Dress of the week January 22nd

Good  morning  Ladies !  I  hope  you  are   having  a  nice  weekend  where you are.  It is  relatively  warm  here  today  so far , 16f   after  having a  few  days  in the  past  week  down to minus  12    and  a  windchill too. The  joys of  Minnesota !  We also  had  a  light  snowshower  last  night.

Winter Jan 22

Last  Sunday  we   went to  Church  , and  had  a  nice   visiting  priest , he  was  a little  hard to understand  but  we  did  get   what  he  was  saying. Afterwards  we  had  a  nice time  at  home  and then   went to a  local restaurant  for   dinner. The  kids  were  off school Monday  for MLK day.   On Tuesday I was  able to  call my Mom  and  wish her  a  happy Birthday.  She  said  ” I am getting on in  years”   but  she is the one  who always  says  your  as  young  as  you  feel!  I  am  hoping  to  see her  in  person this  summer.    On Tuesday morning  I  got  the  sad  news  that  my Uncle , Aunts  husband  had  passed  away  after  a  few  years  in  declining  health.   He  lived  his life to  the  fullest, he was a  chef  who  worked  hard   and  also  played  hard in his  freetime. He  was  always  the  life of the party  and  will be  missed .   I was able to talk to my Aunt over the  phone that morning  which was  nice to comfort her. I  watched the  funeral mass online  earlier today.  May  he rest in  peace , a  man of  great faith . Wednesday  and  Thursday  went  by pretty much  as  normal.  We  did  get  a  new   heater installed  in the  garage Wednesday,  which is  nice  , it  works on a  thermostat  so  can  be  set  to turn off.

Hey girl

Today we  have  basement  projects  we  will  be  working on in hopes to  soon  complete the  bedroom and  bathroom.   The  boys  are  going  to   go  snowmobiling  with   friends of ours , all I can say is brrr!!

Please  rate out of  10 this polka dot  embroidered  cotton  poplin dress   see here

E shak Jan 22 2022

Have a  lovely  weekend , Terri  xo.