Dress of the week November 23rd

Good morning Ladies, how are you today ?  It  started out  with  a  heavy frost  and  now  has  changed to beautiful sunshine  here and  a temp of  37 which feels nice . ( I know some of you think that sounds crazy !)  Last  weekend  we  stayed close to home , did a  bunch of  errands  and  set  up our  sons  archery  target. He  got  a  bow  for his birthday   and  is having  fun ( under strict  supervision!)  trying to hit the  target.  When  the  kids went to bed  we  binge watched  some of our  Chicago shows .   On  Sunday  after  Church   we  had  coffee  and  donuts  and  chatted with our son’s  friends  and  their  Mom  Crystal.  Tuesday  evening  we met with our  life Insurance  agent  to  do a yearly  review .   Wednesday  was  Church class for the  kids .  This morning I went to the  hair salon to  tidy up my hair and  get  a  little taken off.  I ran some errands  also. I have  a  little  me time for now !


This evening we are  supposed to go out to dinner with our  neighbor  Brandon (happy Birthday Brandon Nov 22!) and his Girlfriend  Josette  but I am not sure if it is still happening  as  her  Grandma had to be taken to the  emergency room this morning, I am not sure about  the rest of the details as  I write.Update:-  We  did not go out for dinner , Josette’s Grandma had pneumonia  and was having trouble  breathing, she is doing fine now.  Oh well we have a  chance to reschedule now!


We are  hosting  Thanksgiving   this year  and are expecting  18 people in total depending on how  the  great Grandparents are feeling. The Great Grandma is on oxygen to help her  breathe and has good days and  bad  days.  Everyone is  bringing  something so  many hands make light work.  We are looking  forward to family time .

Please  rate out of  10 this cotton poplin quincy dress see here

Have a  lovely  week ahead  and If you are celebrating Thanksgiving enjoy some family time, Terri xo.

red 1

9 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 23rd

  1. It’s a busy life: many happy times, but sometimes stressful. Ecclesiastes 3.
    With God’s help, we can get through and know there’s a happy ending to this story!

    Lovely dress, red is always a winner during the Christmas season! 🎄

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. yes it is busy Carmen and we have our stresses, the good news is there is a happy ending through God;s love. This dress is very stylish! And thank you, Thursday will be a wonderful day. I wish both our Thanksgivings lined up ! Thanks for taking the time to visit Carmen, hugs, Terri xo.

      Check out my blogging friend Courtney’s post about trusting in God’s timing and a big announcement ! https://abyersguide.com/weve-been-keeping-a-big-secret/#comment-4837

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  2. Hey Terri! Sounds like you’ve been busy. Oh no I hope Josette’s grandma feels better. Wow that will be a big Thanksgiving, but will be so special. I am so glad everyone helps though. That dress is gorgeous! Perfect for this time of year.


    1. I have been busy Courtney ( as have you , many Congratulations to you both !!) Josette’s Grandma is doing fine now, it was a scare. It will be a big Thanksgiving day, but we have been through it before! The dress is very cute, will be a hit in the next month or so . Thank you so for visiting Dear, Terri xo.

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  3. Hi, Terri. I agree that 37 degrees sounds warm. Anything above freezing is fine by me at this time of year. Our snow has all melted (it took a while, however) and are enjoying sunshine this morning. We should get into the 40s today.
    I am glad you found some time for ‘me time’ this past week; it is so important for recharging ourselves.
    You will have a busy Thanksgiving. It’s great that everyone helps so you can enjoy the holiday too. I hope fun is had by all!
    That red dress would make a beautiful Christmas dress for dressier parties. It would look so pretty on you!
    Sending Sunday hugs! ❤


    1. You have to be living in our climate to know what a joy it is to reach 37 somedays!! Glad the snow is gone , it is 45 and cloudy now after some sun earlier. we sure do need to recharge Cindy! It will be busy but also fun too I think , (we will have wine too!) It is dressier alright , I like the style and you are so kind saying it would look good on me. I have one pretty similar to this one. Thanks for visiting my Friend, Terri xo.

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