Dress of the week March 27th

Good morning Ladies ! As you join me we are experiencing our earliest spring in a number of years. Usually at this time we have snow on the ground still and not a sign of grass, but this year it is now uncovered and greening beautifully. The sun is trying to peek through this morning.


Last  weekend  our  Daughter   had  a  volleyball  tournament  on  Saturday. It did  not  go  as  they  planned  as  they  came  up  against a  more  experienced  group of  girls  but it is  good  to  learn  from it  and  move on. We  also  went  to  the  5th  birthday  party of  our  neighbor  Italia.   Happy Birthday Italia! It  was  nice  to  spend  time  with  her  and  her  family in these times   we  live in.   Her  Mom  had  not  originally figured on  having a  party  until Italia  reminded  her of  her  sisters 5th   birthday  2  years  ago when she  was  3! 


  On  Sunday  we   did  online  church   early   and  enjoyed  the  sunshine  for the  rest of  the   day.   Monday  and  Tuesday were very wet    days   but  we  are  seeing  the  effects of  them  now.  Thursday  we  had  a  birthday of our own, Liam  turned  8 , hard  to  Believe ! After  school  we  went to Buca’s restaurant , he  got to pick!  The  food  was  so  good   and  they sang   him  happy birthday !   He  got  some  nice  gifts, one of  them  being  a   beginner  drone  which he is loving !  

On Friday   I brought our  car  in  to  have  brakework  done  ( I think I made  the  right decision, what do you think?!)  I got  a loaner   vehicle as it wont  be  done until Tuesday they said .    I went to the  mall for  something  different, it is  so sad  to se e the  number of  small  businesses  closed  down in there due  to  covid.   I  browsed  some of the  stores  , checking out  their  spring  collections!   It  was  a  good  workout  doing  all that walking!   We  went  to  a  local  country  restaurant  for  dinner  last  night . 

Quick selfie!
Quick selfie!

Today is  starting out  relaxing  but  there  are  projects  to  do also!   Tomorrow after   Palm Sunday church  Liam  has  an outdoor  party at  a  park . There  are   about  13  friends  coming and the  weather is  due to be  nice  and  sunny. 


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Have  a  lovely  weekend   everyone , see you next  week, Terri xo❤


Dress of the week March 13th!

Good  morning  Ladies as  we  move   quickly   towards  mid March already! The  month is  going  so  fast, I think it is  down to  the  beautiful early  spring  like  weather  we  are   getting  here.   After  one  day of  heavy  rain, it  has  been really nice  and  sunny since. The  first day of   spring is  approaching! 




Looking forward to this sight!!

Last  Saturday  half  the   family (myself  and  the   3  boys)  went  bowling  with our   friend  Brandon  and  his  daughter  Maddi .   Our  daughter  had  volleyball. Bowling  was   fun  and I did  not  have  one  gutterball! But to  be  honest  we   had  the  bumpers  up for our  youngest . I still did  pretty  good for  me!   We  got  appetizers and  drinks and  it  was  a fun  afternoon.  Sunday  was   quiet with online  Church . On Monday  evening  we  had our  meeting  with the  builder  to go over all the  nuts  and  bolts  to   building  a   new   house! A lot of it  was  over   my head  but  we   got  it  done! 


On  Thursday  morning we met  with the   designer  lady and  picked out  everything  from  shingles  to  tile   grout   colors! It  was a   bit   nervy  making  the   decisions  together , and sometimes  not , but  we  did   it  done  again  and  now  they  can order  everything  and  hopefully  start digging  the  foundations  soon! 

This  morning  I took  the  car in to get  an oil  change  at our local  auto  garage. 

wall art in auto garage waiting room!

After  the  oil  change  I had  a  hair  appointment  with  my stylist  Michelle.  We  got  chatting  about keurig’s  and  kitchen  appliances!   Then it   was  home  to do some  laundry  and  now its a  bit  of  relaxation! 

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Screenshot 2021-03-13 232618

Enjoy  the  rest  of  your   weekend, Terri xo.

Dress of the week March 6th!

Good morning Ladies and happy March ! Welcome to my latest post from a really spring like Minnesota. I cannot tell you how nice it feels after the temps we dealt with a few short weeks ago in the sub zero’s ! It is starting off chilly but is going to be in the 5os f later and 60 f Tomorrow .

Happy Women’s history month!!

Last Saturday I was at our son’s last basketball game of the season. He tried it but he said it is not the sport for him. You have to try right? My in-laws came over on Saturday and went to the parade of homes to help us get ideas on decorating for our new home. There were so many cute configurations . They came back and we had Italian food for dinner from a restaurant called Buca’s, very good! Sunday was quiet and straightforward. On Monday we recieved our new Keurig coffeemaker! It is very nice and has added features like stronger coffee! Is that good or bad? We were also supposed to have our house design meeting but there was a step missed between builder and designer and we have to meet builder this coming Monday with the Designer meeting on Thursday. On Wednesday my Aunt had to have bypass surgery. The operation went very well and she is on the road to recovery Thank God.


The kids were off school Friday for conferences , they were happy to get a long weekend. Today we are going to go bowling with friends in the afternoon. The kids are looking forward to it ! Not sure if i will look forward to my final score!! But it will be fun. I am just glad a bit of normalcy is coming back.

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Have a  beautiful  week  ahead,  Terri xo.