Dress of the week March 22nd

Good morning Ladies! I hope you are all doing well in these new times we are living in due to the covid 19 virus. This is not something any of us could have envisaged a few short months ago but is our reality now. We must follow the guidelines laid to get through this sooner than later.

Last Sunday we had Church but since then the Archdiocese has said all masses will be done by video streaming.

The kids are keeping busy with games , books and playing outside with social distancing adhered to. They want to play with friends but they realize now it’s not possible. It is hard for them but they are understanding better now. They did a local sidewalk chalk challenge Yesterday!

The stores are calming down a little from the panic buying that was taking place , as well as new store rules being drawn up! I went to target on Thursday morning and as I walked in every cart had a package of toilet paper in it. I calmly walked back and grabbed a 12 pack as we were going low! They did have a one per customer limit which is good.

Please rate out of 10 this ditzy 70s floral print ruffle trim dress , see here

Shoutout:- To my mother in Ireland celebrating Mothers day today. It is always the fourth Sunday of Lent . Love you❤

Have a safe week everyone , with love , Terri xo.