Dress of the week September 12th!

Good morning Ladies and welcome to my first post of September! I didnt post last weekend . The weather has definitely cooled off since even before labor day. It actually produced a light frost Thursday morning . It seems way to early but that is Minnesota!

Last  weekend  was  pretty  quiet  for  Labor  day weekend , our  driveway which is  blacktop   has  been  dropping down  below  the concrete garage floor  for  a  few  years  had  been  creating  a  bump as  you drive in  of about  2  inches.  So  the  husband  started  cutting it out 3  feet out  on Saturday  the  5th with help  by all of us !  it  went  really  well . Then  yesterday  new  concrete  was  poured  so it is  level now, We  cant  drive on it  for  7 days  though!  A  small sacrafice ! 

On Sunday  we  had  friends  over  and  did  a bonfire.   It  was  a fun  night  of laughter  and  memories.  On Monday  we  went  to  a  local park  for  a  nature  walk , we  took our  dog  along, it  was  nice  to get out  and  stretch. 


The  kids  started  distant  learning on Tuesday , it  went  really  well ! They also did it on Wednesday,   then Thursday  Friday it  was in class  learning. Their class is  divided into  two  groups Cohort 1 Goes to school 2 days  then cohort 2  for the following  2  days. the  class  sizes are  small as  a result  when they are in school which is an advantage  for the teacher . When  at  home  they  have  school i pads to work with to get  assignments done.  It works for  now, I hope  they can  get  back full time  safely in the  new year.

Our  older  boys    had  their  first  games  in  flag  football this  week! It  was   nice   seeing  them in the  team setting  and  both did  really  well.

This  weekend  is starting  out  wet so  we  will  see  what  we  get up to! 

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Have a  beautiful  weekend,  Terri xo.

Dress of the week August 29th!

Good morning Ladies ! I missed out on posting last week, please forgive me! On August 15th we went to the mall of America with our old neighbor Brandon and his Girlfriend . We had dinner at Wahlbergers restaurant and then proceeded to the comedy club on the top floor. Their first date was at the comedy club . When the show was over Brandon got down on one knee and proposed to Josie! It was so sweet , she was overcome with emotion and there were lots of happy tears , and she said yes!! We were in on the little scheme beforehand and it was lovely to share in the moment.

The rest of the weekend went pretty normal . The kids continue to get ready for back to school. They are doing 2 days at school and 3 days distant Learning. I hope it goes as smooth as possible! They have most of the items on the list purchased already for the start of school.

Last Saturday the boys earned some money landscaping with the afforementioned Brandon at his new house. It is good for them to learn that work has its rewards and they got payed very well, alot more than I could have dreamed of at their age!

On Sunday our new neighbors came over as a family for ice cream and get to know you chat! We layed out a bunch of toppings that we purchased and it was so good! It nearly looked like I wanted to impress the neighbors, right?! The kids had played together a few times since they moved in August 1st, their daughter and our son are going to be in the same class in school which is nice. I think we will get along good with them.

This week the older boys started football for the first time. It is flag football which is non tackle , I am grateful for that! They did very well for their first try and have a few more practice sessions and games coming up. Today is going to be one of projects around the house and the ever present Laundry!

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Wishing you all a beautiful weekend, Terri xo.

Dress of the week August 15th (and featuring baby Scarlett!)

Good  morning  Ladies !  How  are  you  all  doing?  We  had  a  pretty  nice  week  so  far, there  were  some  days  really  humid and  some  cooler.  Last  night  we  had  a  big  thunderstorm  and  areas  close  to  here  had  downed  trees.  It  is  calm  this  morning  and  expecting  a  lovely  day.  It  is  57  right  now  and  a high  will  be 73 degrees.

Last  weekend was  nice  and  relaxing  I  got  a  bunch of  laundry  done  and some  house  projects  sorted  while  everyone  was  out  and  about .  The  kids  cousin Tyler  came  and  stayed  for   3  days from  Saturday  until  Tuesday. It is  the  first  time  he  felt  ok  being  away  from his  family!

We  are  continuing  to  get  ready  for  back top  school  with items  being  purchased ( a  new addition this  year is  masks , who would have thought!

We  had  our  old  neighbor ( seems  strange to  say )  Brandon  along  with  his daughter and   his  Girlfriend  over for  dinner  on  Thursday. It  was  a nice  evening , and  we  got to catch up. We are going out  on  a double  date  night  tonight with  them  and we are  in on  a little  secret that  Brandon is  planning For  his girlfriend ,  shhh!

I  have  been  following  Courtney Byers  on  her  blog  a  Byers guide for  about  4  years  now .  She  does  lifestyle  and  fashion  posts  and is the  sweetest!  On  Thursday  May  14th  Courtney  and  her  husband  Jake became  the  proud first  time    parents   to  the  gorgeous  Scarlett Victoria who  weighed in  at  6 ib  5  ozs.   Courtney  has  been  excited  to   be a  Mom   since  she  was  a little   girl and  that  wish  came  true  with  the  birth of  her baby  girl.

Scarlett Victoria


Courtney  continues  to  post  a  lot  of  lovely    life  updates  as Scarlett gets bigger in  a  very  loving  home. Here  is  a mother’s day post  from Courtney to Scarlett, it is  just  beautiful!  She is now  3  months old!   Thank you  Courtney  for  allowing  me to  feature you  this week!


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Wishing you  all  a  beautiful  weekend, Terri xo.

Dress of the week August 8th!

Good morning Ladies , how are you doing? We have had a beautiful week of weather, lows in the 60s and highs in the 70s. There was also very little humidity. I hope you are experiencing nice weather too.

Last weekend was pretty quiet , we did have new neighbors move in after our old one moved out, They are really nice with two girls, 11 and 7. I expect we will get to know them as time goes on.

IMG_4935 (2)
Midi dress photo


We found out the schedule for school this fall, they will go to school 2 days and learn from home 3 days to start. I am glad they get some days back as it is important for kids to be in a classroom setting. They start on the 31st of this month. I believe they will be fine with all the precautions taking place.

On Thursday our 10 and 7 year old boys went with their Grandparents camping for two days. They have a camper that they pull behind their vehicle and are by a nice lake. We will pick them up later today.

Our Daughter is excited, as on Wednesday she gets her braces off. It has been a long period of patience for a 13 year old but she will be rewarded for it!

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dd c

Have a  beautiful weekend  and  week  ahead, Terri xo.

Dress of the week August 1st!

Good   morning  Ladies  and  happy August to you! The  year  is  moving  forward  so  fast even  with  covid  19  dominating everything  .  We a re  doing  our  best  to keep  things  as  normal  as  possible .   The  kids  are  enjoying  the  pool  most  days ,  the  weather  is  staying  pretty  warm  so it is  a  good  cool  down  to jump in  the  water!   Today is  only  getting into  high  70’s and  it  will  be  70’s  all  week . It  is  my  kind of  weather  I  must  admit!tumblr_otyk0lnKbu1sbqfz9o1_1280

Last  weekend  was  nice  and  relaxing ! Everyone  else  took a  trip to Fargo to  visit  my  beloved spouse’s   college roommate and  their  family   and  kids.   They left  Friday  morning  and  came  back on  Sunday night! I  got  a  little  me  time  which  was  nice, well  just  the  puppy  and  I !  He  still  needed  minding.   It was  really  strange not  having  a  kid  shout out  looking  for  me!  I got out to  do  some  shopping  and  did  a  skype  call  with  two good  friends  of  mine.

Our  neighbor Brandon , a single  Dad  and  his  daughter   Maddi  moved  to  a  new  house  Yesterday. We  are  sad  to  see  them  go, they  were  wonderful , helpful, full of life  neighbors. They moved  about 4  miles  away  , so  not  too  far ,  we  will get  to  see  them often!

We  are  having  a nice  weekend, pretty  quiet,  we  met  the  new  neighbor  Lady.  She  was  there  with  her  friend  repainting, her  husband  and  2  daughters  were  not  there  yet. The  girls  are  close in age  to two of our  kids.

From last weekend!

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Have  a  nice  rest  of your  weekend,  Terri xo.



Dress of the week July 19th!

Good morning Ladies! I hope you are all doing well since I last posted, life has been so busy and its hard to keep up sometimes. We are in a heatwave at the moment, 90s with a heat index in the 100s since Yesterday. I am not the biggest fan of humidity but I will deal with it!

On Friday the 2nd our oldest, Dana, celebrated her 13th Birthday !! Now for the fun years, right?!

On the 3rd of July 4th weekend, , we had some work done , we had a patio door , kitchen and bedroom window replaced. They were in bad shape especially in the winter letting the cold in. We have others to fix but will do it gradually.

Our annual parade was cancelled on the 4th so we just stayed home. That night a group of neighbors set off fireworks that entertained everyone .

Our little guy had an eye doctor appointment on the 5th and it turns out he is far sighted ! He will have glasses as he starts kindergarten. He might not need them permanently, we will see with subsequent visits.

Last  weekend  was  relatively  quiet, we  had  a  bonfire  on  the  Friday  night and  stayed home . On Thursday  this  week  we  got  new  garage  doors, operators  were  not  working  good  for  a  while.  We  did  take out  from  a local restaurant  on  Friday night. Yesterday   was  nice  and  relaxing,  We  did  online  Church  this  morning.  Before I forget, my  neighbor  Patricia  gave  birth to their  4th  child Paul David  on  Friday  night . They  have  2  Girls and  2 boys now!

Our  puppy  is  growing  so  big, he  will  be 5 months on Aug. 1st.I  think you  are  up to  date!

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Have  a  fabulous  week  ahead, Terri xo.eef

Dress of the week June 27th!

Good  morning  Ladies!  I  took  2  weeks  off, there  were  a  few  reasons ,   being  busy with  life , doing  projects  ,   and also not  being  motivated , a lot  has  to  do  with  the  unrest  going on   right  now. I  hope our country  settles  down  and  issues  will  be  addressed through  dialogue   and  love  for  each other.  I am  a glass  half  full  person  so   always   look on  the  bright  side !  Moving on…

The  kids  are  getting   in  full  summer  mode ,  the  pool is  getting  lots of  use  and  we  have  started  friend playdates  on   a limited  basis. They  are  happy  to  see  other  people  apart  from  their  siblings. .  Last  weekend  we completed    a project  we  were  working  on for  a  few  weekends , a  new   dining  table  and  benches !  I  so  wanted  to  tell   everyone  but  it  is  completed  now . It involved us  all, husband wife  and  kids. It  was  made  from  simple   construction  lumber  with  the  base  painted  and  the  tops being  epoxyed  giving  a  smooth  shiny  surface. You  mix  the  clear  epoxy  by  hand  for  12  minutes  straight ! It  was  all  worth it , here    are  photos.



We  are  also  working  on our  yard  , adding  pavers  under  our  deck  as  a  seperation  from  mulch  and  grass .  Our  puppy  is  doing  well  but in  a  naughty  phase  right  now!!! He  will  chew  anything  he  gets his   teeth on. He  loves  to   run  in our  enclosed  back  yard ,  and  that  tires  him out.

I  celebrated  my  birthday  Thursday  and  was well looked  after  with gifts  from  family  and  friends. We   are  going  to my in-laws on Sunday  to  celebrate  2  months  and  5  peoples  birthdays. The  Great Grandma  who  shares  my  birthday  will  not  be  able  to  go  though in  these  times  we are  living in .

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Have    a  fabulous  weekend,  Terri xo.


Dress of the week June 6th

Good  morning  Ladies  , how  are  you  today?  I  missed  out  on  my  post  last  week, after  the  events  that  took  place  against  George Floyd  25  miles  away   from  where  I live ,  and  the  subsequent  riots I  did  not  have  the  will  to  write  a  post.  This  man  did  not  deserve to  be  treated  in  such  a  terrible  way   which  led to  his  death.  It  just  takes  one  bad  apple to  give  the  police  a   bad  name , where  as  99% of them  are  professional and  do  their  job   properly. May  George  rest  in peace  in   God’s  Kingdom.

The  restrictions  are  starting  to  loosen  up throughout  our  state. The  restaurants  started having  patio  and  sidewalk  dining  on Monday  which  is  huge  for  the  owners  in  maintaining  their  businesses. Further  loosening  is  taking  place   next  week.


Last weekend  we  did  some  yardwork. The  grass was  cut   and  edged. Then our  daughter  babysat  and we  went to the  home improvement  store  to  get  concete  edging  pieces  for around  our  two  trees  and  put  mulch inside. We  also  got  edging  pavers  for  under  our  deck  but  they are  not  installed  yet.

The  kids  are  enjoying  the  pool  this  last  2 weeks since  set up. They  are  officially  finished  with  school  now .  There    were   drive  thru  parades to  make  it  feel  more special .

Last  weekend  it  was  confirmed  that  my  Sister  and  her  family  will not  be  joining  us  this  summer  on  vacation. I  knew  it  was  coming  but  they  will  rearrange it  for  next  year.


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Have  a  wonderful  weekend, take  care  ,  Terri xo.

Dress of the week May 23rd( and a special shoutout!)

Good morning Ladies ! We are celebrating Memorial day weekend here in the United States. It is a time to honor the Men and Women who died in service to the country so we can have the freedoms we do today. God bless you all.

It is quite a different one this year with all the shutdowns due to covid 19. We will pretty much be at home , but might meet up with the in-laws also. Our pool did go up last weekend . And as i thought our 10 yr old and 7 yr old daredevils had to jump into the frigid water once it was filled!! Boys! It is raining this morning, I hope it dries up later though.The week up until now was very routine , we will try and get out and about today though with walks or bike rides .gfdPlease rate out of 10 this polka dot sequin cotton knit pleated dress from e Shakti , see herefdShoutout !!- To Courtney and Jake on the birth of their first child the beautiful Scarlett Victoria on May 14th ! Congratulations to you both💗Have a lovely weekend, Terri xo .

Dress of the week May 9th!

Good morning Ladies!  I am  coming  to  you  from  a wet  and  cooler  Minnesota  today. We  had  some  really  nice  weather  during  the  week up  until Yesterday when  the  rain  started. But  it  will  be  great  for  the  plants  and  flowers  to  bloom.OIPCUN1MKLV

we  finished  our  first  full  week  as  a puppy  family  and  it  is  going  pretty  good. Tucker  is  full of  life as  you  would  expect   for  a  9   week old  puppy.  He  did  have  a  few  accidents  in  the  house  but  we  are  working  on  those. He  is  confined  to  one  room  at  the  moment  as  well as  our  back  yard .  The  kids  are  happy  to  have   him !

On  Tuesday  night  when we  closed  the  garage for  the  night  there  was a  loud  thud as  it  was  finishing  closing . We  went  to  investigate  and it  was tight  to  the  ground on one  side and  6  inches  up on  the  other. The  cable on one  side  that operates  it  snapped . We   secured  the  door  for  the  night  and  the  next  day  the  garage  door  company  came  and  fixed  it. Luckily we  didn’t  need  to  be  anywhere or  get  the  cars  out!

On  Friday  we  did  take out from a  local  restaurant  and  I am  glad  to  say  they  are  doing  well !  Its  good  to  see  gradual restrictions  in other  areas  being  lifted .

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ssTake  care  all ,  Terri xo.