Dress of the week January 21st!

Good  morning  Ladies  !   January    is  moving along  at   pace   Today it  is  cloudy outside and  the  temperatures  have   dropped  in the  last  day or  so.   Right now it is  23f . You  definitely   need  a   coat  if  you   go  out  and  about! It  can always  be a   tough  month  but  we  are  getting   through  it ! Heather Stillufsen Jan 2023


Last weekend  was   rally   nice  and   relaxing.   Our  daughter  did  have  some  friends  over  for  a  slumber  party Saturday night, they  were not  too loud   (too!)   Now  that  she  has  a basement  bedroom  they like to    come  and     stay  over. On Sunday I  went t o  early  church .    In the  afternoon   we  watched  the  vikings football  game .  Just  before  that I  brought one of our  sons  to urgent  care   with sore ear/jaw.   It turned  out  to  be  an external  ear  infection  and  he  was  given  drops to  take.     The  game  went  good   for the most  part  but  the  vikings  ended up losing in  the  last  few  minutes.   That is  their  last  game until September !   We  got  ready  for  the  week   and  bedtime  came     quick. 

On  Monday evening  we  met  my in-laws for  dinner. They  were in town as  they were  flying out  early on Tuesday morning  to go to  Tampa  Florida . They  were  going on a  cruise! ( I’m not  jealous.. I keep telling  myself!)The  cruise  takes  them to  Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Aruba  and  Grand Cayman  Islands. They  are  right now  travelling  to  Aruba . They  return to Tampa  next Saturday ! 

On Tuesday  night Our  eldest  son  performed  with  his  school  choir  at  the  high  school  Auditorium.  They  did  very  well  assisted  by their   musical  director.   Wednesday   they   had  Church  class,  the   first of the   new  year. Thursday  was  a  quiet   evening    for us all, phew !   Yesterday  evening  I  picked our  daughter up at  home  and  brought  her  to  the  neighboring  parish  as they  went to a   retreat   for  their upcoming   sacrament  of  Confirmation. They  are   staying  at  the  retreat  center  Until Sunday morning .  Confirmation is  February  4th.   Today   we  got  some  new  island     stools .  These  ones  have  backs on them which is  nice.   In the  evening  we  went to  Church bingo, and  2 of ours  sons  won   games  and  prizes !! 


Please  rate out of  10 this pink  floral round  neck Midi dress  for  spring    see here

Dress Jan 22 2023


Have  a  great  week !!  With love,  Terri xo. 


8 thoughts on “Dress of the week January 21st!

  1. Hi Terri! It’s good to have time to relax, especially when you have a big family! I’m relaxing today after a busy week. How nice your in-laws are going on a cruise. Perhaps you’ll go someday. I’ve never been either, perhps someday. lol

    The dress looks nice on the model, a rather nostalgic style but not one I would wear. It looks like something a child would wear in the olden days. 🙂


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    1. It is so important to find time to relax Carmen , mentally and physically ! I do cherish it. It was nice that the in-laws went on the cruise. The photos they sent back were gorgeous! I hope you get to go on one too! You are totally right about the dress ! I dont think I would wear it either , but just something pretty to look at . Have a great day, thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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  2. I love this dress! – an high 10! And confirmation; I remember mine! I chose St Agatha as my sponsor as I wanted to be a nurse then. So my confirmation name is Kathleen Alice Agatha G.. lol Does your daughters have her name picked out? Lovely post! Sorry for the Vikings though.. reminds me of a joke I heard. A little boy is in his fathers arms and both father and son are looking anxious. The son asks his dad what is the Super Bowl? The dad looks at his son sadly and says I don’t know son, we’re Vikings!

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    1. Thanks so much for the compliments and rating on the dress Kate! It would be perfect for spring. Confirmation will be coming up pretty soon. I love the name Saint Agatha. It’s okay about the Vikings I am not really a fan like the rest of my family! That is a good joke! Thanks so much for visiting Kate, take care,Terri xo.


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