Dress of the week March 4th !

Good  morning  Ladies ! How  are you today  as  we  have  entered  into March?  A  step closer to  Spring I say ! Its   28f  or  -2c   this  morning  ,    It is not  too  bad  at  all.   This week  we   got  about  an inch  of  snow ,  and  a  little  rain  that  made the  roads  slick.  Some  of last  weeks  snowfall is  melting..  very  gradually   but I will take it!   The  sun  is  trying  to   peek  through  also. March 2023 H.S.

Last  Sunday  when I left off  we   were  going to    church,  the  first Sunday of  Lent. After  coming  back  we   had a   pretty  relaxing    afternoon  . Our  daughter  had  faith formation  classes  in the  evening. I also  got to talk to my parents  via  video chat. They are  doing  well,  Thank God.   Monday  , and  the  whole  week  was   busy  for  me  at  work. It  was   a  good  week  , for the  kids  ,  they got to go to  school all  5  days.    I do  hope  there  are  no  more  snow  days.   Wednesday  it  was  the  boys  turn to  go  to  Church class.   Thursday    and  Friday   went  by  really  fast.   We   had  some  pizza   for  dinner  last night.   Today  our  daughter  has a  volleyball tournament   about  an hour  away.    Our  oldest  son is  going snowmobiling   with our  friend  Brandon . He  is looking  forward to it.   There  will be  housework to attend  to also!  Housewife ...


Please  rate out of  10 this full skirt paneled midi dress see here

Dress March 4th 2023


Have a   lovely weekend  and  beautiful  week  ahead,  Terri xo. 


4 thoughts on “Dress of the week March 4th !

  1. Another day closer to spring! It’s still cold here but spring will return someday! You’ve had busy week and your children enjoy their activities, it’s good to have some time to relax on a Sunday afternoon!

    The dress is pretty, a touch of old-fashioned charm! – 9


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    1. Hi Carmen ! I keep thinking it is a day closer to spring, even as the snow keeps falling ! The week was busy but we get through them every time . The activities are fun for sure. I do like the relaxation especially on a Sunday. I am glad you like the old fashioned look to this dress , I really liked picking it out. Thanks so much for visiting, Have a lovely week, Terri xo.

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