Dress of the week December 8th

Good morning Ladies !  I am a  day late writing this week , I got a  little  busy yesterday  with the kids  and household stuff. Last Sunday after Church we  surprised the kids  by telling  them we were going to Great wolf Lodge  Waterpark for the  day and  staying overnight in the hotel! They were  very excited  , they had Monday off school, an extension of the Thanksgiving weekend.  We packed up and  arrived  there at 3 pm, the room  wasn’t ready until 4pm  but they wanted to go in the park so badly they changed in the locker rooms . I waited until we got to the room to get into my swimsuit though.

We swam , tubed , slid, paddled for an hour and  a half then went to Perkins  for dinner .  Then it was back until 9pm when the  waterpark  closes. We came back to the room cleaned up watched some tv then eventually sleep ! The room had two sets of bunkbeds and a queen for us.  We used the park again the next morning after  having  breakfast  and  had to then check out by 11am. There was  a lot of fun had! Tuesday was back to normal for all . The week went by quickly to Friday . We are having a quiet weekend  , the kids had some playdates Friday and Saturday , Our Daughter had a  sleepover Friday night.

Today after Church  our monthly Pancake breakfast takes place. It is also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception  of Mary .

Presents under the tree (not ours, not yet!)

Please rate out of 10 this red Quincy dress with self belt and wide bow at the back . It has  a princess  bodice and a nice midi length , see here

red dress

Have  a lovely rest of your weekend, Terri xo.

12 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 8th

  1. Great Wolf Lodge is the greatest treat for kids!!! When I was younger I loved Great Bear Lodge (which I think eventually became Great Wolf Lodge). Sounds like it was a wonderful time. Also, that’s awesome your church has a monthly pancake breakfast. This is such a perfect Christmas dress ❤

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    1. Great Wolf Lodge is amazing for kids Mackenzie! I am sure Great Bear Lodge was equally as fun. It was such a good time even though we only stayed for the one Night. Yes the pancake breakfast is always a big hit. When I seen this dress I knew I had to post it. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! Wishing you DJ your Mom and Pete and all of your family a blessed Christmas, we are waiting in anticipation the birth of our Lord Jesus, amen. Take care Mackenzie, Terri xoxo

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    1. It was a very fun time Carmen ! This dress would be just perfect for a Party, and has a lot of elegance. Hmm, I still have to pick something out to wear , thanks for visiting Terri xo.


    1. Sorry just getting back to you Jessica now! Been so busy . It was a fun weekend and the GWL is 30 mins away. The dress is really Christmassy for sure , it is gorgeous! Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


  2. Aww so fun! I bet you kids will love the Great Wolf Lodge. I’ve heard great things about it. There’s one in TX by where m y parents live. That dress is lovely! Perfect for Christmas. Have a great week, Terri.


    1. It was a fun 24 hour visit to the waterpark Courtney ! It is fun for all ages , You will get to use the waterpark in another year or two ! The dress does say Christmas for sure. Thanks for visiting Terri xo ( temp is -6F!!!)


  3. Happy Sunday to you, Terri. We have a Great Wolf Lodge about 20 minutes from us. I’ll bet your kids loved the surprise. It brings back a treasured memory when my parents took us to Kiddieland one year. Usually we knew when we were going. However, that year they didn’t tell us where we were going. Oh my goodness, it was the BEST surprise!!! I remember it to this day.

    I think you all needed a quiet weekend after the last holiday one. That one was jam packed with fun, but you must have been wore out.

    I really cannot believe today is the second Sunday of Advent, can you? I am so behind with everything… *sigh*

    Have a nice week, Terri! ❤

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    1. Aww that is nice the GWL is close by you ! That was a wonderful surprise for you kids getting to Kiddieland ! That is the kind of memory that sticks with you! WE did need a quiet weekend , I was not as tired as I thought I would be after hosting which was nice. Yes there are two candles lit on the Advent wreath! Don’t worry too much about being behind , you can only do what your body allows you , signed Dr. Terri hehe. p.s. did you get my message through your site? Have a nice week also , thanks for visiting,Terri xo.


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