Dress of the week February 4th !

Good  morning  Ladies  !   I  hope  you  are  doing  well  on  this   first  weekend  of  February. January  is  always  the  toughest  month of  the  year  I  think.  I  come  down off  a  high   from  celebrating   Christmas ,  and  it  also is  usually   pretty cold  here  too. To that point,  it is   freezing   here   right  now  !! It  is 9f  or  -13c .  It  actually is  an  improvement as  earlier in the  week it  was  -24c   or -11  f .  We  just  need to  get  through  these  tough  days .Heather Stilufsen Feb 2023

I  missed   writing   last   weekend  ,  I  just   got   busy   but  there   really   was   not  a  lot   that   you  missed   from  the   preceding  week. I  guess  the  highlight  was our  daughters volleyball team   finished  2nd  in   their  tournament. The  rest   was    the   usual busyness  of  our  life.  Also  we   got  photos  from   my in-laws  of  their  Caribbean   cruise … Aruba Aruba in  January.. I am not  jealous… I am not  Jealous !!  

Last    weekend   was  nice  and   relaxing   with  plenty of  housework   thrown in  to  keep  me on  my  toes! We  went  to    church  Sunday and  in  the  afternoon   there  was  lots of  football on  our  tv .   On Sunday  evening  our  daughter  had  her  last  church class  encounter  before   making  her  confirmation   today ! 

  confirmationThrough Confirmation, the Holy Spirit gives the  candidates  the increased ability to practice their faith in every aspect of their lives and to witness Christ in every situation. 


It  takes  place  at 10 am  so I  will need to  get   moving  soon!!!   My  sister  was  asked  to  be  the  sponsor   but  she  cannot  make it  today .  I  will step in  for  her . We  will  go  out   for a  meal    afterwards . 


Please  rate out of  10 this allover  retro floral dress see here

Feb4th 2023 dress

Have a   beautiful  weekend,   Terri xoxo. 


8 thoughts on “Dress of the week February 4th !

  1. Hi Terri! Oh, I am one of those people who would love to go somewhere warm at this time of year! Maybe next year! BIG *sigh*

    It’s too bad your sister couldn’t be there for your daughter’s confirmation but glad you stepped in on this special day!


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    1. Yes Carmen, getting out of the frozen and snowy areas we live in would be so nice , make the winter go faster. They really enjoyed the whole experience. I hope Next year you get to go somewhere warm. My Sister could not make the trip for confirmation, she was just here last August. I ended up not stepping in for her , they preferred that a parent not step in , and so Grandma took on the sponsor role last minute for the confirmation ceremony . Thanks for visiting Carmen, Terri ❤

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  2. Big hugs to you and Dana, as she confirms her faith in front of you all! I remember my confirmation and how sacred it was!! God bless you all!
    With love, Kate
    PS I give the dress an 8!

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    1. Thank you for the confirmation hugs Kate ! It was lovely a ceremony. Everyone has special memories of confirmation I think.! Thank you for the blessings . and also the dress rating ! Take care, Terri xo.


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