Dress of the week February 13th !

Good morning Ladies ! You join me from another chilly Minnesota morning. it is -5f right now . Yesterday we woke up to rain and 36f. The rain is the worst this time of year , after its done it freezes and causes icy spots for driving in. It is better if it stays just under the freezing mark. We are promised a few days of cold weather going forward.

Happy Valentines day 2022

As  I  said  last  week  I  tested  positive  for  Covid  and   had to isolate  from  the  family.  It  was  tough  but  we  got  through . On  Monday I was  able to go  back to  work    and  was  advised to  wear a   mask for  the  week  as I  did .  Even  at home  I  stayed  away  for the  most  part  from   everyone   just  in   case,  I  did  not  want  to  get  anyone  sick. Wednesday  the  kids   were  back in  church  class . As  the  week   went on  I  was   getting  back to   normal.   I  was  just  happy I  didn’t   get    any  adverse  side  effects.   


On  Friday   night  our  daughter  had  a    bunch of  girlfriends over  for  a  sleepover.   I  made  them breakfast  on   Saturday morning  before  they  went their  separate  ways.  We   worked on the  basement    yesterday,  prepping the  walls  with  sheetrock  mud  . It is  a 3  part  process  so  maybe will be  ready in 2  weeks  for  paint!   Today  we  went to  church   and  later  will  watch the  superbowl(I think ! )  I will let you know  below  which team I want to win! 


Go Bengals


Please  rate out of  10 this flutter  sleeve  floral  print  poplin  dress   see here


Feb 2022 dress


Wishing  you a  lovely  week  ahead,  Terri xo. 

6 thoughts on “Dress of the week February 13th !

  1. So happy to hear you are feeling better, Terri! Now you are immune at least for a while.
    Wow, what a temperature difference from one day to the next. Such strange weather for February. We still have not had much snow here–wondering if we will this season.
    I hope you a great week! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love-ly family! ❤️ I give the dress an 8!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am immune for a while which is great Cindy ! Yes you never can tell the temps in Minnesota, it is white carpet on the ground here! 12 f now. We have a permanent. The week is going well thank you, we had a nice quiet Valentines day. Thanks for the dress rating, take care, Terri xo.


  2. Be careful out there driving around Sis, I am also relieved you are feeling better. I give this dress a 10. I like this much better. More my style. Have a great week!


    1. I am being very careful Sis when I am out and about ! I am feeling back to normal now. Thanks for the dress rating ! I had to do better after last week !!! You would look really good in this dress. Have a lovely week also, Terri xo.


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