Dress of the week October 1st !

Good morning Ladies ! I hope this post finds you well on this the first day of October . The sun is not even up yet as I write . I am an early bird today. We are going to a fall wonderland of adventure this morning . It is a farm that has it all apples & pumpkin picking . It also has fun games for the kids also. i will hopefully have some photos next week. We got our first frost this week on Wednesday … a little reminder of the future ! It did warm up in the days after .

Oct 2022 HS

We  had  a  few  busy  days  this  week  after   being  at my in-laws  last  weekend.  We  were all back to work and  school Monday.   This  week  was  homecoming   week , it is  a  celebration  of a  big  football game   for  the  local high  school.  Also past  students  women and  men  come  back  and  are  honored  during the  game.  All the  schools   from elementary  get in on the  party atmosphere  with  pajama  day to crazy sock  day  and  lots of  games.  it  culminates  with a  dance on the  Saturday night  for  high school   and  above. On  Monday  we  sold our old  truck !  After  getting  a  new  bigger  family   car  one  vehicle  had to go !  So  it  was  the oldest .  We  kept our  family car original family  car.    On  Wednesday  evening  we  went to the  homecoming  parade.  It  was  really nice, it last  about  half an hour  with   sports  teams , the  high  school  band and other  organizations  marching, they also handed out an obscene   amount of  candy !! Our  son  marched  with the  trap team although he  is  not in  high  school yet. 

Last   night our  3  older  kids  went to the  homecoming  game  with  their   friends  families. thanks to them for  the invites!  We  had  a little  date  night  with our youngest  son, we  went to Applebees  for  dinner!    The  kids  gradually  got  home  from the  game   one by one and unfortunately our team  lost  34 to  31  in the last 5  seconds ! They  still had  a  fun   night out.

Please  rate out of  10 this floral A line  belted  dress , see here

Oct 1st 2022 shein

Have a  beautiful  first  day of October 🍁 Terri xo. 


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