Dress of the week October 5th

Hello my beautiful friends and  welcome to October ! It  has  been a  wet  few  days here  with lots  of  rain  and  clouds. The  sun  has  made  a brief appearance  today ( very brief!)  but  tomorrow  promises to be  better . I know it  could  be  worse  with some  places in  the  US  and  Canada  getting s**w  already !

Last  Saturday  morning  we  had  soccer  for the  boys again  and  then decided after  we came  home  to eat out  and  go to  an apple  orchard (with a  winery!)   and  corn maze  about an hours  drive away.  The  maze  was  so  fun  and  we  had  to go these  10 stations  and  answer  a  question. it  was  all bison  related as  the  maze  was  constructed in the  shape of one !  We surprised  ourselves and  got 8 out of  10.  We  came  back from  the maze  and  picked some lovely honey crisp apples, yum yum !


We  spent  about  3  fun  hours  there  and  were tired and  ready for  bed when we  came  home with apples  and  cider !

On  Sunday  we  went  to Church   and  had  a pretty  relaxing  day.   Monday  was  soccer  and  softball for the  kids.  Wednesday  was  the  first  evening of  Church class, our  youngest started in his  pre k class  and  did very  well for  the  active  boy he is !   Last  night  we  had  a  bonfire  with  friends  over to enjoy  with us.



Please  rate out of  10 this  floral print crepe dress  , see  here  I have  customised it  from  the  original look  which is such a  nice  feature  they offer!


Have a  lovely  rest  of  your  weekend, Terri xo.