Dress of the week June 4th !

Good morning ladies and I cannot believe I am saying it but welcome to June on my blog!!!! May went in so fast and spring finally arrived in May for us ! We have had really beautiful weather for the most part.

June 2022 H. S.

Last weekend  was a  long  one in the  U.S.   It was  even longer  for  me  as our  youngest  was  feeling  unwell on the  Thursday  night  and  we  decided to  keep   him  home  from  school  as  a precaution On Friday .   Also on Friday  the  carpet  was  installed  in the    basement  bedroom project  for our  daughter. we also had  the  temporary  bedroom  she is  using , an office on the  ground  level carpeted.  Thanks to our  installer  Oleg , a lovely young man !  On Saturday  morning  I  went  for  a  walk in the  woods  with our  eldest  son. It was a  lovely  nature  walk but it  started  to  rain   during it. so we  cut it  short  . My    phone took in  some  moisture  and I had to go to the  phone store with it.   They were  not able to fix it  and I  had  to  have  a  new one  sent to  me,  it is  why I  have insurance!   In the  afternoon    our   middle  boy had  friends  come over to play.   They    went  swimming in our  still cold to  me   pool!!  They did not  have  any issues.  

Sunday  was   a relaxing   day   with  nothing  pressing on the  agenda.  On the  holiday Monday  we  went  to   watch our  local town  baseball  team in action. They would  be  considered  minor  league  but the standard  was  really good.   It  was a  fun  day out     for  family   and    and  good  food  as  well! 


Miesville mudhens 1
Miesville Minnesota !


Tuesday  was  back to  reality  ,  but  for our  youngest  2  it  was  the  day they  got  their  summer   vacation.  They  had to  go in  for a  few  hours   and  then were  done !! I  remember  those  carefree   days !   On  Thursday our older  2   finished  for the  year .    There  was  softball and  baseball  games  for our  2  players on Thursday  night . Our  daughter  had  a  game  across the  state  border in Wisconsin,   and our  son  had to  travel a   half hour to his  game. We  had  to  divide  and  conquer  as   parents .  Our  daughters,  team  won  but our  son’s   came up  against a  stronger  team.    Last  night our  daughters  team  played  the  first  3  games in  the local tournament   They won  2  and  lost 1 .  I will update you on the  rest of the  tournament  next  week. 

Please  rate out of  10 this ditsy  floral print   keyhole  back  print  dress  , see here

june 2022 dress 1 


Shoutout !-    To  my  beautiful  friend  Gemma   who  started   a  new job in  recent  weeks !  I am  excited  for    her     new  opportunity ,  well  done  Gemma ! 


Have a  beautiful  week,  Terri xo.  





8 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 4th !

  1. I’m glad your summer is off to a good start but I do hope your son is feeling better since becoming ill. Best of luck to your children’s activities. Sorry for your phone got damaged but hope you got a replacement or whatever you had done to it. I am happy for Gemma and will send her a Good Wishes message. I like that dress. Very pretty! I give it a 10!

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    1. Thanks so much Sis Jan ! He was ok the next day but we didn’t want to take any chances. The kids sports are keeping us busy for sure ! I did get a replacement phone, it was my own fault it got water damaged ! I am really happy for Gemma too! That is sweet of you to send her a message ! Glad you like the dress, It works fabulous for summer . Thanks for visiting, Sis, hugs, Terri xo.


  2. Spring arrived for us in May too and we are enjoying life on Lake Huron, walks on the beach and getting out in the garden. We don’t have Memorial Day in Canada but we do have a long weekend for Victoria Day (the week before your long weekend).

    I’m happy to hear the carpet for your daughter’s room is installed, she must be happy!

    It’s great that you enjoyed a nature walk with your son before it rained.

    I’m sure there’ll be plenty of days that everyone will have fun swimming now that summer vacation is here, especially when the weather is hot.

    You do have a busy household with sports and all, so a day to rest and relax is wonderful and needed!

    I’m happy for your friend that she got a new job.

    The dress is lovely for summer – 9 – I love the straw purse! I’ll give that a 10+


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    1. Glad spring finally got to you as well Carmen !
      It must be amazing that you now live by the beach and don’t have to travel to it !! I hope Victoria day weekend was nice for you ! The carpet is a positive step, we still have another few things to take care of before she can move in to the room. The walk in the woods was lovely ! The pool will et a lot of use this summer ! I sure enjoyed having a relaxing day after all the activities . I am so Happy for Gemma also ! The dress is cute that the mystery woman is modelling ! And you are right, the straw purse is definitely a 10 ! Thanks for visiting Carmen, enjoy the week, Terri xo.

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  3. Such lovely words my beautiful friend, I am so happy to hear that you and your family are all safe and well and are enjoying the sports games. I absolutely love the gorgeous dress it’s absolutely perfect for a beautiful walk along by the beach. Awwww Terri thank you for my sweet shoutout it truly means a lot. Sending so much love, hugs and many blessings to you and your family. Xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are so welcome Gemma ! WE are enjoying the sports, kept busy at them ! This dress would be so nice to walk along the beach in. You are quite welcome for the shoutout, you deserve it ! Thanks for coming to visit my blog ! Blessings to you, Terri xo.


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