Dress of the week May 21st !

Good  morning  Ladies !   Can you believe   we  are   2/3 of  the  way  through  May already ?   It  seems  to  be  going  by  so  fast .  Today is  starting off  nice  and  sunny   but  the  weekend  is  going to  be  changeable  with  cloudy weather and  maybe  some  rain  also.   We  also  had   rough  weather  during the  week  with hailstones   also !    Our   daughter and son’s  ball games  were  cancelled   on Thursday.   The upside is  that  everything  is  starting to  blossom! 


May flowers 2022

Last  week  I  said   I  was   painting  some  wood  trim . I  indeed did  paint it   .  We   brought it outside into the  sun  and  it  was  able to  dry   nicely.    We   also set up doors  in the  basement  for  painting , they are not  done  yet .  The  carpet in the  basement  bedroom  is  ordered  and we  are waiting on a  date  for  the  installers to   come.  Once the  wood  trim is installed it will  just  be  electrical  to finish and the   bedroom/bathroom will be  done! then the  fun  finishing touches of shower  curtain ,   and  accessories.    

In the  afternoon  I had to  check people in for our  eldest son’s  trap team. it  was  my week to volunteer.  We  were  there  for  about  3  hours  and it went  pretty smooth!   On Saturday  evening  the  kids  had  their  friend  Maddi come over and  they went  swimming.  All I can say right now is  Brrr!!  They   so  enjoyed it  though.   On Sunday  I went to early Church,  then  we  drove to help  my  aunt-in-law  with a  few  things  after  she  had  moved  to a  new  apartment   the  previous  day.  I usually like to  take it  easy on Sunday  but  this  was   an  exception.   We  got  home  at  about  6pm. 


Monday came fast as usual , we met with an insurance adjuster in the afternoon as we possibly have hail damage on our roof. We are waiting to hear back from him. Tuesday evening we did grass cutting . It was the first time since we moved home last June, as there had been a lawn service paid for until October 2021! We will handle it from now on. Wednesday and Thursday went by quickly . Last night there was a food in the park event in our neighborhood. There were a few different vendors and it was a chance to chat with people. Today there will be numerous chores to tackle…. I just have to get motivated ! The kids are going to an early morning Minnesota twins camp for 2 hours, so that should be fun !

Heather s May 2022

Please  rate out of  ten this all over  print  butterfly  sleeve  printed  dress  see here


shein May 21 2022

  Have a   beautiful weekend,  Terri xoxo. 

8 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 21st !

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments sis! We are doing well enjoying the long weekend I hope you get to relax on your day off. Love and best wishes also., Terri xo.


  1. Such a gorgeous dress I absolutely love it, perfect for going to the beach with the family. So lovely and perfect to stay cool in the hot summer sun. I hope you and your family have a beautiful weekend my sweet friend. Much love, hugs and blessings to you.
    Love Gemma xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much for your first comment on my blog Gemma !! Thanks for the lovely comment on the dress, glad it is a favourite for you. It would look really nice on you! We had a pretty nice weekend , kids sports took up most of the time. Sending love and hugs back to you, talk to you later, Terri xo.


  2. You’ve had a busy week and I hope you have a relaxing weekend. I’m sure you’ll be happy when the bedroom project is complete. Great that the kids are already having fun in the pool. Hopefully, there’s no damage on your roof from the hail.

    Looks like a vey pretty beach dress! 9


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    1. It was a busy week Carmen, I was so tired Friday night! Yesterday there were kids activities to attend so it was a little break from working ! We will be glad when the bathroom/bedroom is complete, we are so close now Carmen! Yes the kids had lots of fun in the pool last weekend , It is a little cooler this weekend . I don’t think there is hail damage. This dress will look so good on the beach ! Thanks for visiting Carmen, happy Sunday , Terri xo.

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    1. It will be a cute dress for going to the beach in Kate !! The basement is coming along, we did not get time to work on it yesterday though. We will get there. Sending lots of blessings back to you my friend, Terri xo.


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