Dress of the week November 12th!

Happy  Saturday  to    you all  Ladies  !   I  am  writing  this in the   evening    after  doing  household  chores  today.    The  weather  has  taken a  turn   towards  the  cooler   side  with a  little  snow  last  night  but  not  enough  to  cover  the   ground.   I  guess it is  that  time,  especially in Minnesota ! Today  was   windy  and  cloudy all  day. 20221022_085055

I  skipped  a   week of  blogging(again!)   When  I  last  posted on the   29th  we  were    going to be  going to friends  for  Sunday lunch.  But one of our  sons  woke  up  with a  stomach  bug  so  we  called  it off  for   safety  . We  had a   quiet  Sunday.   Monday     he  was ok  and   went to  school.   That  was  Halloween  night   and   our  youngest   2   went out  trick or  treating.   One  was an inflatable  dinosaur   and  the other   a  police  officer.   They  got  lots  of  compliments  as  they  went  door to door. After  an  hour   they  were   ready to  call  it  a   night.    They  had  accumulated a lot  of  candy  at  that   stage  anyway!  

Sunset I captured Wednesday November 2nd


The  week  went  fast . On Saturday  our oldest  son  became  a  teenager !!  Eek,  we  are  now  parents  to   2  teens !   It  goes  so  fast.    He  had a   friend  sleepover  the  night  before ,  they  did  not go to sleep too  early  ,  surprise   surprise ! In the  afternoon  his  Grandparents  and  a  great Aunt  came  to  celebrate    the  birthday  as a   family.    It   was a   fun  day.   On Sunday   we  went to  church   at  our  usual time.    In the  afternoon  our  friend  Brandon  came  over     with a   present  for  the  birthday boy   and  to watch the  football game. The  vikings  won.  The  work/school   week   was  long  and I  was  glad  when  Friday  came !   I  got  to  sleep in today. We  did  some  last  minute outdoor  leaf   clean  up .  The  yard  looks   better.   I  also  got  to  relax  with a  little  hallmark  channel !!  I love  the  Christmas   movies .   Also  chatting  with friends  was  so good.  Heather Nov 12 2022


Please   rate out of  10 this floral  embroidered jersey  dress  see here

E shak dress Nov 2022

Have  a  lovely  rest of  your   weekend,  Terri xo. 


5 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 12th!

  1. Hi Terri!

    The photos are lovely! Sounds like we’re having similar weather which is to be expected. We had a snowfall but it all melted. Kincardine is not much fun in the winter. Oh well, spring will come again someday.

    Now that you have two teenagers in the house, you’ll never need babysitters anymore. I agree, they grow up so fast!

    Sleeping in is a luxury for sure and that’s something I get to do almost every day now. 🙂

    I also enjoy watching Hallmark Christmas movies, reminds me that we should watch one. Which one did you watch?

    This green dress is perfect for Christmas! 10



    1. Thanks so much Carmen, glad you like the photos ! I am sure Kincardine is not the nicest , living right by the lake , Spring is on the way , eventually!! It is nice we do not need babysitters , It has gone so fast though! I am glad you are able get sleep-ins and wake when you are ready ! Im glad to hear you love Hallmark as well, we need some feelgood guilty pleasure dont we? I got to see “A Maple Valley Christmas ” Very good ! Thanks for the 10 rating, It would be lovely to Wear on Christmas day. Thanks for visiting Carmen , Terri xo.

      Liked by 1 person

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