Dress of the week November 3oth

Good  afternoon ladies! It  is  the  Saturday of  Thanksgiving  weekend and  we  survived yet  again hosting  for our  family !On  Monday afternoon  we  both went  to the  elementary school to see  our  son  play the  ukulele in their  last session for the  year. He likes it and is interested in getting  his  very own. Tuesday  was  spent  getting  the  house  spick and  span ( well more spick and span than usual!) in anticipation for people coming on Thursday.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning it snowed 5 inches , the kids  had  the day off anyway which was  good. Last minute  items were  picked up  to be  ready  for  the  big  day. The kids  stayed  up late watching  a  movie  which helped them sleep in the  next morning.  We did a bunch of food  prep   and  people  started arriving around 10.30 . They had dishes to heat up after driving . There were 16 in total including us 6.  It was  a lovely time together  with good food . We are all thankful for another year together.  People left by 6pm  and it was  a  quieter house again ( its never totally quiet here!)

I did not go black Friday shopping . Instead on Friday morning we transformed the house from fall  to Christmas decorations, and put up the tree. The kids helped this year in a  big  way. They were excited to! We baked Christmas cookies  trying to start a  tradition  going forward . They were all decorated in unique ways by  the kids. Our neighbor Maddi came over to help also ( she is 6 months younger than our  Daughter  and her parents  split a  few years back unfortunately  and spends 7 days at each house)  We had  Lasanga  in the evening and maddi and her Dad joined us for it. We got another 4 inches of snow overnight , so it truly is  a winter wonderland  all before December 1st!

SHOUTOUT!!!  This is for Courtney and her Husband Jake   who through  her blog announced  she is pregnant  and are expecting their first  child in May See her post here congratulations to both of you!

Please rate out of 10 this Nina Leonard lace up sleeve  sweater sheath dress   from Kohl’s see here


Have a  lovely  weekend  all , Terri xoxo.



7 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 3oth

  1. I love getting our home set up for Christmas too, I start early and add a little more each day. I hope to set up our Nativity tomorrow. I prefer to set it up on first Advent but these have been busy days and because of my concussion, I have to take it slow.

    A black dress is a basic in any woman’s wordrobe and I like the lace-up sleeves. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend dear!

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    1. That is a good idea doing a little each day setting up for Christmas Carmen. Yes it is the right thing for you to do by taking it slow. The black dress is a basic in anyones closet, I liked the addition of the lace up sleeves.Thanks so much for visiting Dear, Terri xo.

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  2. It sounds like y’all have been busy and had lots of snow! I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. I didn’t Black Friday shop either. I am so behind this year. Baking Christmas cookies sounds so fun! Maybe I’ll do that this weekend. Decorating is so much fun! Ahhh thanks for the sweet shout out. We are so blessed. That dress is beautiful! Very classic!

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    1. We did have lots of snow Courtney! Thanksgiving was really nice. I can see how you are behind on shopping, I hope you get to bake at the weekend! You are welcome for the shoutout ! Your news warrented it. It is a cute dress alright. Thank you for visiting Dear, Terri xo.


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