Dress of the week October 30th !

Good  morning  Ladies !   We  are  winding   down  towards the  end  of  October  and  it  has   gone by  so  fast  !  It is  one my  favorite   months  of the   year   with  the   weather   cooling   and  the   leaves  changing   color.  It  is  also  that   nice   period   between  summer   and winter .   The  weather   is   kind  of  where  it    should  be  for  Minnesota at  this  time  of  year    with  temps  in  the   mid  30s   at  night  and    warming  to the   50s   during  the   day. 

Minnesota dirt road…..

As  I  said  last   week we made  the  one  hour   drive   from  our  house  to   Pinehaven  farm  for  a  lovely  morning out . We  left   home    soon  after   8am  and  were  there   close   soon  after   the  opening  time. We  got  to  see  the    farm  animals   and it  was   nice  that  the   kids   got to  feed  the  goats   and   baby  calves. They  had  a     few  different   breeds  of  cows  and   sheep you  would  not  normally  see.   I  grew  up  helping out on  my  grandparents  farm  so had an  interest in all the   animals along  with the  kids!    The   kids   then   went   to   the   inflatable   bouncy   patch   and  had   fun there.    Then  it   was  on  to the  giant  slide   . Our   youngest   was  a  little   scared  at   first  but  soon  was   enjoying it!  There  was  also  a  zip line   and    also a   corn pit  to  play  in.   Our  oldest   son  seen paintball  and  had  to have a   go at  it!    Then  we  got on the  trolley   and  went out to  the  pumpkin  field   for the  kids  to  pick  theirs  out .  Our  14  year old  daughter did  not  want to  get one, is it a  sign she is  not our little  kid  anymore?  We were  then  ready to  leave   after  an   enjoyable   few  hours.  We  stopped  at a   nearby  restaurant  before   driving  back   home. 

We   had   time  to  relax  after     getting  home   for a  few   hours .  Then   as it  was   our  anniversary the   2  of  us   went  out  on a  little   date  to a  new   restaurant   about   10  miles  from  home. It  was a  lovely  time   and  a  great  end  to the  day!  On  Sunday  there  was  Church  in the  morning ,  the   afternoon   and   evening  was  relaxing . The   kids  were  back in  school   Monday  after  their mid  term  break . Church  class  resumed  on  Wednesday   after  a  break. 

Today  we  are  going  to an  apple  orchard  to  meet  the   extended  family,   The  great  Grandpa will join us  also  which is  so  nice  to  see  him  getting out  and  about. 

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Cherie Day Dress

Have a  beautiful  weekend , our  kids  are  excited to go  trick or  treating  tomorrow  night !     Take  care , Terri xo. 


Dress of the week October 23rd !

Good  morning  Ladies !  I  hope  you  are   doing  well  today, You join  me  on  a   special  day  as it is  our   17th  wedding  anniversary !  The  time  has   gone  by  so   fast    and  4   kids  later there  has   been  a  lot of   change ,  not  least   our   4   kids! We  have  also  moved  state, we   were  living on Long  Island  NY  after   getting   married   then  18 months  later  moved  to my Beau’s  home  state Minnesota . It was another   new   experience for me  to move to  midwest   but  I  was  received  with open arms  by  the locals. The  wedding  day  started  off  raining {  a familiar  sight  for  all  my Irish Family and  friends  attending !)  Then in the   evening the   sun   came  out   beautifully   as    we   were  at  the  reception. We  are   blessed  ! 


Last  week  I    let  you  know  that  we   had   covid in the   house . By  Saturday   she  was  not  contagious anymore  so we   were getting  back to  normal.  Then our oldest  son  started   showing  symptoms and   went in  Saturday to  get  tested.  Sure  enough on Monday he  came  back  positive !!   So  we  got  on with it ,  he  isolated  from  us  as  much a s  an 11yr  old  can  and  stayed off  school all  week. He   was  able to  keep up  online.  Last Saturday  we were   busy at  home    keeping  up  with all  the  usual   chores . We also  started shutting  down our  swimming  pool  for  the   winter.  Se  you in the  summer!  Sunday  after   church we  went  for  coffee  and  donuts. It  was a   relaxing  rest of the  day as  Sunday  is a  day of  rest  for us. 


fall Apple valley


The  midweek  went  by  so  fast , the  kids   had   Thursday  and  Friday off with  a  midterm  break. There  were   haircuts  , dog walks  appointments to take  care  of.    Today  with  everyone  healthy   we  are   going to a   pumpkin  patch in Wyoming . Wyoming  Minnesota  that is !!  It is Pinehaven Farm There  are  lots of  activities  and  it  is  going  to  be a  lovely  day out  with  sweaters   required! 

pinehaven farm

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We are  going out  to  dinner  tonight  just  the  two of  us  ! Have a   lovely week,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week October 16th!

Good  morning  Ladies  !    You  join  me   from  a   more  fall like Minnesota   where  the  temperatures  are  more  seasonal  than the  late  summer   ones  we  had  been  experiencing. I  woke  up  this  morning to    temps in the   high  30s  f  ,  getting   close to the  freezing  level !   The  trees  in our  back  yard  are   gradually  turning  color , our  first time to  see  them  at  this  house.

Last  Saturday   one of out  family  tested  positive  for   covid .  It was a  little  bit of  a  shock   but   the  rest of  us   got  tested  and  the  results  came  back  negative on  Monday  evening  Thank God! She  took the  appropriate   steps  in isolating   and   distancing   during  the   week     and is  now  not  contagious .    We  did  not  go to Church  Sunday  , awaiting  results of tests.    The  boys  stayed  home  from  school  all  week    following  protocol. They  also  stayed  away  from   Church  class.  For  some  relief  I  went  with our oldest  son  to  the  high  school  football  game  Thursday  night!  It was  against  a  local  school  and  there  was  a  good  atmosphere.  There   was a  theme  for   the night  in support of   cancer awareness with people encouraged to  wear  pink.   Lots of  the   boys  also  wore  pink, some even   wearing  tutus !!   So  our  school  won the  game with a  last  minute  touchdown, there  was  great  excitement.   Our   newly   decorated   fall    section  below !

Last  night  over  a  few   drinks  we   both  started  to    figure  the  layout    to  finish our  Basement. It is  exciting   planning  it  and  we  are   still   deciding    what to do  and   all the  possibilities  we  can  come up  with.  We  are  going to  the  home improvement  store  Menards  later  to  help with the  process.

I  want to  wish  my  Sister  Helen a  happy  50th   Birthday ! She  turned it on Thursday  and   celebrated  last  night with our  parents  and  siblings ,  and  later  today  there  are  4  couples  going to a  hotel   to  continue  the festivities! It is  times  like this  that  I  miss  home !  But I wish her  all the   best ! .


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Oct 16th

Have a   healthy   and  beautiful  week  ahead,  Terri xo.

Dress of the week October 9th!

Good morning ladies from a slightly cooler Minnesota this morning . It is cooler than the last few days but still higher than usual for normal temps. It reached 80f earlier this week. It will be in the 60s for the coming week which will feel more fall like. It will be good to get out to some orchards or pumpkin patches in the coming weeks.


Last  week  I  wrote   my  post   from the  hotel . After it  was   finished  we   went  for  a  relaxing  coffee  at   Caribou, a  popular  Minnesota   chain.  It  was   nice  just  to  relax  the   two of  us!   Then  we   came  back  and   checked out  of  our  hotel  and  started on  the   road  homewards.   We  did  not  get  a  mile  away  when  we   stopped! We  found  Christmas point wild rice company    It is  lovely  store  that  has a   bit of   everything  from  food as  the   title   suggests  to  , frames  to candles. It  was  nice   wandering  through  the  store.



We   made our  way to  St. Cloud  Mn  and   had   lunch .  We   also looked  in  Joann Fabrics  and   Michael’s  for  fall  craft  inspiration !  Then  we   decided  to   go to  a  winery   a  few  miles  away  . We  used to  do it  a lot  before  the   kids  were  born ! We  did  a wine  tasting of  various  wines  and   then settled on a   glass   each.  We  purchased  2  bottles  to  take  home. Mine  was a   german style  wine Gemütlichkeit
Try saying that! It means Good Times in German. It is made with Prairie Star grapes, but instead of fermenting it all the way to dryness as with Freizeit, I left it semi-sweet. It is a wonderful easy drinking fruity wine, with no barrel aging. Hints of apple, mango, pineapple, and melon come through. Serve chilled ! 


 Millner winery Kimball

Two  hours  after   leaving  the  winery  we  arrived  home to  relieve  the  in-laws !  Well it  was  not  too  hard  as  the  kids  are all that  bit older.    Soon  after  arriving  home  I   went  along  with  one of our  sons  to a   benefit  for a  little  girl  who  needs  a  heart  transplant. May God  grant  her  the  gift of  a  new  heart ,  Amen !  

Sunday  was   a  relaxing  day  after  our  trip  away,  our  youngest   had   swim  lessons  the   highlight. We  watched  the  football game   also !    Monday to  Friday  was  a  pretty  typical   week of  school  and   work.   On  Friday night  our  daughter  went  with  her  friend s to the  football  homecoming    game at  the   high  school  and  they  won !   Today   should  be   pretty  relaxing  also. 

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Shoutout :-  to   Mackenzie  and  her   husband DJ on  getting   their  new   puppy  Moose ! 

Have a   great  week,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week October 2nd!

Good morning Ladies as I write this post from Northern Minnesota ! We are here for the wedding of a former coworker. The wedding was yesterday and it was nice to get away for some Husband and wife time as well as celebrating a brand new Marriage!

Last weekend we got our new washer and dryer and they are working really well !(sorry getting excited over appliances!!) We. did need them , to wash and dry for 6 ! Last weekend we had our Parish picnic after church and that was a lovely event! We got to talk to people that we haven’t in a long time so that was nice. In the afternoon I went along with our oldest Son on a nice bike ride. It was definitely summer temperatures!

Let’s see how many I get through on the list!

The week started off with warm temperatures again, and the kids were we’re wearing summer clothes to school! On Wednesday they had their first night of church class for the year, they all did well! Then it was nice when Thursday rolled around and we were at the start of a three-day weekend!( the kids had school though) my in-laws arrived early on Friday morning and at 11 a.m. we left to go to the wedding. At about 2 p.m. we checked into our hotel got changed and went over to the wedding venue on a beautiful Lake. The day was overcast but that didn’t dampen the spirits for the lovely couple. We sat at a table with other friends and had the best time chatting laughing and then of course dancing! A little before 11 p.m. we were ready to leave after a beautiful day.

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Have a lovely weekend. we will enjoy the autumn colors as we drive home,Terri xo.