Dress of the week February 18th !

Good morning Ladies ! I hope you are doing well as February keeps rolling on towards its conclusion in 11 days time . We have been having some crazy weather since I last posted 2 weeks ago( sorry I missed last week !) It has been frigid cold , Then it got up to 51f or 10c one day. Then 2 days ago we had 2 inches of rain ! It helped to melt the snow a little . Right now we are at minus 5 c or 23f . We are promised some snow , possibly up to 20 inches this coming week !!! I am ready for spring, who is with me !


The  last  time I  was  with you  we  were  going to  our  Daughters confirmation. It  was  a  really  chilly morning   11f  as  we were  walking into the  basilica !   Once  inside  though  it  was a    beautiful  ceremony for all  the   candidates .  They  were  anointed  by the  Bishop with the  holy oils , through the  holy  Spirit     to    be  prepared to  live out their  faith going  forward.   There  were  40  from our  parish with  two-thirds being  girls !  Afterwards  our  Daughter  joined  her  volleyball team  for a  tournament  they started  without her   in  the  morning . They  won  the  tournament ! Afterwards  we  went out to  celebrate the  confirmation in the  evening  along  with   our  family   and her  grandparents.   Sunday  was  pretty  quiet , but  we  went to  the  Knights of  Columbus  pancake  breakfast  after  church. 

 The  following  week was  pretty  standard   for  our  family.  Last  weekend  I put  away  all the  winter  decorations ! Some  were part of our  Christmas  display.  Our  daughter  had another  volleyball tournament on Sunday which they won !   In the  evening  the  superbowl took the  attention.   The  commercials  were  better  than the  football ,  and  The  halftime  show  was  good  too!   We  had a  different  Valentines  day .     We had to  go to the  county government  center to  renew the  kids  passports . We  might  be  going on a  trip in the  summer.  I  did  get  these  afterwards  though  below . 



The   kids  had  Church  class on   Wednesday , I was  busy  driving  to  and  fro !   Last  night  we  had  a  quiet  Friday night in.  This  morning  we  are going  for a    coffee  date  without  the  kids  and  also  picking up   something  for our  laundry room.  coffee date 2023

Please rate out of  10 this  Cherie Day round neck polka dot  midi dress see here

Dotw Feb 18 2023

Have a  beautiful  week  , Terri ❤


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