Dress of the week July 3rd !

Good morning Ladies and welcome to my blog from our new home !!! This week has been quite the rollercoaster so we will get into it . On Sunday evening our good friends Brandon Josette and daughter Maddi came over for a last meal together in our old house. He also dropped off this really long trailer for us to pack the last of our household items into . It belongs to a friend of his and we are grateful for the loan of it.

After  packing  boxes  with all sorts of items , from different  parts  of the  house , we had   everything  cleared out at  11:28  am  on  Tuesday morning.  We  were leaving our  home  of  15  years   for the  last time  and  it was  emotional ( I am tearing up now  writing this!)  The  memories  will last   forever in photos  and  video. 


At  1pm  we  signed  for  the   new  house  and  by  1:45  we   got  the  keys , it  was  ours!  The  house   was in  really good   shape, ( we  had  done a  walkthrough the  evening  before and they had  lots of  unpacking to do at  that stage!) It  took a  while  for it to  sink in  that this  was  ours! It  is  so  much more  spacious   for a   family of  6  and  we love it  now.   We  unloaded  the  trailer into the  garage  on that  first  evening, we  also  have  the  rest  of our  stuff in  storage.  We  stayed  at a  hotel  the  first  and  second night  , as  Wednesday  we  had  the   carpets   cleaned and  also  the   central  air  ducts  cleaned  as   one of  our  boys  has  allergies  and  we  wanted  a  fresh  start. On Thursday  my  in-laws  came  to  help   with  unpacking ,  and  all the assembly  that  was   needed . They  stayed  overnight  with us and  left  at  noon  Friday, they  were  a   huge  help!!! 

Also on Friday  our  daughter  celebrated  her  14th  Birthday , so we  wanted  to  make it  special  for  her  also! We had  a  meal at  home  and  sang  happy  birthday  with  her  favorite  cake .  I can’t  believe  14  already!!!  

Today we are  going to  be  doing  some  more  assembly  and unpacking!

Screenshot 2021-07-04 073743
Kitchen sneak peek!

I will have more to  come later! 

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  Have a lovely  4th of July  if  you are  celebrating  where you are , take  care , Terri xo. 




6 thoughts on “Dress of the week July 3rd !

  1. Hi Terri! And with all that work of moving and your daughter’s birhtday to celebrate, you still made time to write! You amaze me! You have left your house, but you will always keep your memores!

    We are helping our sons with their moves and I find it very difficult to blog. I can’t believe we’re halfway through July already. My husband is painting both our sons’ houses – every room, every wall. He also painted the houses they sold. I’ll be glad when they’re settled. We have been planning to move but have not found the right house yet. So there is more work to do ahead: painting and packing and moving.

    Thanks for the peek into your new kitchen! Looking forward to more photos of your lovely new home!

    God bless your home with peace and love!


    1. I did find a pocket of time to write Carmen! My blog is important to me and keeping up with all my friends here! I did miss posting on the weekend of the 10th but bundled it in with this weeks post. The memories will always last, God bless both of you for helping with both your sons ‘ moves to new houses. Your husband must be a wonderful painter! You will be glad when you can vist your their houses and relax after all is finished. I hope you find the perfect house for both of you! You are welcome at the peek into the kitchen, I love it , so much more space ! I have a few more pics in this weeks post. Thanks for the sweet blessings of peace and love! Have a lovely day and thanks for taking the time to visit, Terri xo.

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      1. We are visiting our oldest son and family in their new home right now for a few days, my husband did more painting–our 5th time visiting and there’s always another room to paint, it’s huge house. However, we do have moments to relax while enjoying being with them and our grandchildren. I’ll check out you new post!

        Happy Sunday filled with blessings from above!

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      2. The new house and rooms will look so nice after your husbands efforts ! I would say ours is huge also! I am happy you get to relax also and enjoy the family. Thank you ! Many blessings to you all , Terri xo.

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    1. hanks so much Jan! It is a peek at the house, more to come! Thanks for the birthday wishes to our daughter , 14 already , oh my ! Everyone is loving the house, thanks for visiting, Terri xo.


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