Dress of the week March 13th !

Good   morning  Ladies !!   it  is   a sunny  Sunday morning here in  Minnesota ,  36f   and  getting up to  39 today.  With daylight savings  in the early hours of the morning  we lost  an hour   and I am  a bit   slow in getting  active ! I think evening  church will  be  attended today!

Mar 22 05
from a few days ago



So now on to  Las  Vegas !!  We  left on Friday March  4th .  We had  dinner  then  drove to a park  and  ride  place  close to the airport   and dropped off the  car. Earlier in the  day  we  brought our  dog to a  dogsitter  through the rover app. She lives  10  minutes away  and  came  highly recommended .  We  got to the  airport  at  7pm  got  checked in  through security  and  met  my in-laws by the  departure  gate.  They have  the timeshare in Las  Vegas, or  they  can go to any major  city in the states basically. It was  so nice of them to invite us !  Our  flight took off at  9’30 pm   and was a   pretty   smooth trip to Vegas.  .  We  gained 2  hrs  heading west ,  Our  flight got in at 11pm local time.   We  got our  cases,  and  then waited for a  shuttle  bus to  car rental.  We got a nice  vehicle to fit us all. I didn’t   sign on to drive as I came back 2  days earlier than the rest of the  family. We then  drove and  found a  restaurant open as  the kids were  hungry! We  ate and then  headed to our hotel .  We were  there  around 12. 15  am  and were  staying on the 9th floor of the  Grandview   hotel.  After getting  settled  and  unpacking a little , getting the kids to bed ,  we both were going to bed at 1:15am!!!

view from hotel window


The  kids  were  awake  early next morning ,  above is the  first  view we  had  from our hotel window.  you can see  the  mountains in the  background.  In this hotel  you  go into  your suite  via  a  shared foyer using a  keycard , then there is  suite A  and  suite B .  My in-laws  were in A  and the rest of us in B , except our 8 year old who wanted to stay   with them !!  We  had the 2  suite doors open all during trip so people could  easily  go from one to the other.

Above  are a  few  random photos  from our  suite we  also  had  a  stackable  washer  dryer  which was  nice !  In the photo  looking  towards the kitchen you can see  the open suite door . On our  first  day  there we   took things easy .  After  breakfast  we went to the swimming  pool and  hot tub pool .  Then after some of the adults went over to the  nearby Southpoint casino , it was a  5  minute  walk away.  I am not  really  a gambler but  it  was  nice to walk around and  see  what  people  were  doing at  machines , and also the horse racing section .

I  will  continue our Vegas adventure next  week.  We  had  some  sad  news on the  trip , the patriarch of the  family Pete  passed  away at  the age of 93  last  Wednesday. He  was so nice to me always ,  and on the  weekend before our wedding him and his  wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, it was the  first  event we did as  we  travelled  for our wedding week. His  funeral takes place  Saturday.   He is the last of the  Great Grandparents , may he rest in peace.  


Please rate out of 10 this floral print empire dress see here





Have a great  week,  Terri xo.


10 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 13th !

  1. What a fun Vegas Vacation! How nice that your in-laws invited you to their Timeshare – a wonderful family adventure and memories made to last a lifetime! It’s a lovely hotel and being on the 9th floor gave you a great view of the mountains in the distance. Sad news about great-grandfather Pete and I’m glad you have fond memories!

    Lovely photo of you! The floral dress is a 10.

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    1. It was fun to get away from the cold and not have to wrap up too much going outside for a few days Carmen! We certainly made memories on the trip. The 9th floor view was really nice, we were on the south side of Vegas and were able to see the mountains all around . It was sad that Pete passed but he had a full life and God called him home. Thanks for liking my photo, it was a quick one before going out on an errand. So glad you like the dress of the week! Have a great weekend, Terri xo.

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    1. I thought it said “spring” when I saw it ! Pastels and florals are my favorite thing about spring too. You are right a great time to shop for that new outfit or dress! Thanks for visiting Dear, Terri xo.

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  2. Hi, Terri. I am so sorry to hear about your great grandpa Pete. I hope the memories you have of him bring you much comfort during this time. It sounds like he was a wonderful man and greatly loved by all of you. Sending prayers to you and your family.
    Wow! You all had a fun Las Vegas vacation. I hope it was warm and sunny–a nice reprieve from late winter weather. The hotel had every comfort of home and lots of space for everyone. What a nice discovery!
    Very pretty dress–just like a watercolor flower garden. I’ll give it a 10 too!
    Have a beautiful Sunday and week ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cindy , he is the kids great Grandfather , my grandfather through marriage I have many warm memories of him over close to
      twenty years as part of the family. Thanks for you prayers and sympathy , he was so much loved . It was a nice time Cindy in Las Vegas . The first day or two were on the cool side but the rest were perfect! The hotel did have all the comforts of home . I will share more pics of our trip in next post ! The dress sure is like a watercolor flower garden . Thanks for the 10 rating . Have a nice Thursday and weekend. I hope spring is taking shape there and pushing winter out ! Hugs to you Cindy, Terri xo.


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