Dress of the week September 24th !

Good morning Ladies! I am writing this post as we travel to my in laws today ! We will see how it goes. It is a cloudy start to the day and 70f. The cool down has begun since the first day of Autumn. Yesterday morning was 49f when I woke up!!!

 The  last    2   weeks   have  been  pretty   standard  for  us,  since  the  kids   have  been  back in  school    the    weekdays  are  busy   getting   dinner  ready in the  evening  and  making   sure  they  have  everything   ready to go for the  morning !    The  weekends   have  been  time  to  relax  for all  ,  just to   recharge  .   We  have  been  just   working on a  few  projects outside  before  winter comes,  We  also have  to   shut   down our pool  for the  winter . It  got  so much use   during the  summer,  with  memories   made! 

 This  weekend   we   went to  my in laws  Saturday   morning    and  stayed until  Sunday evening . It  was  a nice   time  together .   This  coming   Thursday our High  school  has  the  homecoming  parade !   We will go  and  watch it.

 Please  rate out of  10 this floral embroidery  mesh overlay  dress , see here

Screenshot 2022-09-26 054133

Have a   great  week,  Terri xo. 


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