Dress of the week March 30th (And trip to KC part 1!)

Good  morning  ladies!

last   week  there  was  a  first   for  my  blog in   nearly  3  years posting,  there  was  no  post  for March  23rd  created!! (I  do  apologize)  The  kids  started  Spring  break  on  Friday  the  22nd and  for  it  we  planned  a  getaway. We  went  to  Kansas  city.( It was  inspired  by Courtney from A Byers guide)  We  left  after  all the  packing  was  done on  Friday  evening  at  5:30  and  drove for  3  hours  to  Des Moines , Iowa (there were  food  and  bathroom  breaks  along  the  way )  we  arrived  at  the  hotel  we  booked  for  the  night  at  9:20   and  got  settled in .  The  next  morning  the  kids went  swimming  in  the  pool and  had great  fun  as  always. They  are  little  fish!   We   checked  out  at  11:00  and  had  lunch  at  Bennigan’s  Irish  style  Restaurant.  We  stopped  at  dunkin  donuts for some  coffee  and took  interstate 35  south . It  was  a  pretty  drive  with  rolling  hills  and  nature  at  its  best. Another  thing  was  that  there  was  no snow  south  of  Des Moines , it  was  a novelty for  us! It  is  a  3  hour  drive  also from Des  Moines  to Kansas  City   and  with  stops  we  arrived  at  our  hotel  at  about  5pm. We  stayed  at  homewood suites  by  Hilton  next  to  the  Kansas City  Speedway.  This  is  on  the  west suburbs  of  the  city.

I  will  do  a  part  2  post  on  our  trip  later.tumblr_pp5o1hBQkb1rtlmgg_540

The  kids  are  back  to  school  on  Monday  and  before  we  know  it  it  will  be  summer!   We  are  planning  a  low  key  weekend .

Please  rate  out  of  10  this Lilac  floral  midi  dress with  three  quarter  length  sleeves  from  Zulily see here   Have   a lovely  week  ,  Terri  xo.




15 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 30th (And trip to KC part 1!)

  1. I love the length of this dress and the 3/4 sleeves! Florals are always pretty and no two are exactly the same. 10

    Road trips are so fun and make great memories for the kids! Looking forward to your Kansas City post!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



    1. Thanks Olya ! Don’t tell anyone (shhh!) but I am getting to a stage where the midi length is more appropriate and appealing . This one checks all the boxes for Me . Thanks so much for visiting Dear , Have a great weekend, Terri xo.

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  2. I am so impressed you are able to stick to a blogging schedule as you do!! I’m just glad to know I didn’t miss a post- I was wondering if it just didn’t show up in my reader.

    Aww I am so glad you and all the sweet little fish had such a blast at your getaway!!! 🙂 You can never go wrong with Dunkin’ donuts. That place was made for road trips!

    I just cannot believe how quickly this year is flying- the thought that summer is creeping up just boggles my mind! Thanks for sharing, Terri ❤ Have a wonderful week!!


    1. I am able to stick to schedule when i am at home on the weekend Mackenzie. I write my post on my laptop and didnt bring it with us. It is easier on it that my phone.We all had a great time, the trip was not bad as we broke it up and both parents took turns driving. Yes we do like dunkin donuts , it was popular in New York when we lived there and it was just 2 of us, Now there are 4 kids. Dunkin Donuts left Minnesota 15 years ago and are slowly returning , we need one closer to us!! It is April 1st (no joke Dear!!) I can smell Spring, even here in Minnesota! Thank you so much for visiting , have a beautiful week, Terri xo.

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  3. Hi, Terri. I’m glad you got away from the snow for awhile. I don’t know how you put up with the snow for so long. It’s all what you’re used to probably, right? I’ve lost quite a few friends who’ve made their home in IL as adults and had to move back to their sunnier states. The dreary days don’t bother me as much because it’s all I’ve known having lived here my whole life. The Floral Midi Dress is very pretty. I am on the search for easy-t- wear (over 50) summer dresses to wear for every day, very casual. Got any ideas?


    1. Hi Cindy thanks for visiting! The snow does get old but it is gone now except for some snow banks. I married into Minnesota , I am guessing I would not live here otherwise! I feel bad for you losing friends due to the Northern Illinois temps. I do like the lilac floral dress too. You should try old navy and target for casual and inexpensive t dresses. i hope it helps , Terri xo.


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