Dress of the week August 26

Hi ladies, how is your weekend going?  We have a friend of  ours and her little girl  visiting. They live 5 hrs away in Fargo ND so it is nice to see them. Her husband is taking some  relaxation time.  We are getting kids ready for back to school.. They go back on Sept. 5  to 5th and 2nd grades. The younger 2  stay in daycare.  Please  rate  out   of  10  this  High  low  sleeveless  floral  dress  from  Sammydress.com  It  is  on  sale  at  $12.39!  Have  a  lovely  week  ahead  ,  hugs,  Terri  xoxo.



Dress of the week August 19th

Hi ladies another weekend here! We are on a mini vacation to Park Rapids Minnesota right now! We are staying at Big Timber Lodge it is right on the lake so there is lots of fishing swimming paddle boating and activities for the kids. We came here on Thursday and then we leave tomorrow Sunday. Later today we are going to see the start Waters of the Mississippi River which is close by.  I better get back to everybody but I wanted to check in with you and do my post! Please rate out of 10 this Myleene Klass ruffled maxi dress. Have a wonderful weekend hugs Terri💗20170819_093925


Dress of the week August 12

Hello  Ladies  ,    as  August  rolls  along  the  days  are  getting  cooler  here  in  Minnesota.  We are  getting  a  lot  of  comfortable   temps  which  I  love!  The  kids  are  in  back  to  school  mode  with  all  the  items  needed  for  the  the  school  year  being  purchased  at  the  moment.  our  eldest   is  going  into  5th  grade!  My  how  time  flies.   I  brought  our  2  older  boys  to  the  local  county  fair  on  Thursday,  they  had    a  blast  especially  the  demolition  derby  where  cars  smash  into   each  other  until  the  last  car  is  still  mobile  ,   and  it  is  the  winner!   We   have  friends  staying  over  ,  a  couple  who  are  kid  free  this  weekend  to  attend   a  concert  in  our  area.  it  is  nice  seeing  them  and  catch  up. Please  rate  out  of  10   this  Brandy   wrap  dress  by  Amour  vent  .  It  is  an  ivory   flower  print.    You  can  find  at  revolve.com.  Have  a  great  week,  hugs,  AMOU-WD97_V1Terri  xoxo.

Dress of the week August 5th

Hello and welcome to August! I hope you’re having  nice weekends, the temperatures are really nice here in Minnesota not too hot. We are getting in a relaxing weekend at home doing a few activities. The softball is over for the year, it finished last weekend. We took the girls to Pizza Ranch as a celebration, they enjoy this but there were tears when they realized it would be last time they would all be playing together at 10u level. It was  a very special moment for  them.  Please rate this Fillmore dress by privacy please out of 10. It is on sale at revolve.com. have a wonderful week ahead hugs Terri ❤PRIP-WD226_V1