Dress of the week March 7th

Good morning Ladies and happy March to you all! The weather here is turning for the better with warmer temperatures on the way. The blanket of snow we have had since early December is slowly melting. So maybe Spring is on it’s way. I will not get too carried away though, the last two months of March in 2018 and 2019 have given us over 20 inches each!

I missed writing my post last week(Sorry all!!) On the Friday 28th we went in both our vehicles to pick up our new sectional couch for the living room. It was at a furniture store 30 minutes away and they loaded It for us. Our Daughter was babysitting so we had a dinner date at a local countryside restaurant on the way back . It is nice to get husband and wife dates sometimes . We got it all inside after we got home and set it up. There was one snag however, one of the sections had two inch feet supplied instead of 4 inch so they are sending the correct ones by mail.

Our new sectional couch , ottoman and rug

Saturday 29th , I leapt straight into doing Laundry(Sorry I’m terrible I know!) In the evening we went to a local taphouse we had not tried before, it was very busy and the food delicious. On Sunday after Church they had the monthly pancake breakfast. Also last weekend our youngest lost his first tooth , and when I say he lost it , I mean we dont know where it went! It was missing on Saturday morning, we figured he might have swallowed It!I think we will have a low key weekend, I have to make plans to meet with friends one of these weekends!

Please rate out of 10 this floral print flutter sleeveless dress. It has ruffled shoulder straps and ruffled hem . See here

Have a beautiful weekend, Terri xo ❤

12 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 7th

  1. Hey Terri! I am so glad to hear that the snow is starting to melt and warmer temperatures are on the way. I am also so glad you got a husband and wife date, that is so important. Your new sectional and ottoman is gorgeous! I love the color and style. Aww your baby lost his first tooth, he’s growing up. Did you ever find out if he swallowed it? Love this dress, I give it a 10. Very pretty for spring.

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    1. It’s kind of funny Courtney we just had about 1 inch of snowfall overnight! Yes it was nice to get a date night! Thank you for the compliments of the new couch and ottoman, we really like it. Our baby is growing up! We didn’t find out what happened to the tooth he is a little speech delayed and has not been able to tell us, we think he might have swallowed it still. I thought this was a cute one alright for spring, I love the print and the ruffle straps and hem . Thanks so much for visiting, take plenty of relax time!! Terri xoxo.

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  2. Your new couch looks lovely! Oh my, a lost tooth!? I wonder if you’ll ever find it or if he did indeed swallow it. 😦

    The dress looks pretty for green month! ☘

    Happy Sunday!

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    1. Thank you Carmen we are very happy with the couch! I think he probably did swallow it , it will be a good story to tell in years to come! The dress is nice, I would pair it with a cardigan for spring . Happy Sunday to you too Dear, thanks for visiting, Terri xo ❤

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      1. Yes, it will be an unusual story he can tell his children someday! 🙂 My husband loses his tooth on a daily basis. It broke off one day while eating corn-on-the-cob. The dentist glued in a temporary one but he really needs to get it fixed permanently. One day it fell out on the supermarket floor when he sneezed. Once he lost it in his soup and he has almost swallowed it a couple of times. Needless to say, he doesn’t eat corn-on-the-cob anymore. 😉


  3. Hi, Terri. Happy March to you, too! You’ve had 20 inches of snow the last two years in March? ugh! That would be hard. It is beautiful here today by us–50 degrees and tomorrow up into 60s.
    Your new couch looks comfy and very nice in your living room. That was nice that you could avoid delivery charges by bringing the pieces in your car. And you even had a little date afterwards–that’s great!
    I like how you spent leap day leaping into doing laundry. Ha ha! That makes it sound exciting!
    If there’s no tooth what happens with the tooth fairy? My daughter couldn’t bear to part with her teeth even for money, so she kept them all. lol
    Very pretty sundress. It looks like it would be easy to make without a pattern. I like the print too–so summery.
    I hope your springlike weather sticks around and March of 2020 in MN isn’t like the last two years. Have a great week, Terri.
    Hugs to you! ❤

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    1. I just heard that snow statistic a few days ago Cindy. It got to 50 here yesterday and today is sunny already and 43. It is going to be a nice long evening with the clock change! Thank you on the couch , we like it a lot. Yes taking our van and truck worked great for pick up, and the date was good too❤ Leaping into laundry was nessecary that day ! The tooth fairy didn’t come , but she has plenty more chances, we thought she would appreciate saving a few dollars, lol. That is funny , your Daughter was determined to keep her teeth. It is pretty, will go great with a cardigan for spring. It would be so easy for you to make! The print is so pretty. I see you have a new post, excited to read it soon. Thanks for visiting Cindy, big hugs back to you❤ Terri xo .


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