Dress of the week October 12th

Good morning  Ladies ! How is your  October  going ? It is  down to 34 degrees  F   and  we  had  a  dusting of  snow last night ! I hope winter is  not  here in  Autumn .

Last  Saturday  was pouring  rain all day  and  we pretty much stayed home. I am glad  we  went to the orchard  the  previous  Saturday!  On  Sunday we  went  to Church and  after  they  had  the  first  pancake  breakfast  for the   October thru May  period . They  do it once  a month and is  so good.  In  the  afternoon  we  spent  some  time outside  enjoying the  sunshine.

On  Monday  morning  I  went  to  the  post  office  early  to get  stamps  as  I was  mailing birthday cards  for  my  Niece  and  Sister . I  wanted  airmail stamps and  I  got to the  counter  and  asked  for them and  they were  out ! I  was  amazed , that never happened before.  So I left got in the  car  to leave turn the key and nothing. It  would not  start. A kind   gentleman  tried  to jump start it with no luck . We figured it  was  the  starter. So a  tow  truck was  called  and  brought to the garage. I got  a loaner  car. turns out it was  the  starter.


The  rest of  the  week  was pretty normal , we  had   family night at school on  Tuesday with  pizza ( no cooking!)  Wednesday night is  Church  class , and  we  get  some alone  time  together  for 45-50 mins , yay!    Last  night we  did family movie  night , the  kids  love  that  ,  we  turn all the  lights  off  and  get  the  popcorn !

 my floral top with cardigan , skirt and  tights.

Please  rate out of  10  this   long  sleeve  midi frock  from Nordstrom , see here





Wishing  you a  beautiful weekend, Terri xo.



11 thoughts on “Dress of the week October 12th

  1. Happy Friday Terri! We’ve had rain and chilly days but also warm and pleasant days, today cool again, but supposedly, warming up soon.

    Car trouble is never fun but it’s better than a car accident. I have not mentioned it on my blog but I might in the future. I was in a car accident in the summer and got a concussion, I still suffer from headaches and the doctor said it can take some time to heal. In my new post, I wrote at the end, “Count your blessings, not your troubles” because of my accident. Headaches are trouble, but the blessing is that I am not in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I am very thankful to God for His protection.

    Movie nights are fun! Any suggestions? We used to do Friday family movie night sometimes.

    Florals for fall are lovely, perhaps if your photos were a little larger we could see your outfit better. 🙂 Dress of the week – 9.


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    1. I hope the weekend warmed up for you Carmen. It is true that car trouble is so much better than an accident. I am so sorry about you accident and concussion. I hope the headaches stay at a minimum. Praise be to God that you don’t have any permanent damage. It is so true to count our blessing not our troubles. I love movie nights, . I will send a list of movie suggestions later. I’m sorry the photo is bad, seems to blur when I posted it. Thanks for dress of the week rating, Take care, Terri xo.

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  2. Sounds like a busy week! Stay warm, Terri. You look beautiful in that photo. I just love this dress and how you styled it. I am so sorry about your car. That’s always frustrating. I hope your weekend was amazing. Those pancakes sound so good. I need to make some soon.

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    1. It was a busy week Courtney ! I am staying warm despite getting down to the low 30s it is supposed to warm up this week. Thank you Courtney! The photo I am in I am wearing a skirt and top. The dress is from Nordstrom’s . Yes you never know what will happen when owning a car ! The weekend was nice , thank you. The pancakes were very good. I have my own recipe, I don’t buy from a box anymore. I will share it in an upcoming post or e-mail you. Have a nice day, Terri xo.


  3. Hi, Terri. It sounds like you had a busy yet fun week. We had pizza last Sunday (and many days of leftovers) and it was so good. We don’t order pizza too often.
    Movie night sounds like a nice tradition you have. I’m sure your kids will remember that always.
    How odd that the post office was out of airmail stamps. Someone must have bought every last one of them shortly before you got there.
    Sorry about your car not starting; that’s kind of a hassle, isn’t it? I’m glad it got fixed quickly and there was someone to call right away.
    You look stylishly ready for fall in your skirt ensemble, love it. Pretty dress from Nordstroms too. I like the geometric print and color palette.
    Have a great weekend and week ahead, Terri. ❤


    1. Hi Cindy, I am glad you enjoyed the pizza! Pizza is one food that warms up good. I am glad it saved you on cooking. We do movie night about once a month usually. Yes someone must have needed a lot of stamps , I only needed 4! It was a hassle but God always gives us these challenges to deal with. I am glad you like the outfit, I also added my pearl necklace if you can see it. I was drawn to the print also on the dress from Nordstrom, it would be nice to have in the closet, right?? Did your dresses arrive in the mail that you ordered ? Wishing you a lovely weekend too Cindy , stay dry, stay warm , thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


      1. Yes, He does give us challenges to strengthen our spirit. To keep it all in perspective, that is something to remember when we are going through it.
        No, I didn’t see your pearl necklace. That sounds like the perfect touch.
        Yes, my dresses arrived and I love them! I wore the second to church today and the first a couple of weeks ago. Soon, I will need to wear the leggings with them as it is getting COOL outside. Fortunately they both will look cute with black leggings. I also found a simple t-shirt dress that I have yet to wear. I am a dress convert, thank you, Terri!
        I hope you are having a nice Sunday. Today it is cloudy again. Tomorrow, hopefully sunny! ❤


      2. Yes indeed Cindy, we have to overcome the challenges, amen! It is ok, the pearl necklace was a finishing touch. The photo also appeared blurrier when it published. I am so happy your dresses arrived and that you got to wear both to Church! I am sure if I was there I would be showering you with compliments. They should work good with leggings, or for fall some opaque tights would work too. You are welcome , glad you are a convert ! I hope the sun shines today, take care Dear, Terri xo,


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