Dress of the week July 6th !

Good  morning Ladies !  We  have  turned  the  calendar  to  July  and  the  summer  is  starting to roll  on ,   as long  as  it  is  not too  fast  , right?   Last weekend   was  taken  up  with  softball ( surprise !)  and  a  visit  from  my  in-laws.  Softball  was  Saturday, our  team  played  3  games and  had  to  win  one  to  make  it  to state   which  they  did!  It  was  nice  not  having  it  on  Sunday !  Most  of  the  Girls on  the  team  came  over  to  our  pool  in  the  evening  Saturday  for  swimming  and  Pizza .   It  was a  great  way to  cool  down after    a  hot  day. They  all get  along  so  well.

On  Sunday  after  Church there  was  a meal  and  celebration  for  the  Lady who   directed  pastoral  life in  our  parish   for  a  number  of  years.(We  also  went  to a  local restaurant on  Friday for those  closer  to  her)   She  retired  at  the  end  of  June.  Dottie  is  truly  a   woman  who  knows  the  meaning  of  serving  God  and  I  can  learn  from  her.  She  will continue  to  volunteer in   the  Church.

The  in-laws  met  us at  the  celebration  at  11.30 am   and  after  we  hung  out  at  our  house.  My  mother-in-law celebrated  her    birthday on the  Friday  (June 28th)  and  so in  the  evening   we went to  a    restaurant  close  to our  house  so  the  kids  could  also  give  her  a  great  birthday  gift!

On  Tuesday  our  Daughter  turned  12 !!!!   I am  not  sure  how it  is  possible  but  that’s   the  answer  the  calculator  came  up  with  when  we  did  the  math!   We  had  a  little  celebration  at  home  and she  requested  ice  cream  cake  from  Dairy  Queen .


On  Independence day  July 4th  we  celebrated  with our  neighbor and  his  Daughter , and also  his friend  who  recently  moved here  from  New  York  with  his  boy  and  Girl .  We  went  to  a parade  in  the  morning  15 miles  away , a  tradition  we  have  begun for a  number  of  years.   Then  we  came  back and  had  lunch, swimming to  cool down .  The guys bought  a  bunch  of  fireworks  from a  stand  in  our  town . They  are  the  kind  that  don’t leave  the  ground but  were  still  pretty  cool  for  the   kids! Others in  the  neighborhood crossed  state  lines to  buy the  airborne  kind , you  are  not  supposed  to use  those  in  our  state but  it  is  not  enforced  really.

This  weekend  is  just  a  time  to  hangout and  enjoy !

Please   rate  out  of  10  this magenta  lace   midi dress which has  an   off  the  shoulder  neckline  with  double  tiered  ruffles . It  has  a princess  waistline  and also  a  ruffled  hemline ,  see  here 


Have a  lovely  weekend,  Terri  xo.

8 thoughts on “Dress of the week July 6th !

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter, Terri. It probably feels like just yesterday when she was a newborn. Childhood goes by so fast! *sigh*
    Swimming pools are so much fun and they attract lots of friends and parties during the warm weather. We made lots of great memories with our pool when our daughter was younger. Now, the pool is very old and it needs to come out. 😦 Time marches on, doesn’t it?
    It sounds like you have a packed summer filled with softball games, parties and celebrations. Continue to enjoy!


    1. Thank you from our Daughter on the birthday wishes Cindy! It does feel like yesterday , I am sure from your experience it does go so so fast. We have to take advantage of this precious time . We have some nice memories made and more to come from the pool. Aww it is amazing how you now don’t have a need for the pool. Blink of an eye stuff, right? There is a lot going on this summer , enjoy the best of it also Cindy, thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


  2. This dress is lovely and so different! I want it! Sounds like you’ve been so busy lately, but have had lots of celebrations. Good for you. Have a nice week.

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  3. Hi Terri! Happy to hear it’s been a time of celebrating! (Your daughter’s 12th birthday, Dottie’s retirement and Independence Day.) Hope the summer lasts longer than winter! 😉

    I love lace, the colour and style of this dress are beautiful–10 for sure!



    1. It was a lot of celebrating Carmen!! We had a rainy June but July is starting out sunnier . I was drawn to the lace when picking this one out , and the color is nice too. Thanks for rating and visiting Dear, Terri xo.

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