Dress of the week March 17th

Good  morning  Ladies!! Happy  ST. Patrick’s day  to  you (Beannachtaí na lá Féile Pádraig oraibh!) This  is  the  Gaelic  greeting! It  is  pronounced  Bann-ock-tee na  law fail-eh  paw-rig or-iv!   There  is  my  lesson  for  the  day, hehe.  tumblr_olrmspm3Uj1w6coppo1_500

We   celebrated  our  Liam’s  6th  birthday yesterday!  It  was   an  early  celebration  ,  his  is not  for  another  week  but  it  worked  better  for  extended  family . He  is  such  an  active  and  outdoorsy  boy  and knows  how  to  get  ,  dirty , or  wet  when  outside!  He  is  his  own  little  character!

We  have  started  getting  rain  here!   the  temps  are  rising  and  its  supposed  to  reach  60f  later  this  week. I  will  stop  short  of  saying  winter  is  over  because it  is  only  6  years since  we  got  a  foot  of  snow May 8th! The  kids  start  a week  of  Spring  break  on  Friday   and we  are  going  on  a  trip for  a  few  days  from  friday until  Tuesday!  More  on  that  next  week !

Please rate out  of  10 this  floral  fit  and  flare  cami  midi  from  old  Navy  , see here It will  be  great  for  warm  weather  or  worn with a  cute  cardigan  in  spring.  Have  a  nice rest  of  your  weekend ,  Terri  xo.

old n




13 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 17th

  1. Happy birthday to Liam! We’ve had some rain too and temperatures are rising. The sun was shining today. 🙂
    It won’t be too long before we can wear such a lovey summer dress as you’ve shown–10!

    On the weekend we enjoyed a St.Patrick’s Day party, where I led many dances, including Irish and Scottish dances. ☘☘☘ Thank you for the lovely Irish blessing! I missed doing a St. Patrick’s Day post on my blog because I’ve been so busy. Here’s a post with the same blessing that I posted a few years ago …


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    1. Thank you for Liam’s birthday wishes! We had a fun party. The snow is thawing Carmen !! It will be nice to be able to wear some midi dresses soon! Sounds like a fun St Patrick’s day party you had. Thanks for sharing your post from 2016 ! Have a great day Dear , Hugs, Terri xo.

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  2. Happy (one day late) St. Patrick’s Day!!!! And happy birthday to Liam!!! I really hope the weather continues to warm up for you. I am all about this dress!!! I have been wanting to do a trip to wine country, and that would be beautiful there. Although, I am trying not to buy any new clothes with the move coming! Might have to make a concession… hmm…Thanks for sharing, Terri 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the St. Patricks day wishes Mackenzie!! And for Liam’s birthday. It is beautiful and sunny 39f ( it feels great believe Me even at that temp) I am glad you like the dress!! It would be comfy to wear in wine country .I sneak peeked ahead and did see you are moving, so happy for you. You should make a concession, DJ will understand also!! Thanks for visiting Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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  3. We’ve had some rather crazy Spring weather here too this year – a few weeks ago we had the warmest weather on record for February, but then last week we had snow, hail, lots of rain and gale force winds! It’s nice to see the new spring shoots pushing through though, fingers crossed some more stable weather is coming our way soon!


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