Dress of the week November 9th

Good  morning  ladies !  I apologize  for  not  posting  last  week .  It  was  just  another  busy  weekend of  family  time  and  did  not  have  time  to write.    Our  temperatures  have  got  very  cold , as  low  as  7F ( -13c)  Yesterday. We  also got  one  and  a half  inches  of  snow Wednesday.   I am so not  prepared  for  Winter  in  fall  again!   The  week  before  the  kids  went  trick or  treating  and  the  temps  were  on  the  Chilly  side . We  only  spent  an hour  outside .  We  did not  get  it  as  bad  as  Cindy in Chicagoland who titled  her  post  Merry Halloween  after 7 inches of  snow in  Northern Illinois!

Think Fall!!!

Last  Sunday  we  went  to my  in-laws to  celebrate  5  family  Birthdays  from  September past to January. It is  a big  span  but it  is hard  to meet  up  sometimes apart  from  Thanksgiving and  Christmas  this  time of  year.  One of  those  Birthdays  was  for our  son  Oran  who   celebrated  his  10th  Birthday  on Tuesday. He  is  so  thoughtful , witty ,  kind  and  funny ! We  will  definitely  keep  him  for another  10  years  by  which time  he  will be  a  young  man  , yikes !!

This  weekend  is  going  to be  pretty low  key.  Are  you  doing  anything  special ?


Please  rate out of  10  this haute  red fit  and  flare  cotton  dress see here

Wishing  you all  a  beautiful weekend, Terri xo.



12 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 9th

  1. What a lovely red dress, perfect for the holidays! I always wear red at Christmas! We’ve already had our first snowfall, more than expected. Your outfit looks very pretty, but I wish the photo was a little larger. 🙂


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    1. The red dress is very pretty for Christmas Carmen ! We have had a few small snowfalls but has melted already. I hope it stays away from you for a while. Thank you on the outfit, I need to look into making the photo bigger. Happy Monday and thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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  2. Hey Terri! It’s nice to take a break sometimes. I took one on Monday and it was needed. Glad to see you back! Oh no stay warm that is so cold. I love learning more about you and your family. My great grandpa was actually named Oran. I love that name! I love this outfit you shared. Very polished and elegant. You have beautiful style.

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    1. It is nice , and needed sometimes to take a break, don’t ever feel guilty (like me!) when you need to take one. It has warmed up now , it’s 32 degrees today! I will stay warm ! That is so nice that your Grandpa was also Oran !! Thank you so much for the outfit compliment❤ The blouse and purple top are an all in one 2 fer. The top is stitched into the blouse for a casual look like I am showing or for more dressy look just button up the blouse. Thank you for visiting Dear, Happy Friday, Terri xoxo


  3. Hi Terri! Oh can I tell you what a joy it brings me to pop into your blog? I am working on being more balanced lately and part of that is reading blogs I love just as a breather! This may sound strange… but seeing the familiar pink background and font of your words is comforting and almost nostalgic since I haven’t had much time to blog since moving. Anyway, Already snow?! Our family in OH had snow as well- it’s a bit crazy how it’s all already coming down so much. I think I remember last year how you celebrated all those birthdays at once- so fun you were able to again! Happy birthday to Oran! I adore this dress. I give it a 10/10, especially for a Christmas Eve or Christmas dress. So lovely, and I particularly love dresses with sleeves and a V neck like that!


    1. Awww that is so so sweet of you to say how joyful you are visiting my blog Mackenzie 🙂 I am glad the pink background and font is a comfort , I can’t tell you how much it means to me also. We have had snow, not as much as the 7 inches Chicago got on Halloween though , I am sure that storm extended into OH . It is cold here though it was 4 degrees this time Yesterday morning, ( I am too afraid to see what it is this morning!!) Yes the Birthdays was a fun afternoon of food and chatting. It led to prepping and organizing for Thanksgiving, ( we are hosting ) Thanks for the Birthday wishes to Oran ! I am so glad you like this dress , It would look so good on you . I have become brave and started posting some of my pics. I was scared before but decided to give it a go ! This was the first post I appeared in ! https://terrigirlblog.wordpress.com/2019/09/15/dress-of-the-week-september-15th/ Thank you so much for visiting Mackenzie, Terri xo.

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      1. I can’t even fathom 4 degrees! BRR!!! Happy hosting for thanksgiving 🙂 your guests sure are lucky!! And oh my goodness- I wasn’t sure if that was you but I was hoping! You are so lovely and that picture captures your elegance! Thank you for sharing ☺️

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      2. Yes 4 degrees is cold Mackenzie !! We are preparing for thanksgiving hosting all the while. The family all bring a dish dessert or wine! I hope they will say they are lucky after it is all said and done Dear!! Thank you for your compliment on my pic! I am not as pretty as you I know but I do like to dress elegantly. Thank you so much for visiting, Terri xo.

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  4. Hi, Terri. That’s a great idea celebrating so many birthdays at one time. That way everyone gets a turn, and it is probably a most festive event. Ha ha–so glad you are keeping Oran; he sounds like a sweetheart. You look very pretty in your skirt and cardigan outfit. I love that shade of purple on your blouse too.
    A nail biter commute again this morning for us. It’s still snowing and the roads are bad. My husband arrived at work okay, but my daughter is still on the road. I will stay home and work today. There’s plenty to do around here.
    Have a nice Monday, Terri. ❤

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    1. Yes we have been celebrating birthdays like that for a number of years now Cindy. Yes we will keep our 10 year old, keep him as young as possible for as long as possible! Thank you for my outfit compliment ️ ❤️ the top is a 2fer, you can button it up for a dressy look as a blouse or for casual as I am wearing it. The purple top is sewed into the outer blouse. I hope your daughter was safe on the roads, we did get a little bit of snow on Sunday night. This morning was very cold 4 degrees brrr. I am glad you got to stay home, thank you for visiting Terri XO.


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