Dress of the week March 14th

Good morning ladies how are you doing today? The weather has cooled down a little here since last week, right now it is 25f but the sun is trying to peek out . It definitely has been cooler since last weekend. We pretty much stayed at home last weekend,on Friday night the 7th we had our Church’s annual Lenten fish fry. There were a lot of people there! Saturday we got the kids bikes out from the back of the garage, and dusted off the cobwebs! Our four-year-old rode his three wheeler for the first time unassisted it was great seeing him doing it.

On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment. I had to get a filling, I thought I was doing good with my teeth but you can always do better right? On Thursday two of our boys we’re home from school sick but they both went back on Friday which was good.

it’s unprecedented times we are living in right now, with the coronavirus everything is closed around here that is not necessary to be open. They’re talking about closing the schools is in our state next week. There is a lot of panic buying here which I think is a little over-the-top myself, it is not good if some have too much and others have very little. I think if we follow all the guidelines we will get through this ok.
Please rate out of 10 this floral print Dupioni  sash tie shirtdress, see here  I figured it’s spring meets Saint Patrick’s Day!Wishing you a nice weekend and St Patrick’s day on Tuesday , take care , Terri xo. 

4 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 14th

  1. Hi Courtney, we are staying safe , the kids are off school and we will see how long this lasts. It is perfect for St.Patricks day , there was no occasion to wear it at this year though. You and Jake take care, Terri xo


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