Dress of the week May 7th!

Good  morning  ladies  from  a  sunny Minnesota ! It  is  a whopping  63f  at  9:30am already,   spring  has  finally  sprung  for us !   I am so excited  after a  lot of  days  with cold  temps  the  future  looks  good. 


Todays   post  will  be   pretty  short,  we  are  going  to the  wedding of our  friends  Brandon  and  Josette  later  at 4:30 . It is   going to  be  a  beautiful occasion.    Brandon and  Josette   were neighbors of ours, our  old  house  was on a square  block  with a  big field in the  middle  for  playing/ relaxing .   Brandon and  Josette  met in the  field !   The  rest  as  they  say is  history. We  were honored to be  with both of  them  on a  night out  when  he  proposed to her !  We   were in on the  secret  , and it was a  beautiful occasion to be  part of. Now  they are  going to be  joined in marriage. I am a  hopeless romantic  and  am looking  forward to later ! 


The  past  week  was  busy with  sports, house  projects , school  work etc !! It  will be  nice to enjoy the  afternoon and  evening  ahead! 


Please  rate out of  10   floral print shirred  waist  dress see here



Wishing  you alla   lovely weekend  and  Happy mothers  day to all the  Moms !!!    With love, Terri xo. (  Got to go!!)

8 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 7th!

  1. Weddings are such special occasions and I wish all the best for Brandon and Josette! 🙂 I’m glad you could be part of their celebration!

    The dress is a 9 – just right for the spring weather we are having! 🙂 What did you wear to the wedding?



    1. Weddings are a lovely occasion Carmen , especially for a romantic like me ! It was nice being part of the celebration , and being invited to be with them for his proposal early last year. Thanks for the dress rating, it would be so nice for spring early summer weather! I wore a simple black number from my wardrobe. I had started looking for something online but time ran out before I could order ( my fault!) Thanks for the visit, Terri xo.

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  2. I hope you enjoy yourself at the wedding. I hope everything is well with you and your family as well. Love you, xoxo I give the dress a 10. Very nice!

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  3. How sweet! Congratulations to Brandon and Josette! I know you will all have a good time at their wedding 🙂 the dress is very sweet!

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