Dress of the week February 26th!

Good  morning  Ladies ! It is  the  last  weekend of  February   and  I am looking forward  to  see  if  March can give us  more  hints of  spring , or  will it   be  a  repeat of February   with   winter weather!   It is   3f  or  minus  16c  this  morning.  The  sun is  trying  to   come up. 

Bye to February H. S.              


As  I  signed  off on  Saturday last  week  we  were  about to  go on our  coffee  date. We   got  away  for a  while  and it  was  nice just  us, husband  and  wife ❤

We  got  back  and  had a  pretty  quiet   evening  with a little  housework  thrown in.   On Sunday  we  went to  the  usual  late morning  church , afterwards  we   went  for  the  coffee  and  donuts .  They   were  so good  as  always!   When  we  came  back  we  picked up a  ping pong or  table tennis table ! It  was  being  sold  for $50   and  was  a bargain. we  had to  put it on  folding   tables  but it works  for now in our unfinished  basement.20230226_07105620230226_071125Please  excuse  the  mess !!!   This  was  the  first  time I played  the  game in many  years,  since I was  in  school ! It will be  good  for  the  kids  to  get used to it.   It folds up really nice.   Also  I took  my   3    boys  and  2 of  their  friends  bowling  as well.  I sat it out  and  enjoyed  watching  them. 

Monday  was  Presidents  day  here  and  the  kids  were  off  , everyone  else  had  the  day off  but I had to work. Tuesday  was  the  start of  our  big  3  day snowfall ! We all got to work and  school , then in the  afternoon  the  snow  came !  The forecast was  so bad  the  school  called  snow  days  for Wednesday  and  Thursday. Wednesday morning  we  woe to  about  8 inches on the  ground.   Our  Church called off all the  ash Wednesday masses/ services  and the anointing of ashes on the  forehead.  Later  Wednesday it  got  worse with  drifting  snow  due to the  winds. It kept  snowing on Thursday until noon  and  then it  was  all done ! Here  are  some  photos. 20230223_17062020230223_17015220230223_072204

We  were  all back  on Friday It  went  by    quickly. Friday  was a  nice    relaxing night  at  home.   Yesterday I  had  some  errands  to  do  and  catch up on   housework( it  never ends!)   We will be going to Church in a  few hours. 20230220_083640 (1)

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Dress Feb 26th 20323Dress  can be worn on or off shoulder, will  look  good  with a  nice  cardigan for  spring  also. 

Have a  lovely week  and  and a  nice  start to  March ! 


Dress of the week February 18th !

Good morning Ladies ! I hope you are doing well as February keeps rolling on towards its conclusion in 11 days time . We have been having some crazy weather since I last posted 2 weeks ago( sorry I missed last week !) It has been frigid cold , Then it got up to 51f or 10c one day. Then 2 days ago we had 2 inches of rain ! It helped to melt the snow a little . Right now we are at minus 5 c or 23f . We are promised some snow , possibly up to 20 inches this coming week !!! I am ready for spring, who is with me !


The  last  time I  was  with you  we  were  going to  our  Daughters confirmation. It  was  a  really  chilly morning   11f  as  we were  walking into the  basilica !   Once  inside  though  it  was a    beautiful  ceremony for all  the   candidates .  They  were  anointed  by the  Bishop with the  holy oils , through the  holy  Spirit     to    be  prepared to  live out their  faith going  forward.   There  were  40  from our  parish with  two-thirds being  girls !  Afterwards  our  Daughter  joined  her  volleyball team  for a  tournament  they started  without her   in  the  morning . They  won  the  tournament ! Afterwards  we  went out to  celebrate the  confirmation in the  evening  along  with   our  family   and her  grandparents.   Sunday  was  pretty  quiet , but  we  went to  the  Knights of  Columbus  pancake  breakfast  after  church. 

 The  following  week was  pretty  standard   for  our  family.  Last  weekend  I put  away  all the  winter  decorations ! Some  were part of our  Christmas  display.  Our  daughter  had another  volleyball tournament on Sunday which they won !   In the  evening  the  superbowl took the  attention.   The  commercials  were  better  than the  football ,  and  The  halftime  show  was  good  too!   We  had a  different  Valentines  day .     We had to  go to the  county government  center to  renew the  kids  passports . We  might  be  going on a  trip in the  summer.  I  did  get  these  afterwards  though  below . 



The   kids  had  Church  class on   Wednesday , I was  busy  driving  to  and  fro !   Last  night  we  had  a  quiet  Friday night in.  This  morning  we  are going  for a    coffee  date  without  the  kids  and  also  picking up   something  for our  laundry room.  coffee date 2023

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Dotw Feb 18 2023

Have a  beautiful  week  , Terri ❤

Dress of the week February 4th !

Good  morning  Ladies  !   I  hope  you  are  doing  well  on  this   first  weekend  of  February. January  is  always  the  toughest  month of  the  year  I  think.  I  come  down off  a  high   from  celebrating   Christmas ,  and  it  also is  usually   pretty cold  here  too. To that point,  it is   freezing   here   right  now  !! It  is 9f  or  -13c .  It  actually is  an  improvement as  earlier in the  week it  was  -24c   or -11  f .  We  just  need to  get  through  these  tough  days .Heather Stilufsen Feb 2023

I  missed   writing   last   weekend  ,  I  just   got   busy   but  there   really   was   not  a  lot   that   you  missed   from  the   preceding  week. I  guess  the  highlight  was our  daughters volleyball team   finished  2nd  in   their  tournament. The  rest   was    the   usual busyness  of  our  life.  Also  we   got  photos  from   my in-laws  of  their  Caribbean   cruise … Aruba Aruba in  January.. I am not  jealous… I am not  Jealous !!  

Last    weekend   was  nice  and   relaxing   with  plenty of  housework   thrown in  to  keep  me on  my  toes! We  went  to    church  Sunday and  in  the  afternoon   there  was  lots of  football on  our  tv .   On Sunday  evening  our  daughter  had  her  last  church class  encounter  before   making  her  confirmation   today ! 

  confirmationThrough Confirmation, the Holy Spirit gives the  candidates  the increased ability to practice their faith in every aspect of their lives and to witness Christ in every situation. 


It  takes  place  at 10 am  so I  will need to  get   moving  soon!!!   My  sister  was  asked  to  be  the  sponsor   but  she  cannot  make it  today .  I  will step in  for  her . We  will  go  out   for a  meal    afterwards . 


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Feb4th 2023 dress

Have a   beautiful  weekend,   Terri xoxo.