Dress of the week May 28th!

Good morning Ladies ! It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning on this long weekend celebrating memorial day here in the States. So many men and women gave their lives to win the freedom we enjoy these days that it is important we honor them.

Memorial day 2023

Last week as I left we were going to the children’s museum. They had a wonderful time there exploring it all. Their friend Stella joined them on the trip. She is always up for adventure ! Afterwards it was evening upon returning so it was time to get dinner and then a little relaxation before bed. Monday was a really nice day and it went in fast! I took our son to a baseball practice, I sat in the grass looking at the Western sky. I had left for a while after I dropped him off but returned a while before it was over .

Tuesday was relatively quiet, it was another beautiful day. The rest of the week in fact was pretty standard. I left work early on Friday, I wanted to do a little shopping for an upcoming trip! Also there was some food shopping to do for a Friday night get together with our friends Brian and Crystal and their kids. We also opened up our pool!

we had a nice night with our friends. On Saturday we went to my in-laws. We had a nice afternoon and evening. Today we went to church for Pentecost Sunday, commemorating when the apostles were filled with the holy Spirit.

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Dress May 29th 2023

Newsflash !!!   

for  those  who don’t  know  we  are  going to Ireland  in  June  for  12  days, I am  so  excited !! 

Have a  beautiful week  ahead, Terri xo.  


Dress of the week May 21st!

Good   morning  Ladies  !    How  are  you  doing   this  weekend ?   It   is  a  sunny  Sunday     and  promises  to  be  a    warm  day   here.   Yesterday  was   really  nice  too   with  sun  and  a   bit of   wind .   We   have   been   getting   some  rain   also   which  has  helped   with  the   growth   as   we    zoom  into   spring. We      cut  our   grass  for  the   first  time   last   weekend.  We   have  a    spring  flowering   crabapple  tree  that looks   amazing   when it  flowers. 


I   missed  writing  last  week  !   Things   got   busy  and   it  just   didn’t happen, I  don’t   like   missing  weeks !  On Sunday  the   7th   after  Church  and  brunch  we    had   some   nice   family   time   to   close  out  the  weekend. 

Monday  was  a  really  nice   day,  I  captured  this  early  morning  photo 20230508_060651


Monday  morning   at  work  I picked  up  my  phone   and  there  was  a  crack on  the   screen !!  I  couldn’t  believe  it.  I  had   no  explanation  for  how it  happened. It  was  able  to  work  still  and  I agreed to   go in  and   get it  replaced  on  Wednesday. On  Monday  evening  our  10  year old  had  his  first  baseball  game  of  the  season.   It   was  a   good  game  against   kids   he   knew  on  other  team !    It   did   cool   down   in the  evening and  was   getting   chilly   as it  ended. 

Right  after  work  on  Wednesday  I  went to  the  phone  store,  they  had  said  that I  was  eligible   for  a  free  upgrade, yay !   I  got  a   new  Moto  phone  after   45 minutes in  store. I do  admit  I  like it !   I  was  able to  catch the  last  hour of  our  sons  baseball game . 

The  weekend   came  fast  .   There   were   lots of   chores  to   get   done Saturday.   On  Saturday  evening  we   had  a  surprise  for  our  daughter!   We  arranged  to  meet   my in-laws  for  an early   Mothers  day  get  together  meal .  After  the  meal  in  the  parking  lot   we  presented   her  new   car to her.  She  cannot   drive it  yet  by  herself   until  she  passes  the    test   but  was   very excited to  receive    a   hand  me down  family  car ! Lucky  girl,  I  did  not  get  a  car  at  her  age ! It  just  happened  she  was  in  the  right  place  at  the  right  time .  IMG_20230521_072418210

On  Sunday     we   went    to  early  church.  There  was  a   presentation   and  blessing of  all the  Mom’s   at the  end.    We   had  a    lovely  relaxing   day   afterwards !  


It  was   back to  reality  Monday .   Again  in  the   evening  there  was   baseball  to  attend.     The  boys  are  getting   better  game  by  game!    On  Wednesday   our  eldest  son   had  a   choir  concert, it  was  the  last of  the  year and  they  did   very well. IMG_20230516_072443065~2


Thursday     was   pretty uneventful,     just   getting   through  the  day  and  some  relaxation   after  a  long   day.   On  Friday   evening  I  went   to  see a   friend  after  work to  catch  up  and  share a   little   drink   as  we  caught  up on our   busy  lives. 

Saturday ( yesterday)    was  again  used  to  do  jobs  at  home  and  we  started  the  process of  opening our   swimming  pool  as  the  temps  start to  go up .  We  are  adding   chemicals  to  keep it   clean,  and   by  Wednesday    anyone  can  swim in it if  they are  brave  enough to bear the   spring  water  temps !!   Not  me  yet ! 

This  mornings  view …IMG_20230521_074746761 (1)

We  are  going  to  9am  church, then  at  11am   our  son  has  his  trap  team  end of  season  party .   In the  afternoon     for  the  younger  kids   we  will go to  the  Children’s  museum,  they always like    going   there! 

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Dress May 21st 2023

Have  a  beautiful  day  ,  Terri  ❤️❤️❤️

Dress of the week May 7th !

Good morning Ladies and welcome to the first post of May! I love May its the month when the flowers really start to bloom after the April showers! We had some beautiful days to start the month but Yesterday it rained nearly the whole day. Today though is starting off nice with bright sunshine.

May 2023 H.S.

Last Sunday I was glad to write my post to you all . I am trying to stay at the weekly post level but have missed a few of those ! Our daughter had volleyball on Sunday as well as Saturday, I did not go and stayed with the boys. They had a tough day , and she was tired when she returned home. We had a quiet evening. Monday was a nice day to restart the work week. Our baseball son had practice with his team in the evening . He is looking forward to when the games start. Coming home from work has started to be a challenge, the road construction has begun in earnest , and we are trying to figure the best routes to take home ! The joke in Minnesota is that there are only two seasons , Winter and road construction !

We moved to our present house in June of 2021 but we have had boxes in our garage since that move. We started to tackle them this week, in our spare time of course ! I found some picture frames , and a few of the kids when they were really little , Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days , memories !

Friday came quickly this week , We celebrated Cinco de Mayo by having our friends Brandon & Josette over for some good food , drinks & conversation. Yesterday . I was ready for sleep though at the end of the night ! Saturday morning I was awake early and got to have my coffee in a quiet house!

Then it was time to get to work, Laundry was done and we worked some more in the garage, It is looking so much better though ! Our son had his weekly trap shooting in the afternoon too. He had a friend come watch in wet conditions . In the evening we had a double date with our friends Jordan & Angie. We went to a new restaurant we had not visited before and had a lot of fun catching up on our busy lives !

Today after church there is a pancake breakfast, the last one until September I believe. It always works as a brunch for us . It is also a good way to chat with fellow parishoners .

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Shoutout: Thanks to Carmen for rating my new dress that I showed in last weeks post , I was not expecting that, Thank you Carmen !

Keeping May Flowers Blooming - Cyclone Rake Blog

Have a beautiful week ahead Ladies , Terri 💕

Dress of the week April 30th !

Good  morning  Ladies!  How  is   your  weekend  going  ?   It is  a  brisk    day    with     wind  and      rain  showers  on  and  off.  The  upside  is  the  grass  is  getting  nice   and  green as   we    are in the  final  few  hours  of  April. 

                 The  daffodils  are  coming  up !!!!


Last   weekend  was    pretty   nice.   I  was  able  to   relax   for  the  most  part    after  a   busy  week. Sunday  was a   relaxing  day,  I  took our  son    to  get   his  picture  taken  for  his    trap  team.   Then in  the  evening  our  daughter   had  her  last  church  class  of  the  year.   Monday  signaled  the  return to  the   work/school   week.   There   was     running  around  to do  with  the  kids,  with  Volleyball  and  baseball  practices    to   drop  them off   at  .  I  know  I  was   ready  for   bed   each   night  as   soon  as   everything  was   done !  There  was   no  tv   watching   done ! We  also  set  up our  new  outdoor  gas   fireplace!   I  will   post   pics  once  we   get  a   nice   night   to  use it!   Yesterday  morning (Saturday)   our  youngest  had  his  weekly   swim  lesson.   Then  in  the  afternoon  Our  eldest  son  had   his   trap  team    weekly  shoot.   He  got  a   39  out of  50,  not  bad !!  Earlier  in  the  day  Our  daughter   went  to    Minneapolis  for  her  volleyball  tournament .  I   got   along  to  see   3  of  her  games   later in the   evening.  They won  some  and  lost  some ! 20230429_19272320230429_192711

  This  morning   at  church      the   2nd  graders  in our  parish  celebrated  their   first  communion !   The   girls   were   very  pretty in their  white  dress   and  the  boys   were   very handsome  in their  suits .   Now  I  am  getting  the  chance  to   write  this to you !

Sunday  morning ! 




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Apr 30th

Have a   beautiful  start  to  May,  see you  next  week,  Terri 🌺🌹🌺🌹

Dress of the week April 22nd !

Good  morning  Ladies !! I  hope  you   are   doing  well  and  settling into  spring .  WE  are  still   going  in between, Winter ,  spring and  even  summer  temps !  As I type   I  can  see the  overnight  snow on the  neighbors  roofs .  The  joys of Minnesota ! 20230422_075551

When I  left  you   2  weeks  ago  I  was getting  ready    for  early  Church  on Easter  Sunday.   We  went to the  8am  Mass(  service)    and  it  was a  beautiful  one   celebrating  the  resurrection of  Jesus  .   The  kids  did   the  hunt for  Easter  eggs  indoors after  we  got  home  as  the  Easter  bunny deemed it a  little  too  wet to  do  it  outdoors,  that was  so  thoughtful  !   Then   before  10am  we  set off  to my Brother-in -laws     to  meet  the  family      for  lunch.   It  was  a  lovely  get  together  and  we  got to  see our  youngest  nephew  Stanley   after    not  seeing him  since  late November !  He   has  since  turned  2  and    is  the   cutest  little  boy !!   We   stayed  until  5pm   and  made  the  trip  back.    The  kids  had   Monday off  but  we   did  not ! 

The  week  went  by  pretty   quick  without   too     much out of  the  ordinary. Friday   night  was   a  relaxing  one  after  a  busy  work  week.   Saturday  our  eldest  son  had  trap team  . 

Monday  morning  sunrise  with  fresh  snow  !!!  April  17th.  20230417_071105 There  was  the  usual   chores   to  catch up on  also. Sunday  after   church  was    nice  family  time.    On  Tuesday  I  had  a  dental  cleaning   appointment    with  Claudia  ,  she  said  I was  doing  good  and  to  keep up  with  my  flossing !   On  Wednesday  evening   the  boys  had  their  last   church  class  of   the  year.   We  presented  their  volunteer    teachers  with  some  gift  cards  for  all their  efforts     every week.  Thank you all!  Friday  did  come   quickly. We  will   see  what  today  brings !  

 A  photo  from  2016 !

2016 no 2 Terri

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April 2023 dress

Have a  beautiful  weekend,  Terri 💕🌺🌹

Dress of the week April 9th!

Good  morning Ladies  on this  Easter  Sunday !   We  are  finally  having  spring  weather . We  can see more  and  more  grass  as  the  snow is  nearly  melted  except  for  shaded  areas . It  is  48f     now   and  will  warm  up into the  60s ! I  am   excited   for  spring ! 

  Last  weekend  on Saturday  we  woke  up to  8  inches  of  heavy  snow  !   We   had  to   dig  out  as  our  daughter  had  a  volleyball  tournament to get  to.   We  got it  cleared   eventually.    In  the  afternoon our  son  had     trap  team   and   got   his   best   score  ever  of  39 out  of  50!    Sunday   was  palm  Sunday  with the  reading  of  the  passion of  our  Lord  Jesus ,  and   crucifixion.   The  kids  were  off  school    for  spring  break,  It  was  good  it  lined  up  with  Holy  week.   We   both  had  to  work  but  we  have  good  babysitters  now  for  the  younger  kids !       Thursday   was  the  feast of  the  lords  supper or  last  supper . It  was a   nice   ceremony.    Yesterday  I  had  to     check people  in    for  trap  team  as   a  volunteer .  We  also  got   food  prepared  for  today  ,  we  are  going to  my brother-in-laws  for  lunch.   When I  awoke  this  morning   I  found  that  the  Easter  bunny  had   been overnight !!   Along  with the  baskets  he   has  placed  eggs  all  over  for the  kids  to  find !

  It  promises  to be  a  busy  day. We  are  going to  early Church  then   have  a  2  hour  trip  for  Lunch  with the  family. 

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Have  a blessed  Easter ,  He  is  risen, Alleluia !  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week March 26th !

Good  morning  Ladies  , I am  back !!!  My last  post  was  on March 4th  ,  the  previous  weekends   got away  from  me  in  regards  writing . We  have   been  busy with life I suppose .March7th sunriseMarch 7th  sunrise .  

We  were  dealing  with  the  regular   weekly   work,   school  and    homelife I  guess!  The  weekend of  the  11-12th    we  went to a  soccer  game.  Friends  had extra   tickets .   It was  Minnesota  United  playing  against  New  york.  It  was  pretty cold  so  we  were   bundled  up  and  it  was  also  snowing !   They  have a  new   stadium   and  it  was  our  first  time   visiting. You can  walk  around inside  a  full360 degrees   so that  did   keep us   warm .  We  also  had  some  good  food  too. !



The  week upto St. Patricks  day went  fast.  I had to take  the  day off to attend  a  funeral  for  a  Lovely lady  who  passed away    with heart trouble… She  had   done  daycare  for    over  30 years in her  home , and did  mind our  kids.   May  she  rest in  peace.    We  had a  nice  lunch  afterwards .  In the  evening  we  celebrated  St. Patricks  Day a  little. 20230317_064829

A  beautiful image I found !  



The  adult  beverages on St. Patricks  day !!

On  the 18th  we  went  to  my in-laws .  My  father in law  was  making   sour kraut  and  dumplings , and  had  invited  the  extended  family over !   Sunday  we  went to  church   and  then had a   nice    rest of the  day.    Monday   started   the  thaw !!!    By    Wednesday it  reached  56f   We  can  now  see  grass !! 20230326_120241

Today’s  photo .  I  think  spring  is  finally on the  way !! 

Yesterday  our    3rd  kid  Liam   went into  double  digits !!  He  is  10  already , it  goes  sooo   fast !    We  went out  and  had  Pizza  last  night at  his  request,   It was  make  your own  Pizza  and  was  very  good.  We   came  back  and  sang  happy  Birthday  and  had   cake  and  he opened  presents .  

Today  was a  lazy day I am afraid to say. We  will   do online  church  later .

                           Sunday  look !!

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Dress of the week March 26th

Have a  beautiful  week,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week March 4th !

Good  morning  Ladies ! How  are you today  as  we  have  entered  into March?  A  step closer to  Spring I say ! Its   28f  or  -2c   this  morning  ,    It is not  too  bad  at  all.   This week  we   got  about  an inch  of  snow ,  and  a  little  rain  that  made the  roads  slick.  Some  of last  weeks  snowfall is  melting..  very  gradually   but I will take it!   The  sun  is  trying  to   peek  through  also. March 2023 H.S.

Last  Sunday  when I left off  we   were  going to    church,  the  first Sunday of  Lent. After  coming  back  we   had a   pretty  relaxing    afternoon  . Our  daughter  had  faith formation  classes  in the  evening. I also  got to talk to my parents  via  video chat. They are  doing  well,  Thank God.   Monday  , and  the  whole  week  was   busy  for  me  at  work. It  was   a  good  week  , for the  kids  ,  they got to go to  school all  5  days.    I do  hope  there  are  no  more  snow  days.   Wednesday  it  was  the  boys  turn to  go  to  Church class.   Thursday    and  Friday   went  by  really  fast.   We   had  some  pizza   for  dinner  last night.   Today  our  daughter  has a  volleyball tournament   about  an hour  away.    Our  oldest  son is  going snowmobiling   with our  friend  Brandon . He  is looking  forward to it.   There  will be  housework to attend  to also!  Housewife ...


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Dress March 4th 2023


Have a   lovely weekend  and  beautiful  week  ahead,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week February 26th!

Good  morning  Ladies ! It is  the  last  weekend of  February   and  I am looking forward  to  see  if  March can give us  more  hints of  spring , or  will it   be  a  repeat of February   with   winter weather!   It is   3f  or  minus  16c  this  morning.  The  sun is  trying  to   come up. 

Bye to February H. S.              


As  I  signed  off on  Saturday last  week  we  were  about to  go on our  coffee  date. We   got  away  for a  while  and it  was  nice just  us, husband  and  wife ❤

We  got  back  and  had a  pretty  quiet   evening  with a little  housework  thrown in.   On Sunday  we  went to  the  usual  late morning  church , afterwards  we   went  for  the  coffee  and  donuts .  They   were  so good  as  always!   When  we  came  back  we  picked up a  ping pong or  table tennis table ! It  was  being  sold  for $50   and  was  a bargain. we  had to  put it on  folding   tables  but it works  for now in our unfinished  basement.20230226_07105620230226_071125Please  excuse  the  mess !!!   This  was  the  first  time I played  the  game in many  years,  since I was  in  school ! It will be  good  for  the  kids  to  get used to it.   It folds up really nice.   Also  I took  my   3    boys  and  2 of  their  friends  bowling  as well.  I sat it out  and  enjoyed  watching  them. 

Monday  was  Presidents  day  here  and  the  kids  were  off  , everyone  else  had  the  day off  but I had to work. Tuesday  was  the  start of  our  big  3  day snowfall ! We all got to work and  school , then in the  afternoon  the  snow  came !  The forecast was  so bad  the  school  called  snow  days  for Wednesday  and  Thursday. Wednesday morning  we  woe to  about  8 inches on the  ground.   Our  Church called off all the  ash Wednesday masses/ services  and the anointing of ashes on the  forehead.  Later  Wednesday it  got  worse with  drifting  snow  due to the  winds. It kept  snowing on Thursday until noon  and  then it  was  all done ! Here  are  some  photos. 20230223_17062020230223_17015220230223_072204

We  were  all back  on Friday It  went  by    quickly. Friday  was a  nice    relaxing night  at  home.   Yesterday I  had  some  errands  to  do  and  catch up on   housework( it  never ends!)   We will be going to Church in a  few hours. 20230220_083640 (1)

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Dress Feb 26th 20323Dress  can be worn on or off shoulder, will  look  good  with a  nice  cardigan for  spring  also. 

Have a  lovely week  and  and a  nice  start to  March ! 

Dress of the week February 18th !

Good morning Ladies ! I hope you are doing well as February keeps rolling on towards its conclusion in 11 days time . We have been having some crazy weather since I last posted 2 weeks ago( sorry I missed last week !) It has been frigid cold , Then it got up to 51f or 10c one day. Then 2 days ago we had 2 inches of rain ! It helped to melt the snow a little . Right now we are at minus 5 c or 23f . We are promised some snow , possibly up to 20 inches this coming week !!! I am ready for spring, who is with me !


The  last  time I  was  with you  we  were  going to  our  Daughters confirmation. It  was  a  really  chilly morning   11f  as  we were  walking into the  basilica !   Once  inside  though  it  was a    beautiful  ceremony for all  the   candidates .  They  were  anointed  by the  Bishop with the  holy oils , through the  holy  Spirit     to    be  prepared to  live out their  faith going  forward.   There  were  40  from our  parish with  two-thirds being  girls !  Afterwards  our  Daughter  joined  her  volleyball team  for a  tournament  they started  without her   in  the  morning . They  won  the  tournament ! Afterwards  we  went out to  celebrate the  confirmation in the  evening  along  with   our  family   and her  grandparents.   Sunday  was  pretty  quiet , but  we  went to  the  Knights of  Columbus  pancake  breakfast  after  church. 

 The  following  week was  pretty  standard   for  our  family.  Last  weekend  I put  away  all the  winter  decorations ! Some  were part of our  Christmas  display.  Our  daughter  had another  volleyball tournament on Sunday which they won !   In the  evening  the  superbowl took the  attention.   The  commercials  were  better  than the  football ,  and  The  halftime  show  was  good  too!   We  had a  different  Valentines  day .     We had to  go to the  county government  center to  renew the  kids  passports . We  might  be  going on a  trip in the  summer.  I  did  get  these  afterwards  though  below . 



The   kids  had  Church  class on   Wednesday , I was  busy  driving  to  and  fro !   Last  night  we  had  a  quiet  Friday night in.  This  morning  we  are going  for a    coffee  date  without  the  kids  and  also  picking up   something  for our  laundry room.  coffee date 2023

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Dotw Feb 18 2023

Have a  beautiful  week  , Terri ❤

Dress of the week February 4th !

Good  morning  Ladies  !   I  hope  you  are  doing  well  on  this   first  weekend  of  February. January  is  always  the  toughest  month of  the  year  I  think.  I  come  down off  a  high   from  celebrating   Christmas ,  and  it  also is  usually   pretty cold  here  too. To that point,  it is   freezing   here   right  now  !! It  is 9f  or  -13c .  It  actually is  an  improvement as  earlier in the  week it  was  -24c   or -11  f .  We  just  need to  get  through  these  tough  days .Heather Stilufsen Feb 2023

I  missed   writing   last   weekend  ,  I  just   got   busy   but  there   really   was   not  a  lot   that   you  missed   from  the   preceding  week. I  guess  the  highlight  was our  daughters volleyball team   finished  2nd  in   their  tournament. The  rest   was    the   usual busyness  of  our  life.  Also  we   got  photos  from   my in-laws  of  their  Caribbean   cruise … Aruba Aruba in  January.. I am not  jealous… I am not  Jealous !!  

Last    weekend   was  nice  and   relaxing   with  plenty of  housework   thrown in  to  keep  me on  my  toes! We  went  to    church  Sunday and  in  the  afternoon   there  was  lots of  football on  our  tv .   On Sunday  evening  our  daughter  had  her  last  church class  encounter  before   making  her  confirmation   today ! 

  confirmationThrough Confirmation, the Holy Spirit gives the  candidates  the increased ability to practice their faith in every aspect of their lives and to witness Christ in every situation. 


It  takes  place  at 10 am  so I  will need to  get   moving  soon!!!   My  sister  was  asked  to  be  the  sponsor   but  she  cannot  make it  today .  I  will step in  for  her . We  will  go  out   for a  meal    afterwards . 


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Feb4th 2023 dress

Have a   beautiful  weekend,   Terri xoxo. 

Dress of the week January 21st!

Good  morning  Ladies  !   January    is  moving along  at   pace   Today it  is  cloudy outside and  the  temperatures  have   dropped  in the  last  day or  so.   Right now it is  23f . You  definitely   need  a   coat  if  you   go  out  and  about! It  can always  be a   tough  month  but  we  are  getting   through  it ! Heather Stillufsen Jan 2023


Last weekend  was   rally   nice  and   relaxing.   Our  daughter  did  have  some  friends  over  for  a  slumber  party Saturday night, they  were not  too loud   (too!)   Now  that  she  has  a basement  bedroom  they like to    come  and     stay  over. On Sunday I  went t o  early  church .    In the  afternoon   we  watched  the  vikings football  game .  Just  before  that I  brought one of our  sons  to urgent  care   with sore ear/jaw.   It turned  out  to  be  an external  ear  infection  and  he  was  given  drops to  take.     The  game  went  good   for the most  part  but  the  vikings  ended up losing in  the  last  few  minutes.   That is  their  last  game until September !   We  got  ready  for  the  week   and  bedtime  came     quick. 

On  Monday evening  we  met  my in-laws for  dinner. They  were in town as  they were  flying out  early on Tuesday morning  to go to  Tampa  Florida . They  were  going on a  cruise! ( I’m not  jealous.. I keep telling  myself!)The  cruise  takes  them to  Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Aruba  and  Grand Cayman  Islands. They  are  right now  travelling  to  Aruba . They  return to Tampa  next Saturday ! 

On Tuesday  night Our  eldest  son  performed  with  his  school  choir  at  the  high  school  Auditorium.  They  did  very  well  assisted  by their   musical  director.   Wednesday   they   had  Church  class,  the   first of the   new  year. Thursday  was  a  quiet   evening    for us all, phew !   Yesterday  evening  I  picked our  daughter up at  home  and  brought  her  to  the  neighboring  parish  as they  went to a   retreat   for  their upcoming   sacrament  of  Confirmation. They  are   staying  at  the  retreat  center  Until Sunday morning .  Confirmation is  February  4th.   Today   we  got  some  new  island     stools .  These  ones  have  backs on them which is  nice.   In the  evening  we  went to  Church bingo, and  2 of ours  sons  won   games  and  prizes !! 


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Dress Jan 22 2023


Have  a  great  week !!  With love,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week January 14th !

Good  afternoon  Ladies !  How  are  you today ? It   is    really comfortable  outside  today. The  sun is  not  shining   although it  was  a  little  earlier.   It is  minus 2c  or   28f We   had  no   snowfall this  week  , yay!! Hwy. 66 sunset

Country road  sunset  from Tuesday  evening. 



Last  Sunday I  left off  after  we  had   Sunday  brunch  provided  by the  Knights of Columbus. We  got  home  and  got to  relax  a   bit. Most of  us  watched  the  vikings   football game, I caught some of it ! They  qualified  for the play offs  and   take on the  new York Giants  tomorrow. The  evening  went  fast    and   we   got  ready for  school/work  for the  coming  week.   Monday  and  Tuesday  went  by   pretty   fast. On Wednesday   morning  we  woke up   after  overnight  rain and  then  freezing.  The   roads  were  treacherous and   everyone  was   advised  not to  travel unless  really necessary. School  was  automatically  called off.  So  we  also  didn’t  drive to  work either!  I  was  able to  work on  organizing   our  basement  living  room a  little. It  is  not    sheetrocked (  plasterboarded)      but it  has  a    big  piece  of  carpet  and    sectional  couch. We  are  hoping to  finish it    this year! 

Thursday  and  Friday  we  went back  to  work  and  school, the  roads  were  all  clear Thank God .   Even  with  a  day off during  the  week  I  was  glad  when  it  was  Friday evening.   We  came  and  had  a  nice  dinner.    This  morning  we  went out   for  breakfast to a  nice  little  country  place   nearby.   I am  getting a  bit of  relaxation   time now   at  3:15pm to  write  🙂 Jan 10th 2022 snow


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Jan 14 2023 dress

An  early  spring  look,  I am always  looking  forward !!! 

Shoutout :-     To  my  friend  Kate,  wishing  you a   belated  happy birthday    that  you  celebrated on Tuesday  the  10th!!!  Sending lots of  hugs  and  love to you! 

Have a    beautiful week  ahead,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week January 8th!

Good  morning  Ladies !!   I  want  to  wish you all a   very  big  welcome  to  my  blog  for  2023 ! I  hope it is  a  wonderful  year  for  each  and  every one of  you. .  We   certainly  got   a   new  years  awakening  on  Wednesday   and Thursday of  this  week.  We  had  14  inches  of  snow  over  the   2   days!  The  last   few   days  have  had  sunshine   which is  nice  to see  again,  but it is  in  the  cooler  temperatures  again. It  is   3f  or  minus  16c  right now.

The  snow  piles  up    higher  and  higher  !!20230106_171606

Last  week  as  I  left  we  were  about  to  go  out  to  dinner   with our  friends  Brandon and  Josette . We  picked  them up  and  got  a   better  look  at  their  new  house  they  had  moved into the  previous  evening. It  is  a  lovely  3   story house   that  will work so well for  them.  We   went  to  the  restaurant ,  it  was  busy   being   new  years  eve,  but  they opened  up a   table  pretty  fast   for  us .   We   had a  lovely  meal  and   great   conversation also.  Our  Waitress  was  a  sweetheart to us.    They  declined  to  come over  to our  house  for  ringing in the  new  year  as  they  were     tired  after  the  previous  days  moving  and  the  unpacking  combined.  So  we   rang it in  ourselves  and  one of  our  sons  wanted to  stay  up   for it also !

The   next  day  Sunday  we  went  to  early  Church. . A  good  way to  start  a  new  year! We  had a  relaxing  early  afternoon,  then  Brandon  and  Josette  came over  to watch the  vikings  game  as  their  tv   had  not  been  set up  yet. We   had  Papa Murphys  pizza   for  dinner, it is    prepared  there  and  baked  at home.

Monday  was  a  relaxing  day, I  was  off  work  due to  New  years  day  falling on a    Sunday. We also  used  the  day to  get  the  kids  ready for  returning to school.  On Tuesday morning  early I got  voicemail  from  school  saying  they  would  be  staying  home  due to  snow.  Then  the  same  happened on Wednesday Morning  to  give  them  an  extended   Christmas  break!!!   Their  church  class  was  cancelled  also  that  night. 20230104_073153

Thursday  and  Friday  went   by  fast .   On  Friday  night  we  looked into volunteering   for  “Feed  my starving Children”  It is  a  non-profit  group  that  sends   meals  to  kids  and  families  in  underprivileged  countries. They  have  a location  about  25 mins  drive  from  us .  They  had  7  slots  open  to  package  food  on  Saturday morning.   My eldest son  and  I  ended  up  going only  .  It  was    a  fun  experience , but  also  humbling. There are  4  ingredients  packed into each  sealed  bag.rice, soy, dried vegetables and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals. 

We  were put onto  a  church group  team  and  I   had  fun  chatting with  Chris  and  Emily as  we  worked .  We  did  have to  stay  focused  though.  In total our  work  station   packed  396  bags   divided into  11  boxes.  I was  given the  job of  using the  sealer  machine!   WE  plan on going  again soon  with a   bigger  group. Below is a  video on the  feed  my  starving  Children  experience.

After   we   finished  volunteering  we  came  home   and  took  delivery of  a  new   washing  machine.   The old one  had an issue  and  they  could  not  fix it  (it was still under  the  warranty } and  gave us  a  new one! . 20230108_142935It  still  has   sticker on  in  photo after it  was   installed !

In  the  evening  we  had  more  dinner  plans,  two weeks  in  a  row.  We  met up  with  Jordan  and  his  wife Angie  for  a  couples  double  date .  We  had  a  nice  time  out  with them.   We  finished  the  night at a  new    brewpub  that makes  homemade  wines  and  beers. This  morning  we  went to  regular  church  and  had  the  knights of  Columbus    brunch  afterwards.


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Geo print dress 1 8 23

Have a   blessed   week  ahead,  Terri xo.

Dress of the week December 31st !

Good   morning  Ladies  ! In  what   has  been  a  year   that   just   flew  by, this  is  my last  post of  the  year  ! It  has  been a  pleasure to  write    them ,  telling  part  of  my   weekly  adventures (misadventures!)   After  out   frigid   temperatures  last   week     it  was   nice to  warm  up  this  week.   it  is  28f     but  feels  like  a  heatwave   compared to  what  we   had   been  experiencing. Christmas tree 2022

Santa  Claus  did  indeed  arrive !!


As  I  left  last  week  we  were   going  to  be    going  to  Christmas  eve  Mass ( service)  We  got  there  early  as   usually  there  are   extra  people  attending  at  Christmas .  This  indeed  was  the  case    and  I  am  glad  we  were  able  to get  a   seat.  The  Mass  was  lovey  celebrating   the  birth  of  our   savior  Jesus  Christ.   We  are   blessed !   We  came  home  and   had  a    nice   dinner .  Afterwards   the  kids   were  allowed  to open  some   presents   from  family  members.    Then  after   a  while  it  was   time  to   go  to  bed   before  Santa   Claus  made  his   visit.  

On  Christmas  morning  we  awoke  to    see the  tree  with  all   the  presents   underneath !   I   had  to  get  a  photo (above) When  all the  kids   were  awake   we   had   the  gift opening.  There  were  lego , sets,  microphones ,  trucks clothing   and   much   more. At  9:30  we  made  the   2  hour  drive to   my in-laws   It  was     great to  see   them  but one  of  my  brothers-in-law  was  sick  and   him   and  his  wife  and   son  did  not  make it . We  had   a  nice  lunch   with  those  that  were   there. .Afterwards  I  made  some lovely  Baileys   coffees  for an adult   dessert   drink.    We  also  played  some     board  games . I  got  to  talk to  family back  home  as  well on    videochat . We  were  tired  early  and   were  in  bed   before   10pm .  It  had   been  a  long  day   especially  with the   driving. 

Dec 26th 2022 Litchfield

December  26th  at  my  in-laws house. 

On  the  26th  my  Mother-in-law  made  a  lovely  breakfast   for  us  all. We   stayed   most of  the  day  and     then  at  4pm   loaded  up the  car again, with extra   presents     from  the  generous  in-laws!   We  got  home  at a   nice  time .  I had  to  go  back to  work on Tuesday.    It  was  ok     even though  I was  not   ready ! The  week   did   go  by  pretty  fast   though.   Last night  I  helped  our  friends Josette  & Brandon  as  they  moved  into  the  new  house   they  bought  a  few   months  back. It  is  beautiful    and  perfect  size  for  them.   Then tonight  we  are  going  to  go to  dinner   with  them   and      they  will come  back to our  house   for   games  afterwards  Our   daughter   will  babysit  her   siblings! 


Highlights of  the  year !

Slightly blurry, a photo from a few days ago, I can really see my sister in this photo!



 trip  to  Las  Vegas ! 



20220626_173256Visit to Lake  City on the  Mississippi river . 



Weekend  at  in-laws   camper. 
Country road Minnesota
Country road Minnesota  in  fall

20221216_122238Winter  arrived! 

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December 31 dress 2022

Wishing  you all a  a  happy  Healthy  and  Blessed   new  year!  Thanks  for  your  support   throughout the  the  year,  with  lots of  love ❤  , Terri xoxo. 

Dress of the week December 24th 🎄

Good morning Ladies !! It is hard to believe but we have now made it to Christmas eve. The time has gone so fast. This is my favorite holiday of the year as it welcomes Jesus to the world ! The weather is sooo cold ! It is minus 5f but the wind makes it feel like minus 26 f ! Or in Celsius it is minus 21 with windchill at minus 32c ! It has been similar temps to this for the past few days. A slight warm up is on the way though.

Manger Bethlehem

Last   Saturday   was   spent  getting   some  last minute   items   before  Christmas.   The  stores  were   pretty  quiet  as  there  was  a Minnesota  Vikings  game on in the  afternoon,  so a  lot of  locals  stayed in , and  also  to avoid  the  cold  !   It  was   nice  for  me  though to   get  around !   We  watched  some  Christmas  movies   that   night.  Sunday  was  the   4ht  Sunday of  Advent  and  the  last  candle  was  litadvent candles We   then  watched  the   world  cup  final  and   what  turned out to  be  an  exciting  game   and  ending  Argentina  won  the   cup .   The  work   week  began  Monday    but it  was   broken up a  bit.     The  kids   finished  school  on Wednesday  until  the  new  year.  I  had  Thursday off  work  as  I   had  to  use up  my  vacation  days  before  the  calendar  year  ends .  It  was  nice  getting  the   day to  get  things  done .    On Friday  we   worked  until  noon  and  then had our  work  Christmas  party!  It  was a  lovely  get together   with  some  spouses  also  showing up.  There  was  a  cornhole/ beanbags  tournament  that  we  all played in. We  were  divided up in  teams at random.  I was   drawn with one of the  guys  and  he  helped us  win the  first   game  but  then  we  lost  the  next  2  to be  eliminated !!!  Oh  well.  It  was  all  fun . We got  to  chat    with people  we  dont  always  get  to.   I left  at  3’30pm   and  decided  to get  a  new   winter  coat. It has  been on my to do list  for  a  little  while  now. 

christmas decorating

We  are going  out  to  eat  this  morning   for   breakfast .  Then   there  are  just  a   few  items  to  take   care of   and   we   will be  all ready  for  the   big  day  tomorrow.   We  are  going  to  my in-laws   around  9am  in the  morning. This  afternoon  we   are    going   to  4pm  mass  (church)   at  our  local  church. 

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.   Luke 2:11 


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12 24 2022 dress12 24 2022 no 2 dress pic

  All  I  have  left  is  to   wish you all a  blessed ,  healthy   and    merry  Christmas   from   my  home  to  yours ,  with  lots of  love,  Terri xo. 


Dress of the week December 17th!

Good  morning  Ladies !I  hope  you  are  having a  lovely  weekend .  It  is  a  beautiful  Winter  wonderland  outside .  We  have  had   a  lot of  snow  this  week  and  as I  type it is  still  coming  down,  just  small flakes.   It  has   been     4  days of  it  .   The  sun is  partly   shining  also.  It  is  supposed  to get  cold  next  week  though !

As  I    left  you  last  week    we  were   going  to  our  Friends  Chris  and  Jen  for   Saturday  evening .   It  was  so good  to  see  them .   They  have  2   boys  and  a  girl,  Lila  is  2  years  old  , and   such  a  cutie !   The  boys  are   13   and  7 .    They  have  a   hill in their  back  yard  that  they  converted  to  sled  down.  The  kids   had   so  much  fun    going  down it.  We  had   dinner  with  them   ,  a  few  drinks  for  those  not   driving ( pointing at  me !)    and  watched  some of  world  cup.   We  left  around  9pm  . 

  On  Sunday  we  went to   church  for  the   3rd  of  Advent.   It  is  Gaudete  Sunday  where  the   pink or  rose   candle is  lit  to   bring  forth rejoicing  as  the  saviour  is  near  to  being   brought into the  world.   We   watched a  little  football in  the afternoon  .  In the  evening  we  went to   Christmas in the   village. It is  a 1900   era    reconstructed   village  with     houses  and  stores .  It  has  a  drug  store ,  schoolhouse  church  Post office  printing  press  store ,  blacksmith  ,  General  store  and  sooo   much more. It was   beautiful in the  snow  with all the  lights. Each  store  had  a  wood  burning  stove as in  that   era.  Everyone  working  and  volunteering  were  dressed  in  period  clothing.20221211_190151Church  from  the  outside . 20221211_183443Inside  the  Church . 20221215_170802A house   close  to me  really  nicely decorated. 20221209_163743



 Monday  came  quick  and  it  was   pretty  standard.  On Tuesday  evening   I had  a  dentist  appointment   for  cleaning  only .  it was  good to get  that   done!    Wednesday   The  kids  had  their  last  church  class   before  Christmas.    Thursday   was   a really bad  day on the  roads   with  snow  and  some  ice!  We  got  through it ok  though  Thank God !     Last  night   we    went out  to  eat   which  was   nice .   Today  I  am  doing  last  minute  prep   ,  food   presents   before  Christmas. 

     We  finally  finished  our  decorations ! 20221215_20275220221215_20281520221215_20290220221215_20284720221215_203030

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Dress Dec 17 2022

  It  is  getting  really  close …..   Looking  forward to   this  coming  week  Ladies,  I hope  you are  too,  love, Terri xo. 

Dress of the week December 10th !

Good  morning  Ladies !  How  are  you  today .   It is   early  here  this  morning  as  I  write  this  post .  It is  still  dark outside  and  the  temperature is  30f  , just under  the  freezing   mark. .   We  have  had  a  few    days   of  light   snowfall  but   not  much  accumulation.  We  do  have  a   blanket  of  snow on the   ground    for a   few  weeks   now  though. As  I   type  there   are       flakes  falling.

Last   week   I  left off   on Sunday .     I  prepared   an  early  dinner   and  then  had  to  go  with our  daughter   to   her   church  class meeting.  She is   receiving  the  sacrament of  confirmation,   where  extra   graces  are   added  to  the   recipient    in  their  continued   faith  journey   through the  holy  spirit.   The  meeting  really  was   for  the    confirmation   sponsor,  someone  other   than  a  parent ,  but  my   sister   agreed   to  be   sponsor  and  weas   not  able to attend meeting.   She is only 4,000   miles  away!   Confirmation  is   taking  place  in February. 

During  the  week    I   had  a   really   nice  discovery!  At a  friends  house   they  found  some old  news  papers  from  1948. We  went  through  page  by  page  and of  course   when the fashion    advertisements    showed up  I had to  get   some  photos  !! Half size print dress newspaperBack interest newspaperI   will  share  more   next  week .     What do you  think of  the   description  of  this   hat   below ?    It  probably  would  not  be  used  today!  “To  make you  prettier”  Read  the  fine  print  also! 

To make you prettier!

The    week   went  by  quickly.  Thursday  was  the  feast of  the  immaculate  conception,   when  Mary  was    chosen to  be   the  mother  of  Jesus  when  he  first  took  human  form. 

Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.”

Luke 1:26-38

  Last  night  was   relaxing  , I love   Friday  nights!   This  morning I  dropped  our  eldest son off    at      his  class  to  be  certified  in  driving  a  snowmobile!  He  took the online  test   and  today  is  to conclude  it. We  do  not own a  snowmobile,  but  we  have  friends  who  have  them,  maybe in the  future.   Later  we  are  going to  visit  our  friends  Chris &  Jen  ,  along  with their  3  kids  for a  pre  Christmas  get together.    It is  getting  so close, only  2  weeks  to  Christmas  eve! 

Please  rate out of  10  thisPlaid  belted  self  tie  dress  see here

Plaid belted dress Dec 2022 

Wishing  you all a  lovely  weekend  and  week  ahead,  Terri  xo. 

Dress of the week December 4th!

Good  morning    Ladies  ,  I  am  back  !!   I took  a  few  weeks  of   for  various  reasons .    I    was  just  busy on the  weekends  and  also  a  little  bit of  mental  block  as   far  as  creative  writing  ,  and  at  the  end of  the  day   making   my posts  as  interesting  to  you the  reader.  I   started  blogging  in the  summer  of  2016,  the  years     have  gone  by  so  fast !     The  blog is  a  public  diary  that   I  can  share   with you   about  the   goings  on  with  my life  from week to week(   nearly weekly!)    and    have  the   fun    dress   to rate  at  the  end of  each  post. The  family unit of   husband   wife  and   4   kids   have a  lot  of    events  and  adventures,  and  I  am glad  to  share  with you all❤

Our  frozen  and  snowy pool !!
Our frozen and snowy pool !

  The  weekend of   November 18-20   was   spent   mostly  at  home  in preparation  for  Thanksgiving .  We  were  hosting  again this year.  It also   gave us our  first   significant  snowfall   this  year !   It  was  good  to  get  the  house  tidied  up  and  made  spic  and  span!   Well it is  usually    pretty    clean  but  needed  a  little  more  to  get   it  just  right.    The  3   work  days  up to    Thanksgiving   went  really  fast .  I  was  up  early on  Thanksgiving   morning  and  we   got  all the   food   prepared .    my parents  in-laws  arrived  at  10.30am   and  they  brought  some  yummy  desserts …  oh and  wine !   Then  my  brother  in -law and  his  3   kids  arrived a  little  later.  His  wife is  a  radiology  technician  and  had  to  work  unfortunately.   Also  another  Brother in Law  ,  his  wife  and  son  did  not  come  as  they  were  going  to  her  parents.   It  was a  pity to miss   them  but  we  have  to  share !    We  ate  at  1pm  and    everything  was  so  good. Many hands  make light  work.   Our  friends  Brandon  and  Josette   came over in the  late  afternoon    for  an hour  to     join  in  the  day. 

Friday  was a  day off  for  everyone .  We   got  to  make  Christmas  cookies ! Then  we  also  got  around to putting  up  some  Christmas  decorations! here  is  a  sneak peek

We  had a  really lovely long weekend    then it  was  back to  work  and  school  Monday  morning.   It  went  by   pretty  fast.  Then  Tuesday  we  got  dumped on with   8  inches  of  snow !   I  have  to say     I  got  stuck in the  snow  and  had  to  get  a  co-worker  who  was  close  by  to  come  and  pull me  out  !!  Thank you Patrick,  a  gift  card  is  coming  your  way  Tomorrow ! Wednesday  the  kids   were   back in  church class. 20221203_134434

I  was  glad  when  Friday  came !    We   went out  to  eat   which was  nice.   Yesterday   I  spent    some  time  decorating   a  little  more.   I was  listening  to  an Irish online  country  radio station   as  I was  working .  Maggie  May  was  the  presenter  and  I sent in a  song  request  !    She   very sweetly  played it. 

In the  evening  our  daughter  had a  bunch of  Girlfriends  come over  for  a  sleepover.  They  were  pretty   quiet , I was  mildly  surprised !   Earlier  we  went to  church for  the  second  week of  Advent . 

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Red dress Dec4 2022

Shoutout !!    To  my  friend  Gemma  who  celebrates  her   birthday  tomorrow.  Wishing  you  a  beautiful  day  with lots of  blessings,   sending  lots of  hugs! 

Have a  nice  week  ahead  everyone,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week November 12th!

Happy  Saturday  to    you all  Ladies  !   I  am  writing  this in the   evening    after  doing  household  chores  today.    The  weather  has  taken a  turn   towards  the  cooler   side  with a  little  snow  last  night  but  not  enough  to  cover  the   ground.   I  guess it is  that  time,  especially in Minnesota ! Today  was   windy  and  cloudy all  day. 20221022_085055

I  skipped  a   week of  blogging(again!)   When  I  last  posted on the   29th  we  were    going to be  going to friends  for  Sunday lunch.  But one of our  sons  woke  up  with a  stomach  bug  so  we  called  it off  for   safety  . We  had a   quiet  Sunday.   Monday     he  was ok  and   went to  school.   That  was  Halloween  night   and   our  youngest   2   went out  trick or  treating.   One  was an inflatable  dinosaur   and  the other   a  police  officer.   They  got  lots  of  compliments  as  they  went  door to door. After  an  hour   they  were   ready to  call  it  a   night.    They  had  accumulated a lot  of  candy  at  that   stage  anyway!  

Sunset I captured Wednesday November 2nd


The  week  went  fast . On Saturday  our oldest  son  became  a  teenager !!  Eek,  we  are  now  parents  to   2  teens !   It  goes  so  fast.    He  had a   friend  sleepover  the  night  before ,  they  did  not go to sleep too  early  ,  surprise   surprise ! In the  afternoon  his  Grandparents  and  a  great Aunt  came  to  celebrate    the  birthday  as a   family.    It   was a   fun  day.   On Sunday   we  went to  church   at  our  usual time.    In the  afternoon  our  friend  Brandon  came  over     with a   present  for  the  birthday boy   and  to watch the  football game. The  vikings  won.  The  work/school   week   was  long  and I  was  glad  when  Friday  came !   I  got  to  sleep in today. We  did  some  last  minute outdoor  leaf   clean  up .  The  yard  looks   better.   I  also  got  to  relax  with a  little  hallmark  channel !!  I love  the  Christmas   movies .   Also  chatting  with friends  was  so good.  Heather Nov 12 2022


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E shak dress Nov 2022

Have  a  lovely  rest of  your   weekend,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week October 29th !

Good  morning  Ladies  ! How  are  you  today ? It  is  a  nice  start  to the  morning  here , the  sun is  coming  up   as  it  has  done  in the  last\  few   days also.   We  have  started   with a   bit  of  frost  but  the  day  warms  as  it  goes on. A  lot of   our  leaves  are  dropping  now.   



I  missed   out on posting  last  week.      When I  was  with you last    we  were  shutting  down our pool  as  u  can see  in the  photo  above .    The  Sunday  was a   kind of  Lazy  day I  must  admit!  The  kids  had  school  until Wednesday  and  then   had  2  days off.    So  then    here is a  surprise.  For  their   mini  break they went to Chicago !    I  had  to  work   so my Sweetie  took    decided  to take   them  !   I also  stayed  home   to mind our  dog.  They left  early on  Thursday  morning  for  the  5.5  hr   trip.   Our  daughter  helped  with the  driving  so  that  was   good   having  2   drivers.   I  kept  busy at  work  , it  was   kind of  nice   when I arrived  home  to  a  quite  house  (  how  bad am I ? )  just  myself  and  the  dog.   They  showed  me  their  hotel  room/apartment  through  video  call  and it  was   very  nice.  I did  get  some  things  done  around  the  house  as  well as  getting out  for  a  bit.   Friday  was a   nice  relaxing  day.   They  explored  some of the  sights  of  Chicago.    They also  had  some  really good  Pizza !   On Saturday  I went  out to the  mall !  I  wore  my  new   dress ,  it  fit  really   well.    I   had  a  nice  time  going  around  the   stores .    I also  went to a   thrift  shop  and  picked up a  new  dress  and  cardigan !    I  had  time  for a   video  chat   with my   Sister   on Saturday  evening, it  was      a  nice   chat.    On Sunday  I  went to  early  Church .    Then as it  was  our  Anniversary  I picked up the   flowers !   I got  roses ,  they  look  gorgeous . 


The  family  arrived  back  at 10am Sunday morning   They  stopped  halfway  in Wisconsin   at  the  dells  Saturday  night  and  went to  a  waterpark.   Our  son had to be  back  for  his  trap team  at  11.30am.   It  was  good  to see  them all  again !   We  had a   quiet  day  at  home   and  then  Monday  came  around  and  they  were  back  at  school  after  the  mini  break. This   week   has   been  a  typical   Monday to Friday.   Tomorrow  us parents are  going  to go out   alone  to  friends  for  lunch should  be   fun ! 

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Not sure if you recognize the model above ! Have a great week , Terri xo.

Dress of the week October 15th !

Good  morning  Ladies !   As  we  go  halfway into  October (already!)  the  weather  has  been  crazy this  week.   Monday  was  in the  70s  ,   Tuesday   got to the  early  80s  and  felt like  summer  .   roll  forward to Friday   and I woke up to SNOW!  It didn’t stick around .    It is  all the  joys  of   living in Minnesota  you  never know  what you  can  get  this  time of  year.

Country road Minnesota
Country road Minnesota


Last Saturday as I said in last post we went top the in-laws town to have family photos taken. It was a beautiful afternoon for fall poses . The lady who took them was really professional and knew how to make the kids smile with her humour . We hope to get them back soon. After photos we went to a local restaurant for an early dinner before the evening rush. We went back to in-laws house for a few hours and got to spend sometime with our nephew Stanley who we got to see walking for the first time. It is only a few short years since our youngest was doing the same. Sometimes I miss that age ! We arrived home late at 10pm. On Sunday we went to 9am church at a next door parish. Our son had trap shooting at 11 am , he does enjoy it.

There was football on tv during the afternoon, our family are big fans. Then the evening was getting the kids ready for school the next day. The week kept all of us busy work , school and on Wednesday evening church class for the kids. I was relieved when Friday came, I was tired at the end of the day ! I could not relax though as we had a scheduled double dinner date with our friends Jordan & Angie scheduled. A nice shower perked me right up again. We picked them up at 6.30pm and drove the short journey to the restaurant. It was fun catching up, talking about their house projects and how the families were doing. It was so good to fall asleep last night I must admit ! Today I have a hair appointment and later we will be shutting down our pool for the year 😦


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Oct 15th 2022 dress

Have a  beautiful week  Ladies,   Terri xo. 

Dress of the week October 8th !

Good  morning  Ladies!  How  are  you  doing  today ?  The  sun is  just  coming up and it looks  like  being  a   beautiful day.   It is  31f   so in the    frosty area. We  had to turn the  heat on last night.    I do hope  it  will warm  up  again  from  here  though  as  we  go more into October. 

Oct 8th 2022 HS


Last Saturday   I left off   when  we  were  about to go to  Pinehaven  farm. It  takes  about  an hour to get  there  and  we  arrived  around  10.15am.  The  weather  was sunny  and   the  temps  were  good.   There  was  lots  to see and  do  for  the  kids. There   were  farm  animals that they  got to feed.   They  enjoyed interacting  with them. We  went  then to  the play areas  with tunnel slides.   Then it  was on  to the  corn pit ,  they really had  fun in it.   they were  making  corn angels and all sorts of things !  Then they  went to the  giant  slide . The   boys    raced  down it  a  few  times.   Before we  left  we  went  walking  through  the  corn maze it  was  a  fun  walk. Then the  rain  came  unexpectedly.   We  left  and  went for  lunch at  a  local  restaurant in the  area.

We  arrived home at  2.30pm. Our  daughter  went out to  dinner  with  her  friends  as  part of the  homecoming  celebrations. They all got  dressed up.  She  needed  her  hair  styled and  she looked  good in her  new  dress.   We  had  a  relaxing  Saturday evening, phew ! 

On  Sunday we  were   busy  with  trap team activites  for our  son early.   We  then  had a  nice  afternoon, I  video chatted  with  my parents.    Monday  came   quick  and  we  were  all back to the  grind !    On  Tuesday  our  oldest  son  went to flag football in the  evening.   On Wednesday   they had  their  first  day of  Church class  for the  year.  Thanks to all the  volunteers for   helping in that area ! .   Thursday was  the  last  day of  flag football  for our  son.   He  really likes it and is missing it already !  Today we  are  having  family photos  taken  with all the  extended  family. The  last time our  Nephew Stanley was not  born so it will be   nice to have him in them. My mother-in-law is  excited for them !! 


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Oct 8th 2022 dress

Have a beautiful weekend, Terri xo.

Dress of the week October 1st !

Good morning Ladies ! I hope this post finds you well on this the first day of October . The sun is not even up yet as I write . I am an early bird today. We are going to a fall wonderland of adventure this morning . It is a farm that has it all apples & pumpkin picking . It also has fun games for the kids also. i will hopefully have some photos next week. We got our first frost this week on Wednesday … a little reminder of the future ! It did warm up in the days after .

Oct 2022 HS

We  had  a  few  busy  days  this  week  after   being  at my in-laws  last  weekend.  We  were all back to work and  school Monday.   This  week  was  homecoming   week , it is  a  celebration  of a  big  football game   for  the  local high  school.  Also past  students  women and  men  come  back  and  are  honored  during the  game.  All the  schools   from elementary  get in on the  party atmosphere  with  pajama  day to crazy sock  day  and  lots of  games.  it  culminates  with a  dance on the  Saturday night  for  high school   and  above. On  Monday  we  sold our old  truck !  After  getting  a  new  bigger  family   car  one  vehicle  had to go !  So  it  was  the oldest .  We  kept our  family car original family  car.    On  Wednesday  evening  we  went to the  homecoming  parade.  It  was  really nice, it last  about  half an hour  with   sports  teams , the  high  school  band and other  organizations  marching, they also handed out an obscene   amount of  candy !! Our  son  marched  with the  trap team although he  is  not in  high  school yet. 

Last   night our  3  older  kids  went to the  homecoming  game  with  their   friends  families. thanks to them for  the invites!  We  had  a little  date  night  with our youngest  son, we  went to Applebees  for  dinner!    The  kids  gradually  got  home  from the  game   one by one and unfortunately our team  lost  34 to  31  in the last 5  seconds ! They  still had  a  fun   night out.

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Oct 1st 2022 shein

Have a  beautiful  first  day of October 🍁 Terri xo. 

Dress of the week September 24th !

Good morning Ladies! I am writing this post as we travel to my in laws today ! We will see how it goes. It is a cloudy start to the day and 70f. The cool down has begun since the first day of Autumn. Yesterday morning was 49f when I woke up!!!

 The  last    2   weeks   have  been  pretty   standard  for  us,  since  the  kids   have  been  back in  school    the    weekdays  are  busy   getting   dinner  ready in the  evening  and  making   sure  they  have  everything   ready to go for the  morning !    The  weekends   have  been  time  to  relax  for all  ,  just to   recharge  .   We  have  been  just   working on a  few  projects outside  before  winter comes,  We  also have  to   shut   down our pool  for the  winter . It  got  so much use   during the  summer,  with  memories   made! 

 This  weekend   we   went to  my in laws  Saturday   morning    and  stayed until  Sunday evening . It  was  a nice   time  together .   This  coming   Thursday our High  school  has  the  homecoming  parade !   We will go  and  watch it.

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Screenshot 2022-09-26 054133

Have a   great  week,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week September 10th!

Good evening Ladies ! I am starting this late on Saturday 8.30 pm the day goes by so fast, especially at the weekend ! It started off with a little rain on top of what fell yesterday. We did need some i have to say . The month is starting to fly by !


When  I left off  last  week  we  were  preparing  to  go out to  eat  with friends . WE  left   soon  before  5pm  and   stopped  by  their  house to pick them up.  They wanted to  check out our  new  vehicle  and  they  were  not  disappointed !  We  got  lots  of  compliments  on a  good  choice. We  went  to   the  Northern taphouse   and  had  a  lovely meal  and   good   conversation  as  we  had  not  seen them in about  5   weeks. We  sat on  the  patio  as it  was  a   nice  sunny evening. We  stopped at  a   lovey  brewhouse  on the  way  home.  They  make  their own on  the  banks of the  Cannon  river ,  we  sat outside  again  with the sound of  the  slight  waterfall  filling  the  sound of the  night. By  9pm  we  were  getting a  little  sleepy  and  ready to go home.  We  dropped  them off  and  were   home  around  9.30. We  were  ready for bed , our  daughter  did a  good  job  babysitting! 

On  Sunday   church  was  attended  as  usual  and  some of  the  family  went to the in-laws  cabin  and some  stayed  home . I  stayed   with our   daughter,  I   was  not  ready for a  road  trip ! We  had a  relaxing   afternoon and  evening.   The  rest of the   daytrippers  got home  soon  after  9pm.     Monday   was  labor  day ,  a  holiday in the US.       Most of the  day  was   spent  getting  the  kids  ready for the  first  day of  school!   There  was  clothes, backbacks,   schedules , and  food options  to  sort  ahead of the    first  day !   They all  got to  bed  in good  time  and   Tuesday     morning  came  fast.    They are at  3  different  schools.  elementary  middle  and  high  school/ the  two younger  boys  being  still in middle  school.   One  by one  they  all got  their  respective    buses  and  were off  to  start a  new  year!   Just like  that  we  are  back to  normal after  summer  2022 ! 

black and white top white cardy black skirt headband 9 4 2022
weekend outfit September 2022


The  week  started  to   go  fast ,  our son had  football Tuesday  evening . The  kids  got into their  weekday  bedtime  routine !  On  Thursday  afternoon I was  chatting  with my friend Gemma   when  she  got a  newsflash that  Queen Elizabeth  had  passed  away at the  age of  96 .   She  was  an iconic  woman  who  ascended  to  become  Queen at  the  young age of  25   and   held  that title  for  an  amazing  70 years.   Here is  her  speech  on her  21st  birthday , I am sure she was  not expecting to  be  Queen  a  mere  4  years  later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUlToHE_27U

September flowers !


We  were  all ready for the  weekend    when  yesterday rolled  around !   This  morning I went on a  2  mile  hike  at  a  local park . It  was a  good  workout , I  was  ready to tale  it easy when we  came home. We  did  some  yardwork  in the  afternoon,  it is  starting to look  good ! How are  you  spending the  weekend ? 

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Sep 10th 2022 dress

Have a   beautiful  week,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week September 3rd !

Good morning Ladies ! You join me on the first weekend in September , Labor day here in the United States. It is also the intersection of summer vacation and back to school for our kids ! I think they are ready to return. They all start on Tuesday. The weather has warmed a few degrees during the week but this weekend is supposed to be very comfortable.

Sep 3 2022 H.S.

Last    Saturday  we   went to  my in-laws  .   We  got  to  have  a  nice  get together.   The  kids   also  got to help Grandpa   pick  some  corn,  potatoes     green  beans  and  tomatoes  from   his  vegetable patch.   I did  help  a little  also !   We  had  a  nice  dinner  and   left at about  7 .   Actually  the  2  older  boys  stayed over  and  went in the   truck   with  Grandpa on Sunday. He has his own  trucking  company   and  had  to  deliver   close to our house.  He  does  not  usually work  Sundays  but had to  on this occasion.   The  boys  had  fun  driving with him !   On Sunday  morning  we   went to  church  and  afterwards   had a   relaxing   day  and  evening.   Monday   was   back to  the   grind  for  me  !    Tuesday  our  son  had  flag football  practice.  It is  fun  without  the  contact  in  regular  football.   The   rest of  the  week   moved on  pretty   quick.   Thursday  there  was  a  flag  football game   our  sons  team  played  good   but  were  beaten  by  the  better  team.   The   best player  on their  team  was  the only girl !   She  was   fast  weaving in and  out of  her opponents  before they  eventually   would  grab   her  flag.  She  did  gat  a  touchdown before the  end.   Last  night  was  nice  to relax  after  a  long  week.  

Today  we  will be  mostly  staying home. In the  evening  us  adults  will  be going on   a  double   dinner  date   with our  friends  Brandon  and  Josette .   We  will pick  them up  as  they  want to see   and   travel in our  new  vehicle!!   We are looking  forward to it. 

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sep 3 2022

Have a  beautiful  weekend  everyone ,  thanks  as  always  for   reading, Terri xo. 

Dress of the week August 27th!

Good  morning Ladies  !   It is  starting  off  with   rain  showers  and  rumbles of  thunder in the  distance .   The  weather  has  been on the  cooler  side ,  in the  high  70s  into the  early 80s. It is  usually  warmer  in August  but  I  will take it. The  grass  is looking   well!  I did  not   get to post  last  week.   I don’t like  missing  weeks  but I am back !

August 22 H.S.

We  had a  pretty  relaxing  weekend   gone  by.  We  did a  few  projects  around  the  house ,  got the   grass  cut  and  generally  were   able to   take it  easy.  On Sunday  we   chatted  with my Parents  and  sister who  just  visited. My sister was  at  their house  dropping off a  new iPad I picked up  for  them ! It  works so much better  to  video chat with!  We  went to  church  at   a nearby parish for  a  change.  It was a  lovely  ceremony. We  stopped   for  a  late  lunch on the  way  home.  Our  daughter  continues  to  do well  at   driving,  she is  getting  better all the  time .  On Tuesday our oldest  son  started a new season of  flag football . It is  a  less  rough  game  than   regular (American Football)   but  learning all the  skills  also. He  also had  practice  on Thursday.   We  got  ready  for  school   this week  with  supplies   and  clothes  purchased .   I am going off on  a tangent here,  but I would love to see  the  schools  bring in  uniforms ! I wore a    uniform  to  school  while not the  prettiest in fashion sense  everyone had the  same !  it was a  coed  school .  It was a  grey blouse , grey skirt   Maroon sweater with Maroon tie .  In the cooler  months tights  were included.  In later  years it was optional to wear  grey pants/trousers.   The boys wore  the same   with grey shirt and  Pants . Anyway  I can see the  value in a  uniform !!! 




Visitors 2022  part 2 ! 

I  left off  last  time ending  day 2 of our visitors trip.    Friday  we  went out  and  about  seeing  some  quaint  towns in the   area . I dropped  our  daughter off at  her  softball tournament  before  that  and another  parent  took  her  home ! Thank you  !   My Sister  went to  dsw  shoe  store  and  got  some  great  bargains and  cute  sandals  !    In  the    evening  we went to the  mall of  America, it  had  been 17 years  since  they had  been there( the time  we got married!)   We   walked all around  and  they got to see  all the  pretty, and   novel stores  but  did not  do  much  shopping.  We  had  dinner  in the  mall before  coming home.   We then had  game  night !  We introduced  them to  corn hole or bean  bags  where the  first  team to 21  wins. It was  so much fun , we  played in teams of  two. corn hole


 On  Saturday  they  slept in  a  bit.  They  got   some  breakfast and  I then took  them  to a  nice town on the  cannon  river  called  Northfield.  It is  a lovely   town with a lot of  history  and lots of  small shops.  We   came  back  at  about  1pm  as  we  were  having a little  party get together .  My in-laws came  along with my  brother in-law  and  his  son .   Our  friends Brandon, Josette and Maddi also  joined us.  We  had  a  nice  l late  lunch . The  visitors  got to peel  corn  for the    first  time ,  a  fun  experience. We  had  a  lovely  chat  together   and   played a  few  fun  games of  spoons,   played with a  deck of  cards  and  giant  spoons!   We  had a  few  nightcap  drinks !    My sister  made  her  Irish coffees  so good !!   Sunday  came  quick and  their last  day with us.    We  did  a bit of  chatting   after  they  had  packed  their  bags.  Then at   1pm  it  was  time  to  go to the  airport.  I  dropped  them  at   departures and had an emotional goodbye , until we  meet again .  It  was  a  fabulous   few   days and  lovely memories  made . 


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Aug 27 22

Have a  beautiful  weekend  and  week  ahead,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week August 13th !

Good  morning  Ladies !!!   How  are  are  you  doing  and  welcome to my first  post of  August .  I  missed  the  chance  to  write  last  week  but  was really  busy ( In  a good  way !)  as you will see  later.   The  weather  has  been  mostly  warm ,  except  for a  really wet   day  yesterday.  Today is  looking  like  the  sun is  coming up !  August 2022 Heather S

When  I  left  you in the  last  post  I was  excitedly   preparing  for  our visitors !   They  arrived on Wednesday the  3rd  .  The few   days  before  that were   spent  preparing  the  house  , cleaning up  toys . It is usually  pretty  clean  but I felt it  could   do  with  that  extra   spruce up !  So on  Wednesday  after  work I  headed  to the  airport   to  pick up  my  sister ,  brother -in -law  and  best  friend   growing up.   As  I  said  before  my  Sister  and  her   husband  did  a   tour of   Canada  ,   my  friend only  joined  them on  the  US  part of  the  trip in  Boston, Providence.   I  was   checking  the  flight from Boston   as  I was  leaving and it  was  pretty much on time . I drove the  25 minutes to the  airport  , parked , went inside to baggage claim  and  when I  arrived  are  their carousel  they had  just   all received  their  luggage !  We  had a  nice  moment  together , after  being apart  for  4  years.





We  got in  the  car  as  we   chit  chatted  ,  my  sister  wanted to  visit  a pharmacy  on  the  way.  We  went to target ,  they were  amazed  at  the  size of it. I guess  I  just take it  for  granted  now.  While  we  were  they   we  picked up some  breakfast items  ,  my  friend  couldn’t  get over the   length of the  cereal  aisle and took  pictures!  We  left  there and  they were  ready to  eat. We  went to a  restaurant  across the  parking lot called the  crooked  pint .  I had  been  there on a  double  date a  month  before  but  it was the  first  time  for them.  We were  brought to the exact same  table I had  been  I  sat at the month  before !    We  had  a lovely  chat  as  we  talked about  their  trip  up to that  point.  They  enjoyed  the  meal ,  and  our last   stop  was  at the liquor  store for some wine and  beer.  It was  time to celebrate  !! 

We arrived  at our home  right at  9pm ,  the  kids  stayed up to  see  their Aunt, Uncle and  friend   and  had  a  nice  reunion. It was  the  first  time  for  them  in our new  house    so  we they  had a  tour of it !   After the kids  went to bed  we  had a   nice  time  relaxing until  midnight .  Our  two older  boys  gave up their  bedroom   and  both slept in  our  office room.  They were  totally ok with it .  They  had  a  nice sleep in  on Thursday  morning ,  then  got up  to  a   nice  breakfast ( in my opinion !)   Also  during  their  trip our  daughter  had  a  softball tournament on the  4  days they  were  staying.  She  had to  be at  first  game  for  8am Thursday .   Our  visitors  did not go that one.    A  while  after   breakfast   my  brother-in-law  wanted to gp  on a  run  so  we  sent  a   guide  with him on a  bike !  In the  afternoon   we   went into  our pool   and  it  was  so  nice to cool off in the  hot  day.  Then  we  went to see  our  daughters  softball game in the  evening . We  had to explain  the  rules to our   visitors as  they had  not  seen it  before  but  caught on quickly.  It  was a  thrill for them to see our  daughter  play!   They won the  game also.  My brother -in-law also has a  friend  from  childhood  living in the  twin cities area so he  came for the end of the game as he lives close to where  the tournament was  taking  place.  We  went for  dinner  at  the  local bowling  alley  as  the  boys  caught up with each other.  It  was  late  when we  got  home ,  but  still had a  nightcap  to finish off the  day !  I will finish our  visitors  trip  next  week  up until they left Sunday  Afternoon!! 20220809_093322

 The  house  felt  quiet  after our  visitors  left, but it  was  wonderful  having  them  here!    Monday  was  back to the   grind  and  on that  evening  we  went to the local county fair  for  some  good  food  and to look  around.  On  Tuesday we  received our  new  vehicle , a  ford  expedition . We  needed  something  bigger  for a  family of  6  and  it  fits us  well.   On Wednesday  evening  we  had  tickets  to  go see the  musical  Wicked  in downtown Minneapolis !   It was a   lovely experience  with  great acting and  some  pretty costumes also !  It was  late  when we  arrived  home.   Thursday  and  Friday  went  by  fast   and  we  had a  nice  evening in  last  night , phew ! Today  we  will      be  taking it  easy ,  some of the  kids  have  friend  playdates  to attend. 

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August 13 22 dress

Have a  beautiful  week , Terri xo. 





Dress of the week July 31st !

Good afternoon Ladies !! I am back after taking a week off due to being just so busy last weekend. It is a gorgeous day , not too hot but we are supposed to warm up this coming week . I am looking forward to the week ahead , more later….

July goodbye 2022

When I left you 2 weeks ago we had been to church that morning, the rest of the day was pretty relaxing. The week started with kids activities and our son settled back into the family after his church camp. Our daughter also continued her new activity :- driving!!!!! She is doing very well at it I must say with just a few suggestions needed to be added . She drove to her grandparents house, 2 hours away this weekend!. Friday came quickly and we had a softball and baseball tournament to attend in two different states ! Our son had a tournament in the next town over and our daughter had a tournament in Wisconsin , about an hour away. Our daughter did not play until Saturday morning though, we watched our son and his team win their first game on the Friday evening. On Saturday and Sunday we split between kids , I watched our son play his games. They both had wins and losses . Our daughters team got to the last 4 and were just beaten by a stronger team. Our son and his team got to the championship game , they ran the winners close before losing an exciting game. They did us proud and did get medals and memories to keep at the end of a great season. Our daughters season in travel softball continues…

heart baseball

Monday came quickly after all the ball we watched! It went by fast though. On Tuesday we had a big event at our hose , we had a new roof put on! Not actually the whole roof but the shingles had to be replaced . We first noticed water coming into the house in our master closet in May during a downpour rain shower. . . After some investigation we found that one of the roof vents had a crack in it . We called our insurance company out. We also noticed that the shingles had a lot of hairline cracks in them. The adjustor came out and said it was damage from previous storms . So we were able to get a brand new roof! The old shingles were brown but we went with pewter, a gray black color. Here are some pics that were taken up on the roof that day !! Thanks to the crew for all their hard work , they were amazing !

We were able to use the dumpster to put some extra garbage from our basement project into by the kind permission of the project manager! The rest of the week was not too eventful. It was nice when Friday came , we got to relax with some adult beverages ! On Saturday early there was a little paint touch up to do in the basement bathroom. Then at 3pm our friends Jordan and Angie came over along with their daughter Kayleigh. She is a sweet 12 year old and a good friend to the kids. We had a nice time and had an early dinner before they had to leave at 6pm. We had another relaxing evening after( Is there a trend here ! ) This morning we went to Church, it was a lovely mass and homily. We came home and had a light lunch. I helped our youngest with his 668 piece Lego set ! It has page by page instructions which are easy to follow !

new thrifted top .

Visitors !!!! on Wednesday we have something exciting happening! For the first time in 7 years we will have visitors from Ireland . My sister and her husband along with my best friend growing up are coming to see us for 4 days . To say I am excited is an understatement. I have not seen them since I visited there in 2018 . This is part of a big trip they did , first they visited Toronto, Niagara falls , ( also they said Niagara on the lake Carmen ) Then they went to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Yesterday they arrived in the states, two days in Providence and 2 more in Boston before coming here Wednesday. They stay until Sunday afternoon late before flying back home that night.

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July 31 22 dress

Wishing you a lovely week ahead , I am excited for it !! Lots of love, Terri xo.

Dress of the week July 17th!

Good afternoon Ladies ! I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend . I got a bit busy to write yesterday but here I am now ! It is a hot weekend here. It is 85f right now but has been hotter earlier and yesterday. It is the time for it !

Summer in the air

Last Saturday  was  spent  doing  things  around the  house   and  a last  minute  trip to  target  for  supplies  our  son would  need  on his   summer  camp   in  Wisconsin.  While  we  were  there  we  bumped  into another Mom and  her  son  who is  a friend  of ours , they were  also getting  supplies for the  trip.   He    went to bed  pretty  early . On Sunday  we  were   awake  relatively early  for  Camp day !   We  had  to  drive  35 minutes  to where  the  bus  was  picking up the  kids  for the trip. There  were a  number of  parishes   going. Just myself and  my son  went to drop  him off .  After  he said his  goodbyes to the  rest of the  family  we   went  for  breakfast  , as  he  would  not  be eating until  he arrived  at  camp.  We  got to the   pick up point in Roseville   and  got  him  checked in.   It  started to  downpour  just as  they  were  getting on the  buses. 20220710_120703

We  waved  our  goodbyes and  he was on his way!    I  came  back   and  got to relax  a bit. Then I went to  evening  church  at a  neighboring  parish.   Monday  came   fast , it was a  hot  day !  it was  strange  having only 5 of us and  not  6.  

I came  home on Wednesday to find these  beauties !  20220715_081719


Also on  Wednesday  our  son  had  baseball . It  ended early as  there  was  heavy rain coming. I do not  even know who won!   I was  happy when Thursday  afternoon came  as I had a  3  day weekend. I arranged to pick our son up at camp Friday, Parents were invited to the  closing mass and  ceremony.  I got there at noon   to the   beautiful resort camp. There  was   testimony  from  a lot of the students  who got up  and said how  the week  had  brought  them closer to Jesus .  Our son really  enjoyed the week also.  Another event on Friday, our  daughter did her  driving  written test and  passed  !! She  can now   drive  with  an  adult supervising !  She did some  driving on  back roads and did  very well.   Yesterday( Saturday )  I did  some  finishing  painting  in daughters room and  had  the  new  curtains and  rod  installed. In the  evening  we  seen  her  softball team win  a  game in the  weekend tournament.  This  morning  we  went to Church and  had   coffee  and  donuts after. We were able to catch up  with  a  sweet  friend Tracy and  her  family. 


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Have a  gorgeous  week, Terri xo!!!

Dress of the week July 9th !

Good  morning Ladies !  It  is  a  beautiful   sunny  start to  the  day .   It  has  been  a  week  with of  lots of  sunshine and  a  downpour on Thursday !  The  weekend  will be  nice. We  are  having  a  quiet  weekend at  home   which I am  happy  for .

Out on the lake before fireworks last weekend! 

As I left off  last  week  we  were  going to be  going  to  my in-laws  cabin. It is  a  half  hour  from  their house  on the  lake at a  camp resort and is only used  from April until October . We  left  early( for  our  family! ) at  9am on  Saturday. We  stopped  for  for  coffee and  some   kiddie  drinks  and  were  on  our  way    for the  2 and  a half  hour  drive.  We  stopped  halfway  and  let t he  dog out  as  he  was   coming with us  also!   We  arrived  at  12:30pm    and  got  to see   the  new  camper  which  has  an upstairs  in it for  extra  sleepers!

We  soon  had  lunch  and   then   the  kids  wanted  to  go out on  their  golf  cart !    It is only  a   3  min  drive down to the  lake  on it. 20220703_193608 (1)

our  daughter  drove it  for  the  first  time on her  15th  birthday, accompanied   by  a  parent or  grandparent.  The  boys also took  turns .

Kitchen / living room

stairs up

bedroom 1 with 4 foot high ceiling


20220703_145907 (1)
Kitchen with bedroom 1 above , it has curtains to pull when sleeping.

We  relaxed  most of  the  afternoon and  evening  and   then  went out on their  pontoon   for  fireworks !

at the dock.


After  fireworks  we    were  ready for  bed .  The in laws  went to their  bedroom  suite,  and  the  4  kids all slept upstairs,  we  had  the  pullout  couch in  living  room.   On  Sunday morning  we  went to   the  local  Church ,  it  was  a   very nice  mass.   We  went  back to  the  camper  and  had   lunch  and the  kids  went down to the  lake to  swim . 20220703_162037There  was  a big inflatable  trampoline  for the kids to jump on , the  beach ids to the  right  where the  two girls are  playing.  At  7pm  we  were  packed  up  and   ready  to go home. It  was a  lovely time  for all !!

On the 4th  day   it  was  raining    hard in the  morning ,  we  were  maybe  going  to go  to a  parade  but  we  decided  against it. We  had  a  nice  day  at  home. There  were  local  fireworks  in  our  neighborhood   that  we  watched  that  night.  Tuesday  was  back to the   grind   but  it  was  a short  week.   Our  daughter   had  friends  over during  the  week .  It  turns out  one  of  them  had  covid  and  she  contacted  it !!! It is  a good  job  she  has  her own  bedroom/bathroom   finished  and  is  isolating  from us.  She is  feeling  better.  She  all  vaccines  and  boosters  up to  date.  Makes  you wonder…   She  missed  Softball   on  Thursday   but  will be  back  next  week.   Last  night   Was  a   nice  evening  at  home.

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July 9th 2022Shoutout:!  To our oldest  son  soon goes  to  camp with   his  Church  group Tomorrow  until  Friday . It  will be  a  week of  fellowship  and  fun !

Have  a lovely  weekend,  Terri xo.

Dress of the week July 2nd !

Good  morning  Ladies  and wishing you  a  happy July ! I  hope  you  are  enjoying  summertime.   The  sun is  coming up   this morning and it will  be a  lovely  day. It  has  been a  lovely week  with some overnight rain helping to keep the  grass  and  flowers  blooming. I am  up  early  as  we  are  leaving  this  morning  to  visit  my in-laws. We have a  long weekend  with the 4th of July on  Monday. 


4th of July 2022

Thanks  for  all the  compliments  on  my  photos of  our  basement  project.  Our  daughter  is  settling into her  new  space  and loving it.  She has  a  few  friends  staying over  as  we  speak , and  they  went swimming yesterday  evening .  Last  Saturday I put  a  second  coat on  her  closet  doors  ,  they are  looking  much better.  In the  afternoon  my in-laws came and  stayed overnight.  We  went to  Saturday afternoon church.  We  then  had a  nice   dinner and  nice  time together.  On Sunday  we  had a  special day out.  Our  niece was  playing along with  her  marching  band in a  town  south of  here , Lake city which is on Lake  Pepin , which also  is on the  Mississippi river.  It is  famous  as  it is  where  water  skiing was  invented! ( I did not do any skiing while i was  there!)  We  used  it  to  celebrate  our   summer  family  birthdays , having  a  nice  picnic   as  we  watched the  parade.   It was a  lovely  few  hours  together.   We  got to  see our  15 month old  nephew  who is  walking now ! He is  growing  so fast. 


20220626_17211520220626_17263820220626_17280820220626_173256Lake  Pepin . The  shore opposite is  Wisconsin. 


Some of  the  Parade …………20220626_15004820220626_14452020220626_14412520220626_151140

 Of  course  Monday  came  around  again  !   There  was  softball  and  Baseball  practices  and  all   some  midweek  games to play.   We  went over to our  friends  house , where  they  installed  the  same  pool  we  got installed  last August !  It looks  really well.   Our  daughter  had  a double  header  game on  Thursday  and  they won both games.  Last  night   was  a fun  night to  watch all the  kids in the  pool  enjoying  themselves . I did  not  go in  myself .  We sat  back  and  watched . 

Today as  I said  we  are  going to the in-laws camper  Saturday into Sunday.  They have a  long  term lease on a   spot to put it by  a lake  2 and  a half  hours  from  here.  I am  not  sure if we  will all  stay overnight ,  but their house is a  half hour away  so we  might go there  and  the  kids  stay with Grandma  and  Grandpa in the  the  camper!   We will come  back  around Midday  tomorrow . We are invited  to our  friends  Brandon and Josette  for an adults  evening  Sunday with a  bonfire and  games . I am not sure if we will make it, but hope to after  the  travelling.  We  might go  to a  local parade on  the  4th in the  morning , and  will watch  fireworks in the  evening/night. 

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July 2nd 2022

Shoutout :-  to our  daughter  who celebrates  … wait for it …  her  15th  birthday today !  I dont  know  where  the  time  has  gone  , but  she will  be  starting  drivers  education and possibly  driving  this  year  with an adult !   Best wishes, Mom Dad  and  all the  family. 


Have a  lovely  week  and  for  those in the  United  States  a  lovely   Independence  day on Monday , love, Terri xo. 

Dress of the week June 25th !

Good morning Ladies ! June keeps flying by at a fast pace , we have officially started summer and passed the longest day of the year ! Where is the time going ? We are starting off this Saturday morning with some rain which is needed really. It is going to brighten up later though.

  • 3 friends 

Last  week I left off   with us  after  coming  back  from our  daughters  softball  tournament in Wisconsin.   On Sunday morning  we  went to  church ,  afterwards  we  went  for coffee  and  donuts  to  celebrate  all the  Dads !    We  had a   relaxing   afternoon  and I was  able to follow  my  daughters  softball tournament on an app where one of the  parents  updates   play  by  play   and  score  by score, it is  really cool to have.  They  got to the  Championship  game  and   lost  by one  run  !!   They had  won the  2  previous  tournaments  so  it is  ok to  come  second  sometimes.    Myself  and  the  boys  had  a  nice  dinner .  

  On Monday  afternoon  we   travelled  2.5 hours   to  stay  at a  hotel  before our  sons trap team    event on Tuesday.   It  was a  small  room   but  it  was   cozy.    We  arrived  at  the   event  soon  after  8am .   We  had  to  wait a  few  hours  before  he  was   ready to    go.      they  did   50   then  stopped,  then a  few  hours  later  finished  their  last  50.   Overall he  shot  61 out of  100   which was  pretty good,  but  he  was  hard on  himself  for not  shooting  more !   He  did  great!  We  left  there at  about  5pm   and  stooped  for  dinner   about an hour  from  home.   On Thursday  evening we  had  softball  and  baseball games  to attend!  

Last  night  we  went out on a  double  date with our  friends  Jordan  and  Angie. They  are a  fun  couple  and  it  had  been  about  2  months  since  we  got to  see  them.  We  had    a  lovely time  chatting   , and  catching up.  


The Basement  Project  completion !! 

As  promised  last  week I am including pics of our  project , the  bedroom/ bathroom  .  We  still have a  family  room to  complete  at  a  later  date  but  this  was  to give our  daughter  her own  space!  It  started  in the  depths of  winter  and  she  finally moved in  Last Sunday  night  after  getting  back from   softball. The  question was  asked  numerous  times  ” When will my  bedroom  be  finished ? ”    It is finished apart  from the  window  treatments , excuse the  green curtains in the  pics, original to the  house!  20220617_215707

This is the view looking from the family room . You can see the outside is not finished.

The  Bathroom    with  vanity  cabinet   sink  and  linen  cabinet.   We did an  accent  wallpaper  wall.   The  black  wall art  also  acts as a  robe hook   with little pivots to pull out when needed. 

20220617_215845This is the  view then for the  bathroom into the  bedroom. We  wanted to put a  door  joining the  two. 20220617_214246

The  view  from Family  room into the  bedroom, again excuse the  curtains !! 20220617_21425920220617_21431920220617_215615

That  is the  project with  the  closet also . We do have another coat to put on closet doors but that will be  easy   to finish.   I hope you enjoyed it ! 


Please  rate out of  10 this allover  floral square  neck dress  with butterfly sleeves see here


June 25 2022


Have a  beautiful weekend, Terri xo. 

Dress of the week June 18th !

Good Morning Ladies !! I am writing this a day late but yesterday was a busy one ! The sun is up and it is going to be a hot one today . It is supposed to reach 97f ( 36c ) in the afternoon. Yesterday was a hot one too but not at what today will be .

girl friends 2022 1
to Friends !!


When  I  left off  last  Saturday   We  were  going to be  busy  with  a  softball tournament in the  next  town over for our  daughter  .  That indeed  was  the  case They  started off on Saturday  morning  with a  loss  then won their  evening  game.    That set up  Sundays  play nicely .  They  started off with a  big  win  which  brought them to a  semi-final.   They  got a  big  win in that  game , the girls  were on  fire!  It set up a  final against the  team they  were  beaten by on Saturday.  Amazingly ,  having  been  beaten  by  5  runs the day before  the  girls  won the  tournament  with  another  big   win!!  Congratulation  to   them !  It  was  very exciting   for  them to   win it all !   

Ok  so  back to  Saturday ,    during the   games  we   got  to attend  the  graduation  party  for  our  next  door  neighbor  girl  as  she  completes   high  school  and   is off to  college in the  fall. They  had  finished  painting in their  garage  to  have it all  set  to  host  the  party,   It was  a nice  day    and  the  there  was  a  lot of  people  who turned up to honour  her. Well done  Reece !

from earlier this week …


Monday   morning  soon came  and  back to the  grind  !    Excitingly  we  passed our  electrical inspection on our  basement  project.   A  step closer  to  completion.  

Our   second  son  stared  an  elimination  diet this week as  he   has   food  allergies.   Certain  food  do not  agree  with him.  He  cannot  have  dairy or  wheat.    He will be on it  for  6  to  8  weeks .   Lets  hope  we   come to  a  solution  for  him  going  forward.   On Thursday  afternoon  we      got our  final  building  inspection  so   our  daughter  can  move  into  her  new   bedroom  as  soon as  we   clean  the  Bathroom  and   bedroom  ,  and  also just  a   bit of  paint  touch up.  Phew.. I am  glad  that project is  99%  done ! I will post  the  finished  pics  next  week !  Our  son  had   baseball  and  they  won  against another  town team  where he  had   schoolmates  and friends  playing against  him ! 

I might  be  sounding like a   broken  record  but  on  Friday  our  daughter   started another  weekend  tournament , this  time in  Menomonie Wisconsin.   It  is  a  1hr  20min  drive. She is spending   the  weekend  at   the  hotel,   while I  am the  parent that  drew  the  boys  to be  with!   Myself and the  boys  went  yesterday to  see  their evening  game .  They also got to  swim  at  an  outdoor  waterpark in  between  games.  We  arrived  back   at 9pm  last night. The  boys  were  ready for  bed  soon  after ! 



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June 19 29022

Shoutout!  Wishing  all the  Dad’s  a   happy fathers  day  ! 

Have a  great  week,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week June 11th!

Good morning to you Ladies ! How are you doing today ? It is starting off cloudy here and there will be rain showers on and off throughout the day, I am hoping they are mostly off ! Our next door neighbors eldest daughter graduated high school this year and they are having their grad party today. A lot of it will take place in their garage, which her Parents spent a lot of hours finishing the walls and painting to get ready for the party. But it will be nice for them to have outdoor time too. We are storing some of their garage equipment in ours to give then extra room ! We had mostly sunny days here though this week.

Our new floral basket on deck .


I left off  last  week   with  the  big   event  being our  daughters  softball tournament in the   the  ball  fields  close to our  house.   There  were  teams  from  all over  the   metro  area  at  it and  beyond.    They won  2  out of  3  on the  Friday night.   Then on Saturday  they    went  on a   winning  run  and  got to  the  championship  game !!   They faced  a  strong  Mankato team  who are always  good.   The  game  was  pretty  tense  with  our  team in the  lead  and  then  theirs.   We   needed to get  a  run in the  bottom of the  fifth to  tie the  game.   We  got  that!  In the  6th  we  held   them scoreless  when they  were  batting.  Then our  girls  went on  a  scoring  spree  with 5  runs!  to take the lead!  Mankato  got  one  run  back in the  7th   but  were unable to  catch us   and  the  girls  won the  tournament  to  great excitement!  It  finished  at 10:30 pm  Saturday  night !   Well done  Girls. 


Sunday  we  went to  church for the   feast of  Pentecost  ,  commemorating  when the Holy Spirit  descended on the  the  apostles of  Jesus  giving  them  the    courage to  go out and  convert the  people to Christianity.  We did  put down a  green  carpeting  under our  deck in the  afternoon  to  finish off  the  area,  the  grass  does  not  grow  well  there!   On  Monday it  was  back to the  grind  for  me ,  The  kids  were in their   first  full  week of  summer  vacation ! On Monday  night  we  went to  a  local  waterpark as  an early  surprise   for  the Shoutout  below !  We  are  still  chipping  away at  our basement   bedroom/ bathroom  project,  it is  nearly ready for  electrical inspection on Monday ! we  still have  doors to rehang  and  the door  knobs,  also a  few  more  little   items to complete. 

On Thursday  both our  daughter  and second  son   had  ball  games !   Our  daughter  had a  double  header  against a  local team tat  they  won,   and  our  son had  a  single  game  at his  age  level.   They  won the  game,  a  big surprise  was  when  the coach put our  son in to be  the pitcher !   He   tried  very hard  ,  has  a strong  throw,  but  could  be  good  at it with  practice.  It  was  fun to watch him !  


Hello Weekend illustration


We  have  another  softball tournament  today  and  tomorrow ,  also our  son  on the  trap team  has  practice  for the  state  tournament  in  10  days  time.   We  also  will  try to get to the  party  next  door  ! 


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June 11 2022

Shoutout :-   to our  baby ,  he wont  like  me  calling  him  that  ,  but  he   turns  7  today !!  It is  hard to  believe    but  he  is  growing up.  Lots of  Love, Mom Dad and all the  family !! 


Have a  beautiful  weekend everyone,  Terri  xo. 

Dress of the week June 4th !

Good morning ladies and I cannot believe I am saying it but welcome to June on my blog!!!! May went in so fast and spring finally arrived in May for us ! We have had really beautiful weather for the most part.

June 2022 H. S.

Last weekend  was a  long  one in the  U.S.   It was  even longer  for  me  as our  youngest  was  feeling  unwell on the  Thursday  night  and  we  decided to  keep   him  home  from  school  as  a precaution On Friday .   Also on Friday  the  carpet  was  installed  in the    basement  bedroom project  for our  daughter. we also had  the  temporary  bedroom  she is  using , an office on the  ground  level carpeted.  Thanks to our  installer  Oleg , a lovely young man !  On Saturday  morning  I  went  for  a  walk in the  woods  with our  eldest  son. It was a  lovely  nature  walk but it  started  to  rain   during it. so we  cut it  short  . My    phone took in  some  moisture  and I had to go to the  phone store with it.   They were  not able to fix it  and I  had  to  have  a  new one  sent to  me,  it is  why I  have insurance!   In the  afternoon    our   middle  boy had  friends  come over to play.   They    went  swimming in our  still cold to  me   pool!!  They did not  have  any issues.  

Sunday  was   a relaxing   day   with  nothing  pressing on the  agenda.  On the  holiday Monday  we  went  to   watch our  local town  baseball  team in action. They would  be  considered  minor  league  but the standard  was  really good.   It  was a  fun  day out     for  family   and    and  good  food  as  well! 


Miesville mudhens 1
Miesville Minnesota !


Tuesday  was  back to  reality  ,  but  for our  youngest  2  it  was  the  day they  got  their  summer   vacation.  They  had to  go in  for a  few  hours   and  then were  done !! I  remember  those  carefree   days !   On  Thursday our older  2   finished  for the  year .    There  was  softball and  baseball  games  for our  2  players on Thursday  night . Our  daughter  had  a  game  across the  state  border in Wisconsin,   and our  son  had to  travel a   half hour to his  game. We  had  to  divide  and  conquer  as   parents .  Our  daughters,  team  won  but our  son’s   came up  against a  stronger  team.    Last  night our  daughters  team  played  the  first  3  games in  the local tournament   They won  2  and  lost 1 .  I will update you on the  rest of the  tournament  next  week. 

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june 2022 dress 1 


Shoutout !-    To  my  beautiful  friend  Gemma   who  started   a  new job in  recent  weeks !  I am  excited  for    her     new  opportunity ,  well  done  Gemma ! 


Have a  beautiful  week,  Terri xo.  





Dress of the week May 21st !

Good  morning  Ladies !   Can you believe   we  are   2/3 of  the  way  through  May already ?   It  seems  to  be  going  by  so  fast .  Today is  starting off  nice  and  sunny   but  the  weekend  is  going to  be  changeable  with  cloudy weather and  maybe  some  rain  also.   We  also  had   rough  weather  during the  week  with hailstones   also !    Our   daughter and son’s  ball games  were  cancelled   on Thursday.   The upside is  that  everything  is  starting to  blossom! 


May flowers 2022

Last  week  I  said   I  was   painting  some  wood  trim . I  indeed did  paint it   .  We   brought it outside into the  sun  and  it  was  able to  dry   nicely.    We   also set up doors  in the  basement  for  painting , they are not  done  yet .  The  carpet in the  basement  bedroom  is  ordered  and we  are waiting on a  date  for  the  installers to   come.  Once the  wood  trim is installed it will  just  be  electrical  to finish and the   bedroom/bathroom will be  done! then the  fun  finishing touches of shower  curtain ,   and  accessories.    

In the  afternoon  I had to  check people in for our  eldest son’s  trap team. it  was  my week to volunteer.  We  were  there  for  about  3  hours  and it went  pretty smooth!   On Saturday  evening  the  kids  had  their  friend  Maddi come over and  they went  swimming.  All I can say right now is  Brrr!!  They   so  enjoyed it  though.   On Sunday  I went to early Church,  then  we  drove to help  my  aunt-in-law  with a  few  things  after  she  had  moved  to a  new  apartment   the  previous  day.  I usually like to  take it  easy on Sunday  but  this  was   an  exception.   We  got  home  at  about  6pm. 


Monday came fast as usual , we met with an insurance adjuster in the afternoon as we possibly have hail damage on our roof. We are waiting to hear back from him. Tuesday evening we did grass cutting . It was the first time since we moved home last June, as there had been a lawn service paid for until October 2021! We will handle it from now on. Wednesday and Thursday went by quickly . Last night there was a food in the park event in our neighborhood. There were a few different vendors and it was a chance to chat with people. Today there will be numerous chores to tackle…. I just have to get motivated ! The kids are going to an early morning Minnesota twins camp for 2 hours, so that should be fun !

Heather s May 2022

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shein May 21 2022

  Have a   beautiful weekend,  Terri xoxo. 

Dress of  the  week  May 14th !

Good  morning  Ladies  from a  sunny   Minnesota  morning ! We  got  thunderstorms  and  tornado  warnings  Wednesday  night,  we  had  to  go  to the  basement   as  suggested  by the  weather authorities !  The  kids   had  lots of  of  questions, the  younger ones  especially.  We  got  a  little  bit of  hailstones  also.   Since  then it  has  been  sunny  skies !


So  Last  Saturday  I  left   you all  quick  to  get  ready for  the  wedding of our  friend  Brandon  and  Josette.  We  drove    the  50mins to the  hotel on the  north  side of  the  twin  cities   where    everything   was  at the  same  venue .   They  had the  Pastor come in  and  perform the   ceremony .  The  main  reading  was  1 Corinthians 13 ,    a  popular  wedding   passage of the  Bible.  Even though there  will be  tough times, love  remains  a  constant .  They  soon  became  husband  and  wife !!  it  was  lovely.   Soon  after   there  was  the  cocktail  hour  with  everyone   unwinding  with  a  few   drinks!    Then  the  dinner  came  soon  after   and  was  very good.  We  were  seated   with  2  other  couples  we  had  not  met  before  so it  was  nice  getting  to  chat  with   and  have a    fun time  with. One  couple  lives  close  to us .    The  DJ   started   right after  the    cake  was  served ,  then after  the  first  dance  people got out on the  dance  floor  too!    Most of the  music  was  from the  90’s   and  the  dj  also  took  requests for  those  wanting to  branch into the  80’s !!   We  left  before  it  was  all over ,  it  was  a  lovely  day to  remember. 

wedding rings

  On  Sunday it  was  up  early  for   Church .  Then  in  the  afternoon our  youngest had  his  last   Swimming  lesson of  the  season( surprising it was on Mothers  day!)     We  had  a  quiet  Mothers  day  afternoon  together   with just our own  immediate  family.  We   went out  to  a local  restaurant    for  dinner  to  complete  a  nice  day. 

Mothers day

Monday   was   a  nice  day to  start the  week .  It  was  pretty standard.  On Tuesday our  9 yr old  had his  first  baseball game of the  season!   It was   fun to  get out  and  see  him  play and the  weather  was lovely. They won their  first  game   and  they  were  really happy  afterwards.   Then on  Thursday they  had  another  game   and  got  their   second  win.   I  felt  bad  for the other  team’s  pitcher.  he  was  really  struggling to get  the  ball to the  plate  and  it took a  long  time  for  his  coach to  relieve him.   

 We opened  our  pool  last  night!!  Our    fearless  kids  had  to go in for the first  swim !!!  I will wait   until it  warms up a  little.  Once in they  got used to the  temps  and  had  fun.  As  they  were  swimming  we  had  a  backyard  bonfire  , also our  first   of  the  year. 

Saturday morning pool view !

Today I  have to do some  painting of  wood  trim  and  doors  for  basement.  We are  getting  carpet  ordered  also. Then later I am   checking  people in  for  my  son’s  trap  team  event. 

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Shein May14

Shoutout !!!-  This  is a  special   shoutout to  my blog  friend  Mackenzie  who  gave  birth to    her  gorgeous  baby girl Quinn Rae  on  May 6th !   Congratulations to  her and  husband  DJ .  What  a   perfect  gift  from God  just in time  for Mothers  day!  Sending love to  all  3  of you❤❤❤   I hope to  share  pictures in a  future  post. 

Have a  beautiful  weekend,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week May 7th!

Good  morning  ladies  from  a  sunny Minnesota ! It  is  a whopping  63f  at  9:30am already,   spring  has  finally  sprung  for us !   I am so excited  after a  lot of  days  with cold  temps  the  future  looks  good. 


Todays   post  will  be   pretty  short,  we  are  going  to the  wedding of our  friends  Brandon  and  Josette  later  at 4:30 . It is   going to  be  a  beautiful occasion.    Brandon and  Josette   were neighbors of ours, our  old  house  was on a square  block  with a  big field in the  middle  for  playing/ relaxing .   Brandon and  Josette  met in the  field !   The  rest  as  they  say is  history. We  were honored to be  with both of  them  on a  night out  when  he  proposed to her !  We   were in on the  secret  , and it was a  beautiful occasion to be  part of. Now  they are  going to be  joined in marriage. I am a  hopeless romantic  and  am looking  forward to later ! 


The  past  week  was  busy with  sports, house  projects , school  work etc !! It  will be  nice to enjoy the  afternoon and  evening  ahead! 


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Wishing  you alla   lovely weekend  and  Happy mothers  day to all the  Moms !!!    With love, Terri xo. (  Got to go!!)

Dress of the week April 30th !

Good  morning  Ladies !!   You  join  me  this  morning  from a   wet and  rainy Minnesota .  We   had a  few  sunny  days  during the  week   but  the  temperatures are  staying on the  cooler  side  for  April.     So I look  forward  to  tomorrow and  the  first of  May  and   warmer days  ahead!

be good to yourself


I  started  last  weeks  post  on Saturday  but it  did  not  publish until the  middle of the  week when I finally finished it !    I  finished the  post  telling  you about our daughter spraining  her   foot. It  was  scary at  the time to find out  she  hurt her    foot  at  a  friends house  after   missing  a  step. It  came close on the  heels of our  son  fracturing his  shinbone in November so you can imagine what I  was  thinking “Here  we  go again!”  We  picked  her up     and  got  her to   the  emergency room.  It  turns out it  was  a  sprain only and  nothing  broken !    She  was  sent home  with  crutches   and  had  to use  them  for  the  first few  days. Then  she  was  able  to  walk on  her  foot  and  is making  great progress. She  will be able to  get  back to  playing  softball in a  few  weeks. 


On  Sunday  morning  we  went  to  Church  and  also   to  the  coffee and  donuts  provided afterwards. We  had a  nice  chat with another family from the  parish.   Our  youngest  had  swim lessons in the  afternoon   and  we  had a  relaxing   day thereafter. We were  back to the  weekly  grind  on  Monday .  Our   9yr old  had his  first  baseball  training  session of the  season,  he  has a  few  friends on the  team  so is  happy about  that , but it is  good  to  meet  other  kids  that he does not  know yet.   He  also has  training on  Thursdays .  Two of our  3  doors  were  installed  during the  week on the  basement  project  and  we also have  carpet picked out for the  new  bedroom  and our  main floor office! The   carpet  company   owner is coming on  Friday May 6th to measure   the areas we are installing.  You will have to wish me luck today ! I am  undertaking  to  grout  the  tile  floor in our  new  bathroom  today !!    I will  look at  some  online  videos for the  correct  technique ! Hopefully  I will have  good  results  next  week !  

if you need some time take it



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shein Apr 22

  Have  a   beautiful  weekend  and  a  lovely start  to May !   Best wishes, Terri xo. 

Dress of the week April 23rd !

Good morning Ladies from a sunny Minnesota ! I am glad it is going to be a nice day after a lot of rain yesterday . I said rain not snow so you can tell the temps are rising ! There is a silver lining!

At the  end of Last weeks  post   I said   we  were  working in the  basement  painting .   We  did  get  two  coats on the  bedroom . In the  bathroom  we  made a last  minute  decision to put  wallpaper on the  sink  wall.  We  have it ordered   now.  We  also  have the  doors  ordered  , and  will pick  carpet  soon. 

On  Sunday morning we  woke up early  and  when it  got  light we  noticed  the  Easter  bunny had visited our  house  with   eggs in the  front  and  back yard !  We  went  to the early 8am  mass  at  church.  It was a lovely mass  to  celebrate the  risen savior ! After  Mass  we  came home  and  the  kids  went on the Easter  egg hunt.   After  a  few  minutes  they had  full   buckets !  


Soon   after  we  got packed up  and  made the  90 minute  drive to my Brother-in-law and  his  family’s  house to  celebrate  Easter  with all the  family.   It was a  lovely afternoon  together , the  Easter  bunny  had  also   stopped  by their house so there  was  another egg  hunt  for the  kids .   It  was a   as  we  had  snow a  little  later ! 


Easter 2022 snow


 We  spent  a  few  hours  and  then it  was  time to make the  trip home   to get  ready for  another  week!  It   went   pretty  standard   as  it  does  during the  school year. We  did  treat ourselves  by going out to eat  on Wednesday  evening.    After work on Friday   was  different!  We  went to  look at  carpet  samples in the  showroom   part of the company i work for! It  was  nice  being  there after  hours  and  getting a   chance to look at  ease. We are  still  deciding on  a  carpet for the  basement. Decisions !!   On Saturday we worked on the  basement  bathroom  by installing  a  tile  floor! We  rented  a  tile  cutting saw  and it  went  smooth!  here is the  result  below ! 


new tile floor 2022

On  Saturday  evening  our  daughter  went to  a  friends  house  and  after  an hour  we  got a  call  that  she had  hurt  her  foot coming off a   step  awkwardly.  So   we  brought  her to the  ER  and it  turns out it  was a  sprain, I am glad  there  was  nothing  broken ! 

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April 22 floral

  Have a  beautiful  week  and I will chat  again at  weekend !!

Dress of the week April 16th !

Good morning Ladies from a cloudy Minnesota this Easter Saturday ! We have been having a lot of wind here this past few weeks . We also have had some nice sunshine during the week.

I  wanted to  add  the  video  above ,  telling the  story of  Easter  week  and  the resurrection   of  Jesus on Easter  Sunday.   It is a beautiful  Hallelujah . 


I  finished  last  week  with  a  late  Sunday post.   Monday   was a  busy day  with  work  . Then in the  evening  we  started to prime the walls  in our ongoing  basement bedroom/bathroom project!  But it is exciting to finally be  painting.   Tuesday  was  similar  with more  priming   in the  evening, I was  tired after  the  second  evening !!   Wednesday  was  the  kids  last  night  of  Church  class  for the  year! I want to thank all the  teachers  who volunteered  to  teach our  kids in  their  faith  journey in 2021-22 !   Maybe someday I will have the  conviction to  do the  same!  


On Thursday evening it  was  the  feast of the  last  supper .   Jesus  last  meal with his  disciples . Holy Thursday celebrates the institution of the Eucharist as the true body and blood of Jesus Christ and the institution of the sacrament of the priesthood. 


Good  Friday   was a  day of fasting  as it is   during  all  Fridays in lent for  Catholics .   Our  Church had  an afternoon  celebration of hte passion of Jesus, but I  was  not  able to make it to that one.  I went to a  nearby  Church  where  they  had a  7pm offering. It was a  beautiful  and poignant  event, with everyone getting to  go up on the  altar  to kneel in  veneration to Jesus on the  cross. 


Today  we  will  probably complete  the  painting in the  basement  with 2  coats of finish  paint !   Tomorrow  we  go to my in-laws  for  Easter .   


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  Have a  lovely  Easter everyone,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week April 10th !

Good  morning  Ladies!  I am  back  again after  another  2  weeks  since  I  posted !   Last  weekend  was  one   where I was   busy and  did not  get  around to  writing . It looks  like  spring  is  here ,   but I am  guarded  with that  word “looks”   as  you  can  never  tell  when   your  next  snowfall  will  come in Minnesota.   We  did  have a  few  skiffs  of  snow  during the  week   but  they  went  away  quick. this  morning it is   just  above  freezing  at   35F.    Our  grass is   slowly turning to a   shade of  green  from   brown, yay! 


daffodils Apr 2022
Waiting for these beauties to show up !!


 When I left off   2  weeks  ago   I had  said I  was  going on Saturday  with my son to  his  new  sport  trap shooting. They  shoot what is  called  clay pigeons ,  little  discs  not  the  birds  thankfully !   He  has  struggled  in  other  sports  but is  really enjoying this one. I want the  best  for  him. The mid  week was    busy  with   work   and   school  for us .  On last  weekend , Saturday we  had   visitors in  our old next  door   neighbors  Paul  , Patricia  and  their  4  kids, they are  busy having the  same  number  kids as  us  but  their  youngest is  nearly  2  , so still in  the  busy stage.  it  was  nice  to see them again in a relaxed  get together  at our  house.  They  liked our house so much  that they  are  now  looking  to  move  close to us if  the  right house  comes up!    On Sunday we  went to  church  and  they  had  a nice pancake  breakfast  afterwards, we  look  forward to it!  Our youngest  had  swim  lessons in the afternoon. Monday morning  came  fast  and  another  week !    There  was  not  anything  out of  the  ordinary  that  happened during the  week. On  Friday night we invited our  friends Brian and Crystal over along with their  kids  for  game  night , we  had a lot of fun,   with the game  spoons  being the  best , you have to be  fast  ! On Saturday(yesterday )  we  started  painting in our  daughters  new  bedroom !!   We  got one coat on the  ceiling  and  are  going to apply  a second one.   We  did  not  get too  much paint time in  as  we  we were also entertaining  yesterday afternoon  /evening! ( Seems  we  are  becoming  quite the  hosts!)   Chris, Jen  and  their  kids  came and  also  Eric , Sarah  and  their  daughter  visited.  We  had  not  seen them  since  early 2020 , after we  were all robbed of  friend time  for  the  past  2  years , but  everyone is  getting  back to normalcy Thank God ! We  chatted , had  some good  food ,  and  for  the adults not  driving  home a  glass of  wine or  beers for the  guys!  We  also did  some  games , beanbags (cornhole)   and other  board  games, the  kids also got out on the  trampoline  as  the weather  was  nice!   They left  around 9pm  after a  lovely time together! 


Now you are up to  date, I will finish our Las Vegas  trip review !  On the Sunday morning  we  were  there I woke  before  everyone and  went on a early morning  walk. It was  pretty quiet on Las Vegas Boulevard . 

It  was  a  really  nice  day !   I got  back  to the  hotel  and  got  ready for  Church.   Went to a   Lebanese  Catholic  Church nearby, it  was  slightly  different  but  a  lovely   experience. 



After  some  food  and   relaxation  we    took on the  90 minute  journey  south to  Bullhead  city Arizona  to meet  friends  from Minnesota  who were  nearby. They  were bringing  their  son to  Arizona  for  a  college tour   and  we  arranged to    both  drive    and  meet  in the  middle !   We  had  lunch  and   chatted   , then went to Scooters   fun park   where  the  kids did activities  from  batting  cages to go carts    and  mini golf ! I  played the  mini golf  too actually !   I was  able  to  take this  photo below of the  beautiful sunset  before we left to  return to Vegas. 



  We  got  back to the  hotel late ,  and  were  ready for  sleep!  On Monday  we  went to  the  strip  area  and    Mandalay Bay.    We  walked  around  the  grounds   and  some of the  stores inside , then  we  went to  the Irish restaurant I had  been  wanting to go to !! The  food  was  very good , I also got to meet the Irish Bartender ! 



  We  came  back to the  hotel  and  relaxed in the pool  and  hot tub   for the  evening.   The  next and last  day we  went to  Krispy Creme for some  guilty pleasures , donuts !! We  used to have one  here  but it  closed a  number of  years  ago.   You can  watch the  doughnut  making in progress  but  we  just  missed that  part, next  time !  I was  able to capture the  snow capped  mountains in the  distance from Krispy Kreme, just in case I was  missing the snow  from  home!



It  was  then time  to go  back to the hotel  and  do a  clean up    and  then  eventually  go to the airport. Of course there was some more window shopping to do! 



That was  our  trip  , I would  definitely go back again in March to escape winter  ! 

I started this post in the early morning and it is now  early  evening. We went to Palm Sunday Mass  this  morning it was a lovely poignant  reading of the passion and  Christ’s  ultimate death on the cross  for us.




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April 10th 22

Have a beautiful week ahead , Terri xo.

Dress of the week March 26th !

Good morning Ladies ! I have done it again missing out on my weekly post and recently I have just managed every two weeks . We are finally seeing spring temperatures during the day with a little freeze some nights. Our carpet of snow is now gone though !

When  I  left off  2  weeks  ago I  had  told  you  about  a  family funeral  coming up.  Pete,  who is my Grandpa  through marriage  passed  away  while  we  were in Vegas . It  was hard on  my father in law  to be  there  when  his  Dad  passed .  But  he  got  back home  two days  later  and  made the  arrangements.   So the  funeral  mass was celebrated  last Saturday morning.   It  was a  lovely send off  with a  nice  homily on his life  by the  priest.  He was a  veteran of the  armed  forces   and  got  a military   send off with a  3  gun  salute . The  bugle  sounded  and it  brought us to  tears.   We  had  lunch directly  afterwards  and  then at  1:30pm  we  we  drove  45 minutes  west  where  he  was  buried in  the  cemetery his  wife  had  been  laid to  rest in  18 months  previous.  It is the  end of an  era  and  that  generation in our  family .  May God  grant you eternal rest Pete. 


Bible verse on passed loved one


We  got  home  at  8pm  after  a  long  day  travelling ,  a  sad  day for us left  behind  but a  happy day  for  Pete ,  who is  reunited  with his loved ones in God’s Kingdom. 

On Sunday there  was  church  and  then afterwards  our  youngest  had  swim lessons. He is  doing  really  well.   In the  evening we  had our  friend Brandon , his  Fiancé  Josette  and  his daughter Maddi over  for  dinner   and  just  to  see  each other after  a long   spell of  busyness for us all. They  are  busy too  with  their  wedding coming up in early May ! Looking  forward to that!   The  work and  school  week  started  again   and it  was  pretty standard .   One of our  sons   celebrated  his    9th  birthday  yesterday !  He is  growing up so fast its  hard to believe  really.   Myself  and my oldest  son are home this weekend .  My sweetie went to Fargo  with 3 of our kids  for a  get together  with  an old college  roommate  and  to hang out with their family and  kids.  Our  son  has joined  the  local trap team and is  excited to start today. I will go along  and offer  my support! 


So  now on to Las  Vegas  Part  two !!   I left off the  last post  with a  look at  the  hotel  and our  suite , also a quick peek into the  nearby  casino.  We  stayed close  by  the  hotel  early in the day  on Saturday  and  then late  afternoon went to the  downtown area . We  first went   and parked by the  miracle mile  shopping  and  dining  mall. It  was a  really nice  and  vibrant  area and of  course I did some  window  shopping ! 



Then we  went outside to see Vegas  by night ! It  was a  great  experience  seeing all the  casinos  lights .  We watched  the  Belagio  water  dance  show   where the fountains  dance to lights  and  music . It  was  amazing. You  can  see a  video here  Belagio fountain




We  got to see  all the  amazing buildings . IMG_5307IMG_5308IMG_5315IMG_5318IMG_5320IMG_5321

We  completed  the  evening  with dinner in the  miracle  mile  mall .  more to come in next  post ! 


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Dress of the week March 13th !

Good   morning  Ladies !!   it  is   a sunny  Sunday morning here in  Minnesota ,  36f   and  getting up to  39 today.  With daylight savings  in the early hours of the morning  we lost  an hour   and I am  a bit   slow in getting  active ! I think evening  church will  be  attended today!

Mar 22 05
from a few days ago



So now on to  Las  Vegas !!  We  left on Friday March  4th .  We had  dinner  then  drove to a park  and  ride  place  close to the airport   and dropped off the  car. Earlier in the  day  we  brought our  dog to a  dogsitter  through the rover app. She lives  10  minutes away  and  came  highly recommended .  We  got to the  airport  at  7pm  got  checked in  through security  and  met  my in-laws by the  departure  gate.  They have  the timeshare in Las  Vegas, or  they  can go to any major  city in the states basically. It was  so nice of them to invite us !  Our  flight took off at  9’30 pm   and was a   pretty   smooth trip to Vegas.  .  We  gained 2  hrs  heading west ,  Our  flight got in at 11pm local time.   We  got our  cases,  and  then waited for a  shuttle  bus to  car rental.  We got a nice  vehicle to fit us all. I didn’t   sign on to drive as I came back 2  days earlier than the rest of the  family. We then  drove and  found a  restaurant open as  the kids were  hungry! We  ate and then  headed to our hotel .  We were  there  around 12. 15  am  and were  staying on the 9th floor of the  Grandview   hotel.  After getting  settled  and  unpacking a little , getting the kids to bed ,  we both were going to bed at 1:15am!!!

view from hotel window


The  kids  were  awake  early next morning ,  above is the  first  view we  had  from our hotel window.  you can see  the  mountains in the  background.  In this hotel  you  go into  your suite  via  a  shared foyer using a  keycard , then there is  suite A  and  suite B .  My in-laws  were in A  and the rest of us in B , except our 8 year old who wanted to stay   with them !!  We  had the 2  suite doors open all during trip so people could  easily  go from one to the other.

Above  are a  few  random photos  from our  suite we  also  had  a  stackable  washer  dryer  which was  nice !  In the photo  looking  towards the kitchen you can see  the open suite door . On our  first  day  there we   took things easy .  After  breakfast  we went to the swimming  pool and  hot tub pool .  Then after some of the adults went over to the  nearby Southpoint casino , it was a  5  minute  walk away.  I am not  really  a gambler but  it  was  nice to walk around and  see  what  people  were  doing at  machines , and also the horse racing section .

I  will  continue our Vegas adventure next  week.  We  had  some  sad  news on the  trip , the patriarch of the  family Pete  passed  away at  the age of 93  last  Wednesday. He  was so nice to me always ,  and on the  weekend before our wedding him and his  wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, it was the  first  event we did as  we  travelled  for our wedding week. His  funeral takes place  Saturday.   He is the last of the  Great Grandparents , may he rest in peace.  


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Have a great  week,  Terri xo.

Dress of the week February 26th !

Good  morning  Ladies ! It is  another  cold  morning  here  1 degree  as I look  at  my  countertop   thermometer .  The  week  started  so  nice  with Sunday being in  the  mid  thirties,  It  felt really good  with the  sunshine!   After  that it  all about  wrapping up in  layers  as you  went outside. 


As I said last Sunday , we stayed at a hotel nearby as the kids were off on Monday for presidents day. We checked in at 3:30 pm and our rooms were poolside, meaning you just open a sliding door and and you can get right to the pool area in the middle of the hotel. The kids changed fast and were in the pool immediately ! There are kiddy splash pools , but we are now beyond that for our youngest now . He is in the big pool and loves the water like the rest of his siblings. There is a big slide that they went down and had fun with. I put on my suit as well and got wet too! I also spent a little time in the hot tub . At 6 we went to a nearby Perkins restaurant for dinner. They were so understaffed , The greeter Lady also had to clean tables to get people seated. I felt bad for her. But everyplace seems to be looking for staff in the catering business now. We had a nice meal when it did come out. We went back to the hotel and the kids got back in the pool, us adults just sat and watched them play this time.

On Monday morning  it was  an early   check out  as  our  son  had a   doctors  appointment . It  was a  fun little  getaway  though !   The  week  went  back to normal Tuesday  with    work and  school.   On Wednesday we  got a   few inches of snow , just to  compliment the rest of our  snow  built up  for the past  few  months !   Last  night our  son  had a little playdate with his  friend Amelia   and  she also brought  some  girl scout  cookies  that we  purchased   from  her. They are  very tasty and  for a  good  cause.   


We will be  doing  some  final  prep  for our trip to Las Vegas   this weekend !  We  leave on Friday night   and will  arrive  late  , but I hope to   be up early Saturday  to see  the place !  I  am  not  sure if I will get to  write a  post but  if not  next week I will the following  week.  


Las Vegas !

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Have a  beautiful weekend ,  hugs  and  best  wishes, Terri xo. 

Dress of the week February 20th !

  Good  morning Ladies  from a  sunny balmy Minnesota !!  You  heard   right ,  it is  42  f  right now  and  sunny and  it  feels  amazing !  Lots will think I am crazy   but  when your  body is  climatized  to  sub zero  temps  this  feels  so  good.   Now where  did i put  that  sun  lotion ?!! 


Last Sunday  we   had a   nice  relaxing  day   and  then in the  evening  we   tuned into the  superbowl.    I enjoyed  it  for the  most  part,  The  commercials  were ok ,  half  time  show  pretty good  ,  and  was an exciting  finish with  the  Rams  winning  by one score  to  win  the  trophy.   Monday  came  around   fast   and  it  was  back to the  grind!  It  was also Valentines day( or St. Valentines day  as I first  remember it  being called )   A nice little  picture  below ! 



Valentines 2022

We stayed  home  and  had a  nice  dinner  with the  whole  family.   Wednesday  was  church class  night  for the  kids .   There is always a  bit of  driving  that  night as   they go at  two different  times , but that is  ok.   On   Friday our  daughter  went to a  friends  for a  sleepover.  On Saturday   my in-laws  came  and  brought us  sauer kraut   and  dumplings  a  German    favorite, I have  gotten used to it  after  marrying into a part   German  family  !     My Father -in -law is  really good  at  making  them !   They  stayed  for a  few  hours  and  surprised the  kids with a  trip to Las Vegas  over  spring  break!  We  knew about it already,  but it  was   exciting  for  the  kids .  We  go on  March 4th  and  return March 10th !  It is a  more  family  friendly place  these  days  and I am interested to  see it  at  first  hand !   It will be  good to  experience  different  temperatures! 


We  are   still  working on our  basement  project ,  here are  a few  photos 



The  kids  are  off school  tomorrow   for  presidents day  and we  are staying in a  hotel for  tonight  with a  swimming park that has some nice  slides!     We  will be  checking in at  3:30 this afternoon. 


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Have a  beautiful week  ahead,  talk to you next week, Terri xo. 

Dress of the week February 13th !

Good morning Ladies ! You join me from another chilly Minnesota morning. it is -5f right now . Yesterday we woke up to rain and 36f. The rain is the worst this time of year , after its done it freezes and causes icy spots for driving in. It is better if it stays just under the freezing mark. We are promised a few days of cold weather going forward.

Happy Valentines day 2022

As  I  said  last  week  I  tested  positive  for  Covid  and   had to isolate  from  the  family.  It  was  tough  but  we  got  through . On  Monday I was  able to go  back to  work    and  was  advised to  wear a   mask for  the  week  as I  did .  Even  at home  I  stayed  away  for the  most  part  from   everyone   just  in   case,  I  did  not  want  to  get  anyone  sick. Wednesday  the  kids   were  back in  church  class . As  the  week   went on  I  was   getting  back to   normal.   I  was  just  happy I  didn’t   get    any  adverse  side  effects.   


On  Friday   night  our  daughter  had  a    bunch of  girlfriends over  for  a  sleepover.   I  made  them breakfast  on   Saturday morning  before  they  went their  separate  ways.  We   worked on the  basement    yesterday,  prepping the  walls  with  sheetrock  mud  . It is  a 3  part  process  so  maybe will be  ready in 2  weeks  for  paint!   Today  we  went to  church   and  later  will  watch the  superbowl(I think ! )  I will let you know  below  which team I want to win! 


Go Bengals


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Wishing  you a  lovely  week  ahead,  Terri xo. 

Dress of the week February 6th !!

Good   morning  Ladies !  I am  back  again  after  another  2  week break . On  Sunday January  23rd   we  went  to late  church . We  were  down one  car  as  one  was  in the  shop  for  repairs.   On Tuesday  the  25th  I took our  son  to     a  doctor  appointment  to  see how  he  was  progressing  with  his   boot  after  fracturing  his  shinbone  in  November.  He   got  good  news  and  was  told  he  does  not  need it  anymore  and  we  walked out of  the  hospital  with both  shoes on !!   As  a treat  we  went to one of  our  favorite  restaurants  Perkins on the  way home  for  lunch ! I spent the  rest of  the  day   doing  jobs  around  the  house. (  always  stuff  to do!) 


February 2022

The  rest of  the  week  went  by   quickly, it  was   nice  when Friday  came.   On  Saturday  we  worked on  our  basement  bedroom /   bathroom    project.   We  added   sound insulation   in the  floor   between the upper level,  and  were   ready to  start sheetrocking!    We  borrowed  a  sheetrock  lift  which  makes it  easy to  put it on the   ceiling.  You   put  the  sheet on the  platform  and  crank a  wheel,  magic !   On  Sunday   we  went to  normal  morning  church . It  was a  nice  afternoon  to  relax . We  did  watch some  football and  the Chargers and Cincinnati made it to the   superbowl.  


On  Monday  it  was  another   cold  day ,  I think I am  getting  used to them  now! It  was  back to  the  regular  week.  On  Tuesday  coming  home  from  work I  started  to    feel   a  little  weak   and  got  some  chills.  I  stopped  at  target to  pick up  food  for  dinner   and it  continued  .  I   came  home   and  decided  as a  precaution  to  do a   covid   test . We  have  some  in  home  testing  kits. I  went  through  all the   steps  and at  the  end   it came  back  POSITIVE !!    I  could  not  believe  it ,  but  accepted  the  results.   I  isolated  from  the   family  after that  and  took   the  Wednesday , Thursday  and  Friday off  work.   When  everyone  was  at  work  and  school  Wednesday I  did  some  small  chores  but  after  a   bit  I  was  starting to  feel  weak  again.   I listened to  my  body  and  took it  easy !   By Friday I was  starting to  come  around again  and  got  some  things  done.   This  weekend  I  have  been  hiding  away  with  everyone  at  home !   I  kind of  feel  guilty  but it  is  necessary.   This  is  the  last  day  of  isolation  but  I   will try and    be  careful  for the   next  few  as  well. 


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feb 22 Polka dot


Have a  beautiful  and  healthy week  ahead !!!   Best wishes, Terri xo