Dress of the week January 8th!

Good  morning  Ladies !!   I  want  to  wish you all a   very  big  welcome  to  my  blog  for  2023 ! I  hope it is  a  wonderful  year  for  each  and  every one of  you. .  We   certainly  got   a   new  years  awakening  on  Wednesday   and Thursday of  this  week.  We  had  14  inches  of  snow  over  the   2   days!  The  last   few   days  have  had  sunshine   which is  nice  to see  again,  but it is  in  the  cooler  temperatures  again. It  is   3f  or  minus  16c  right now.

The  snow  piles  up    higher  and  higher  !!20230106_171606

Last  week  as  I  left  we  were  about  to  go  out  to  dinner   with our  friends  Brandon and  Josette . We  picked  them up  and  got  a   better  look  at  their  new  house  they  had  moved into the  previous  evening. It  is  a  lovely  3   story house   that  will work so well for  them.  We   went  to  the  restaurant ,  it  was  busy   being   new  years  eve,  but  they opened  up a   table  pretty  fast   for  us .   We   had a  lovely  meal  and   great   conversation also.  Our  Waitress  was  a  sweetheart to us.    They  declined  to  come over  to our  house  for  ringing in the  new  year  as  they  were     tired  after  the  previous  days  moving  and  the  unpacking  combined.  So  we   rang it in  ourselves  and  one of  our  sons  wanted to  stay  up   for it also !

The   next  day  Sunday  we  went  to  early  Church. . A  good  way to  start  a  new  year! We  had a  relaxing  early  afternoon,  then  Brandon  and  Josette  came over  to watch the  vikings  game  as  their  tv   had  not  been  set up  yet. We   had  Papa Murphys  pizza   for  dinner, it is    prepared  there  and  baked  at home.

Monday  was  a  relaxing  day, I  was  off  work  due to  New  years  day  falling on a    Sunday. We also  used  the  day to  get  the  kids  ready for  returning to school.  On Tuesday morning  early I got  voicemail  from  school  saying  they  would  be  staying  home  due to  snow.  Then  the  same  happened on Wednesday Morning  to  give  them  an  extended   Christmas  break!!!   Their  church  class  was  cancelled  also  that  night. 20230104_073153

Thursday  and  Friday  went   by  fast .   On  Friday  night  we  looked into volunteering   for  “Feed  my starving Children”  It is  a  non-profit  group  that  sends   meals  to  kids  and  families  in  underprivileged  countries. They  have  a location  about  25 mins  drive  from  us .  They  had  7  slots  open  to  package  food  on  Saturday morning.   My eldest son  and  I  ended  up  going only  .  It  was    a  fun  experience , but  also  humbling. There are  4  ingredients  packed into each  sealed  bag.rice, soy, dried vegetables and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals. 

We  were put onto  a  church group  team  and  I   had  fun  chatting with  Chris  and  Emily as  we  worked .  We  did  have to  stay  focused  though.  In total our  work  station   packed  396  bags   divided into  11  boxes.  I was  given the  job of  using the  sealer  machine!   WE  plan on going  again soon  with a   bigger  group. Below is a  video on the  feed  my  starving  Children  experience.

After   we   finished  volunteering  we  came  home   and  took  delivery of  a  new   washing  machine.   The old one  had an issue  and  they  could  not  fix it  (it was still under  the  warranty } and  gave us  a  new one! . 20230108_142935It  still  has   sticker on  in  photo after it  was   installed !

In  the  evening  we  had  more  dinner  plans,  two weeks  in  a  row.  We  met up  with  Jordan  and  his  wife Angie  for  a  couples  double  date .  We  had  a  nice  time  out  with them.   We  finished  the  night at a  new    brewpub  that makes  homemade  wines  and  beers. This  morning  we  went to  regular  church  and  had  the  knights of  Columbus    brunch  afterwards.


Please  rate out of  10  this geo  print A line  dress  see here

Geo print dress 1 8 23

Have a   blessed   week  ahead,  Terri xo.


8 thoughts on “Dress of the week January 8th!

    1. yes Kate, it’s not uncommon to get that much snow here ! The kids enjoyed the extra 2 days off! Thanks for the dress rating . And your too kind with the rating for me,! Sending. big hugs back, Terri xo.


  1. Lots of snow but it does look wonderful in photos! Is that your street? Such a beautiful photo of you, so sweet! Lovely wall decor in your laundry room and the sign is funny! Glad you got a new washing machine, something you really need with a family of 6!

    It’s nice that you enjoyed New Year’s dinner with your friends. I can understand that they didn’t stay till midnight, moving is tiring and stressful. We moved a year ago a few days before Christmas, not a time that I want to move again and my youngest son moved on New Year’s 10 years ago and that’s not a good time either. Now he sold his house in Kincardine and had to move out just before Christmas. He’s looking for a new house but hasn’t found one yet.

    Thank you for sharing the video of FMSC, how kind of you and your son to help, God bless all the helping hands of these compassionate people.



      1. I was thinking 7- 7.5!! I like to see what others think of dresses even if they are not one I would particularly wear myself. Thanks for the rating Carmen, Terri ❤


    1. The snow does look amazing in the photos for sure Carmen. The photo with the houses across the street is mine. The rural picture of the snow is a road nearby. Thanks so much for the compliments on my selfie photo! I needed to fix my hair a little, don’t tell anyone ! Also thanks on the laundry room ! We made it our own ! There is also a tip jar but it does not seem to get much extra money in there… hmmmm! I do like the Alexa sign. A working washing machine is essential for our family for sure. It was a lovely time out with friends new years eve. They were getting tired and we did not want to keep them up longer than needed . Wow you have already been in Kincardine a year? That did go fast. Moving in winter has its challenges . Im sorry your son moved. I hope he finds a place close to you.
      You are welcome for the FMSC video. I do not know if they are in Canada , but it is a great Christian based group that provides through volunteering. God bless all the hands ! Thanks for visiting me , blessings to you, Terri xo.


  2. Nice pics Sis! The picture of you especially! Sorry for all that snow. That’s awesome you got a new washer of out it huh? I bet the kids enjoyed having an extra day off from school. Hope all is well on your end. Love you, oxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you for the selfie picture compliments Sis !! Just a quick little snap. We are used to the snow now ! It is nice getting a new washer, this one is front load which we like better. The kids did enjoy their day(s) off school. We are doing well here , hope all is well with you Sis! Thanks for visiting, love you too, Terri xo,


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