Dress of the week October 8th !

Good  morning  Ladies!  How  are  you  doing  today ?  The  sun is  just  coming up and it looks  like  being  a   beautiful day.   It is  31f   so in the    frosty area. We  had to turn the  heat on last night.    I do hope  it  will warm  up  again  from  here  though  as  we  go more into October. 

Oct 8th 2022 HS


Last Saturday   I left off   when  we  were  about to go to  Pinehaven  farm. It  takes  about  an hour to get  there  and  we  arrived  around  10.15am.  The  weather  was sunny  and   the  temps  were  good.   There  was  lots  to see and  do  for  the  kids. There   were  farm  animals that they  got to feed.   They  enjoyed interacting  with them. We  went  then to  the play areas  with tunnel slides.   Then it  was on  to the  corn pit ,  they really had  fun in it.   they were  making  corn angels and all sorts of things !  Then they  went to the  giant  slide . The   boys    raced  down it  a  few  times.   Before we  left  we  went  walking  through  the  corn maze it  was  a  fun  walk. Then the  rain  came  unexpectedly.   We  left  and  went for  lunch at  a  local  restaurant in the  area.

We  arrived home at  2.30pm. Our  daughter  went out to  dinner  with  her  friends  as  part of the  homecoming  celebrations. They all got  dressed up.  She  needed  her  hair  styled and  she looked  good in her  new  dress.   We  had  a  relaxing  Saturday evening, phew ! 

On  Sunday we  were   busy  with  trap team activites  for our  son early.   We  then  had a  nice  afternoon, I  video chatted  with  my parents.    Monday  came   quick  and  we  were  all back to the  grind !    On  Tuesday  our  oldest  son  went to flag football in the  evening.   On Wednesday   they had  their  first  day of  Church class  for the  year.  Thanks to all the  volunteers for   helping in that area ! .   Thursday was  the  last  day of  flag football  for our  son.   He  really likes it and is missing it already !  Today we  are  having  family photos  taken  with all the  extended  family. The  last time our  Nephew Stanley was not  born so it will be   nice to have him in them. My mother-in-law is  excited for them !! 


Please  rate out of 10 this floral print  lantern sleeve  dress  see here

Oct 8th 2022 dress

Have a beautiful weekend, Terri xo.


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