Dress of the week October 29th !

Good  morning  Ladies  ! How  are  you  today ? It  is  a  nice  start  to the  morning  here , the  sun is  coming  up   as  it  has  done  in the  last\  few   days also.   We  have  started   with a   bit  of  frost  but  the  day  warms  as  it  goes on. A  lot of   our  leaves  are  dropping  now.   



I  missed   out on posting  last  week.      When I  was  with you last    we  were  shutting  down our pool  as  u  can see  in the  photo  above .    The  Sunday  was a   kind of  Lazy  day I  must  admit!  The  kids  had  school  until Wednesday  and  then   had  2  days off.    So  then    here is a  surprise.  For  their   mini  break they went to Chicago !    I  had  to  work   so my Sweetie  took    decided  to take   them  !   I also  stayed  home   to mind our  dog.  They left  early on  Thursday  morning  for  the  5.5  hr   trip.   Our  daughter  helped  with the  driving  so  that  was   good   having  2   drivers.   I  kept  busy at  work  , it  was   kind of  nice   when I arrived  home  to  a  quite  house  (  how  bad am I ? )  just  myself  and  the  dog.   They  showed  me  their  hotel  room/apartment  through  video  call  and it  was   very  nice.  I did  get  some  things  done  around  the  house  as  well as  getting out  for  a  bit.   Friday  was a   nice  relaxing  day.   They  explored  some of the  sights  of  Chicago.    They also  had  some  really good  Pizza !   On Saturday  I went  out to the  mall !  I  wore  my  new   dress ,  it  fit  really   well.    I   had  a  nice  time  going  around  the   stores .    I also  went to a   thrift  shop  and  picked up a  new  dress  and  cardigan !    I  had  time  for a   video  chat   with my   Sister   on Saturday  evening, it  was      a  nice   chat.    On Sunday  I  went to  early  Church .    Then as it  was  our  Anniversary  I picked up the   flowers !   I got  roses ,  they  look  gorgeous . 


The  family  arrived  back  at 10am Sunday morning   They  stopped  halfway  in Wisconsin   at  the  dells  Saturday  night  and  went to  a  waterpark.   Our  son had to be  back  for  his  trap team  at  11.30am.   It  was  good  to see  them all  again !   We  had a   quiet  day  at  home   and  then  Monday  came  around  and  they  were  back  at  school  after  the  mini  break. This   week   has   been  a  typical   Monday to Friday.   Tomorrow  us parents are  going  to go out   alone  to  friends  for  lunch should  be   fun ! 

Please  rate out of  10  this leopard  print   ruffle long  sleeve  maxi dress see here

Not sure if you recognize the model above ! Have a great week , Terri xo.


4 thoughts on “Dress of the week October 29th !

  1. Hi Terri! First of all, I must say I’m glad that you are modeling this pretty dress, I’ll give it a 10! 🙂

    I can’t imagine you ever being lazy! I’m glad you were able to have some quiet time while your family enjoyed Chicago. How wonderful that your daughter could help with driving such a long distance.

    The red roses are beautiful and the autumn leaves look lovely in your backyard.
    Happy Anniversary!


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    1. Thank you so much Carmen !!! I was nervous to be the model for dress of the week but glad I did it. The dress feels wonderful and glad I purchased it. Well I do try not to be lazy but sometimes you need that break. They had a lovely time and it was good our daughter was able to help driving. I seen the roses and they looked too gorgeous to leave so I brought them with me! I am happy I included our backyard Autumn scene before it was too late. Thanks so much for visiting, Terri xo.

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