turn the key and nothing. It  would not  start. A kind   gentleman  tried  to jump start it with no luck . We figured it  was  the  starter. So a  tow  truck was  called  and  brought to the garage. I got  a loaner  car. turns out it was  the  starter.


The  rest of  the  week  was pretty normal , we  had   family night at school on  Tuesday with  pizza ( no cooking!)  Wednesday night is  Church  class , and  we  get  some alone  time  together  for 45-50 mins , yay!    Last  night we  did family movie  night , the  kids  love  that  ,  we  turn all the  lights  off  and  get  the  popcorn !

 my floral top with cardigan , skirt and  tights.

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Wishing  you a  beautiful weekend, Terri xo.



Dress of the week October 5th

Hello my beautiful friends and  welcome to October ! It  has  been a  wet  few  days here  with lots  of  rain  and  clouds. The  sun  has  made  a brief appearance  today ( very brief!)  but  tomorrow  promises to be  better . I know it  could  be  worse  with some  places in  the  US  and  Canada  getting s**w  already !

Last  Saturday  morning  we  had  soccer  for the  boys again  and  then decided after  we came  home  to eat out  and  go to  an apple  orchard (with a  winery!)   and  corn maze  about an hours  drive away.  The  maze  was  so  fun  and  we  had  to go these  10 stations  and  answer  a  question. it  was  all bison  related as  the  maze  was  constructed in the  shape of one !  We surprised  ourselves and  got 8 out of  10.  We  came  back from  the maze  and  picked some lovely honey crisp apples, yum yum !


We  spent  about  3  fun  hours  there  and  were tired and  ready for  bed when we  came  home with apples  and  cider !

On  Sunday  we  went  to Church   and  had  a pretty  relaxing  day.   Monday  was  soccer  and  softball for the  kids.  Wednesday  was  the  first  evening of  Church class, our  youngest started in his  pre k class  and  did very  well for  the  active  boy he is !   Last  night  we  had  a  bonfire  with  friends  over to enjoy  with us.



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Have a  lovely  rest  of  your  weekend, Terri xo.