Dress of the week December 23

Hi  Ladies, its  beginning  to  feel  a  lot  like  Christmas! We  are  very  nearly  there  .  I  have  kept  a  low  profile  not  getting  too  stressed  out  about  the  build  up. The  kids  are  getting  excited  but  I  try  to  keep  them  grounded  and  let  them  know  what  our  reason  for  celebration  is,  the  birth  of  Jesus  Christ  , coming  into  the  world   to  save  us  from  our  sins.nativity-scene1

I get  disillusioned  sometimes  when  tv  radio  etc  turn  it  into  something  else.  Yesterday  we  had  our  work  Chrismas  party  , it  was  so  fun  getting  to relax  a  little  and  get  home  early! I  did  some  last  minute  shopping  (I  know  I’m bad!)  and  had  a  relaxing  evening. today  was  a  lot  of  laundry   and  clean  up.    Tomorrow  we  go  to  my  in-laws  for  Christmas  eve  and  stay  over  for  Christmas  day  too.  We  will  attend  Church  in  the  afternoon  and   then  have   a  Christmas  celebration    with  family.   We  do  gift  opening  on  Christmas  eve    and  on  the  day  itself  too.

Please  rate out  of  10   this  A  line  party   dress  ,  great  for   Christmas  or  new years  ,  see here.  Wishing  you  all  a  blessed   and  Merry  Christmas,  take  care  Terri  xoxo.


6 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 23

    1. Hi Jessica , good to hear from you ❤ Christmas was great , a time of faith ,family and fun was had . Exciting with 4 kids and their 3 cousins! How was yours? Thanks for the rating, its the last of the red dresses for a while! Take Care Dear, hugs, Terri xoxo.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your dear family! We are so blessed to have a wonderful Saviour who loves us so much!

    All your red dresses have certainly been very festive and feminine! Another 10!


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  2. A blessed Christmas Terri to you and your family, and to all your followers.
    Another fine dress from your fine catalogue but only because of the heat we are experiencing in Sydney Australia this week I cannot score it as a ten. It looks warm and while that will allow a lot of your followers to rate it highly, alas it would cause heat stress here. Has been 110 degrees farenheight or 44 degrees celcius in wider Sydney this week although some rain and milder temperatures are predicted on the big day.
    Will be tee shirts and trying to sit near a window for midnight Mass to keep it comfortable.
    Throw another log on the fire for me and I’ll stand under the sprinkler for all of you after a game of backyard cricket after Christmas lunch.
    Kindest regards,


    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Geraldine ! Its ok you didnt score ten , we couldn’t wear this one here either without a coat and tights! Its minus 18c here today! Have a terrific Christmas toon and chat soon Terri 💖


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