Dress of the week June 29th

Good  morning  ladies !  The  weekend  is  going  to  be  really  hot  here , in  the  90’s  with  humidity .  We  have  had    changeable  weather  all  week with  sun , clouds  and  a  thunderstorm !   last  weekend  was  another  softball  one ,  we  didn’t  have  to  travel  far  which  was  nice.  The  team  had  mixed  results , some  wins  some losses.   There is another  tournament  this  weekend  in  our  town!  Our  oldest  son  has  been  doing  archery  class  which  he  is  liking.

Our  pool  is  getting  good  use  this  summer  also. It  will  be  great  for  cooling  down this  weekend.


I  celebrated  my  birthday  on  Tuesday  and  got  some  great  cards  and  gifts  of  clothing and  food! My  sister  sent  a  Paddy  box filled  with   crisps (potato  chips)  and  candy   from  Ireland ! It  was  a nice  surprise  but  I  think  the  kids  have  sampled  more  than  I  have!!

After  completing  the  last  paragraph  above  I  went  to  volunteer   concessions  at  the  softball  field.  i  did  the  9-11 am  slot.

Last  evening  we hired a  babysitter…  I  mean  our  daughter did  it  for  the  first time !!  She  is  that  age  now. We  went  to a  retirement  party  at  a  nice  restaurant  for a  lady  who  worked as pastoral  care  director  at  our  Church.  it  was  a nice  evening  giving  her  a  send  off  and  getting  to  mingle  with  parishoners  in  a different  environment.

Please  rate out  of   10 this   pink floral  print   wrap dress  with  high  low  hem  from  target  see  here 

It  also  comes  in  navy!   Have  a fabulous  weekend  and  week  ahead,  Terri  xo.



6 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 29th

  1. Ahhh Happy Birthday, Terri! I hope it was wonderful. This dress really is lovely, I love your style. OMG 90 is really hot for where you live. Stay cool! This summer bucket list is awesome. I want to do all of these.


    1. Thank you on the birthday wishes Courtney!! It was a nice day. The dress is pretty , I have my own style and glad you like it. 90 is getting on the hot side for my skin shade and I make good choices with sunscreen and shade . Aww the bucket list is one I found , I am sure you can see, but it would be nice to achieve most of the list. Thanks for stopping by , have a nice week, Terri xo.


  2. Happy birthday Terri! Nice to have your own live-in babysitter! It’s a good thing you have a pool! That’s a great summer list, we’ve already done a few things on the list. Looking forward to a walk on the beach, I especially love a summer sunset along the seashore!

    Oh, that’s a lovely dress! 10+ Wait a minute, it looks familiar! I have a similar one! It’s the one that you featured me! 😉




    1. Thank you Carmen!! It is good for us and our Daughter babysitting! It is a summer list I found but so many good items on there to achieve! Summer sunsets are the best. Thanks on the dress , and yes it is very similar to the one I featured you wearing !! I appreciate you visiting, happy Monday, Terri xo.

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