Dress of the week October 15th !

Good  morning  Ladies !   As  we  go  halfway into  October (already!)  the  weather  has  been  crazy this  week.   Monday  was  in the  70s  ,   Tuesday   got to the  early  80s  and  felt like  summer  .   roll  forward to Friday   and I woke up to SNOW!  It didn’t stick around .    It is  all the  joys  of   living in Minnesota  you  never know  what you  can  get  this  time of  year.

Country road Minnesota
Country road Minnesota


Last Saturday as I said in last post we went top the in-laws town to have family photos taken. It was a beautiful afternoon for fall poses . The lady who took them was really professional and knew how to make the kids smile with her humour . We hope to get them back soon. After photos we went to a local restaurant for an early dinner before the evening rush. We went back to in-laws house for a few hours and got to spend sometime with our nephew Stanley who we got to see walking for the first time. It is only a few short years since our youngest was doing the same. Sometimes I miss that age ! We arrived home late at 10pm. On Sunday we went to 9am church at a next door parish. Our son had trap shooting at 11 am , he does enjoy it.

There was football on tv during the afternoon, our family are big fans. Then the evening was getting the kids ready for school the next day. The week kept all of us busy work , school and on Wednesday evening church class for the kids. I was relieved when Friday came, I was tired at the end of the day ! I could not relax though as we had a scheduled double dinner date with our friends Jordan & Angie scheduled. A nice shower perked me right up again. We picked them up at 6.30pm and drove the short journey to the restaurant. It was fun catching up, talking about their house projects and how the families were doing. It was so good to fall asleep last night I must admit ! Today I have a hair appointment and later we will be shutting down our pool for the year 😦


Please  rate out of   10 this flounce  sleeve  floral print  fall dress see here

Oct 15th 2022 dress

Have a  beautiful week  Ladies,   Terri xo. 


4 thoughts on “Dress of the week October 15th !

  1. A perfect post for October! What a fabulous photo of the country road in fall! Looks like our country roads here in Ontario. I’m sure the autumn photos of your family will be beautiful! Your seasonal decor is lovely, I especially like the scarecrows. I can see why you slept well after all the activities. Going to the beauty salon is always a pampering experience. What did you have done?

    The dress fits in nicely to this autumn theme!

    Harvest blessings!

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    1. Thank you so much Carmen ! I do have to say the country road photo looks professional but was taken by me ! I might get it framed. I am hoping the photos turn out good of the family , as long as there are no silly faces ! Thanks for the decor compliments ! The scarecrows are cute ! I got a trim at the salon . And a bit of me time ! Thanks on the dress , I really thought it was a lovely Autumn look, Ty for taking time to stop by, Happy Friday, Terri xo.

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