Dress of the week June 22nd

Good  morning  Ladies!  June  is  rolling  along  , gathering  speed quickly!  The  weather  is  perfect  here recently ,in  my  opinion , mostly  sunny and  in  the  seventies F   or low  to  mid  twenties in  C .  Our  pool is  getting  a  good  workout  this  summer , a  great investment.   Kids   are  drawn  like  a magnet  to  water!

This  past  weekend  we  had a softball  tournament  that  our  daughters  team  won  at  their  grade  level.  It  is  a  good  boost  to  win , but  important  to  know  that  you  wont  win  all  the  time.  Our  older son  is  doing  archery  one  day  a  week  and they  are  also  signed  up  for spa, which  is a  bunch of  activites  for  kids  in  summer .   Our  neighbor  girl  Maddi is coming  over   3  days  a  week   every  second  week  (her  parents  are  seperated:(  )  so  her  Dad  can  work. She  is  a good  companion  and  temporary  sister  to our  daughter!  They  are  6 months  apart  in  age.

Growing  up  Gaelic  football was  a  big  thing  where  I  come  from  in  Ireland  and  my  county  are  playing  in  the provincial  final  for  the  first  time  since  2001 Tomorrow  !  There  is  great  interest back  home  and  flags  are  flying as  I  get  updated .

Please  rate  out  of  10 this  coral  floral  print  midi dress, see  here    It  has  adjustable  straps  and  the  skirt  ends  at  a  trumpet  hem.

Have a  lovely  weekend  each  and  everyone!  Take care  Terri  xo.



10 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 22nd

  1. So glad you are enjoying such beautiful weather!

    Congrats to your daughters on winning their softball tournaments!! Woohoooo!!! I think softball is the best summer sport ❤ It brings back great memories. You all are so very busy. How do you juggle it all?!

    So exciting about the Gaelic football finals! How did your county do?! I am anxious to hear!

    LOVEE this dress!!

    Ps. You will appreciate this- DJ and I had a long convo today about potentially settling down and raising kids in Minneapolis one day. It’s definitely on our radar!

    Thanks for sharing, Terri 🙂


    1. Thanks for the softball congratulations Mackenzie ! You always find a way to juggle things , even with 4 kids, sometime there is compromise. Aww my county were beaten by a more experienced team but they did their best! It is a cute summer dress that I was drawn to (imagine that!) and I love the bag also. Oh wow that would be a big move to Minneapolis ! If you can handle the cold it would work good for you! Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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  2. Hi Terri! Summer is in full swing here too! Nice that your daughter and Maddi are close in age so they can have fun together and I’m sure that’s a great help for her dad.

    What a lovely summer dress and I love the bag!! 10



    1. Yes summer is in full swing, we are supposed to get to 32c this weekend ! They get along really well together ,It is peace of mind for her Dad also. The dress is nice and flowy and I love the bag too! A perfect compliment to the dress . Thank you for visiting Carmen, Terri xoxo.

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      1. Aww we are all living in God’s woods just different areas! I am guilty of picking the more feminine dresses alright! Sometimes I throw one in that I do not totally love and let my followers decide. Have a great weekend Carmen, Terri xo

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