Dress of the week December 18th !

Good morning Ladies ! I got so busy last week that I did not get a chance to sit down and post, my apologies ! I can review it here. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas ! Just a week to go until Christmas day ! We have had some strange weather this past week alone. Last Friday we had a snowstorm that dropped 15 inches on us ! Saturday and Sunday were relatively mild in comparison . Early Wednesday it got close to 60 degrees F and snow melting . Then we had a windstorm , thunder and lightening . We were blessed though it did not do too much damage. I am counting my blessings after seeing the devastation and loss of life in Kentucky. God bless all of them affected.

On Thursday the 7th I took off and brought our son to the hospital for his latest appointment after fracturing his shinbone. He was in a full leg cast for a few weeks . When we got there they started to take it off. They use a small saw called an oscillator that cute the smallest amount into the cast. It was a little scary for my son but between myself and the technician we calmed him down ! It was good to have his leg free for a half hour or so. They did x-rays and the doctor was happy with how it is healing. They put a smaller cast on below the knee and said he could put more pressure on it walking. He is able to get around on it . He still uses a wheelchair for school. On Saturday we had friends , 3 couples and some of their kids over for lunch and to hang out for a few hours . It was a nice time ! Then in the afternoon we decorated !

On  Sunday  we  celebrated  the  3rd  week  of  Advent  or  Gaudete   where  the  rose colored  candle is  lit  and  the  priests  wear rose  color  vestments,  It means  rejoice , the   birth of  our Lord is  very near !   After   church it  was  a  pretty   relaxing  day .  Monday  started a  new  work  and  school  week .  On Wednesday  the   kids  Church  class   was  cancelled  due to   high   winds  and  possible  tornado  activity  but   Thank  God it did  not transpire.   On Thursday  evening our  Church  had  their  advent  reconciliation or  confession  night  with  6   visiting  priests and  our own  parish priest  hearing  the  sacrament.   On Friday I  was  off  as  we had  some workers  helping out with our  basement  bedroom/bathroom  project. One  guy  was  doing  the  electrical  rough in , running all the  wires . The other  was  adding heat  vents to  both rooms so it is   ready  before   sheetrock.    The  same  guy  also added a   new  gas  line  from our  mechanical room  to the new gas  stove  we  ordered! I am  so  excited to be using  a  gas  stove  again, I could  not  get  used to the  electric  one after  6 months  of living  here. This  was  the  time to do it  as  the  new  bedroom is  directly below  the  kitchen and  the  ceiling   would be inaccessible later.   Someone is  lined up to take our  electric stove. We  have  some  chores  today  before  Christmas !  

coffee by christmas tree

Please  rate out of  10 this contrast  trim  cotton  jersey dress see here

green christmas dress 2021

Shoutout !!!    I  am  so  happy  to tell  you   my  friend  Mackenzie  and  her  husband  DJ  are   expecting their  first baby  in  May !!  She   will  make a   wonderful  Mom !  She  also just  told   those  who  follow   her   that   the  baby is  a  girl !!  I  am  very excited  for   both of  them.  You can  check out  her initial announcement ” so we have some news!”   or the cute ” we’re having a …..”  here. 


Wishing  you  a   blessed  and  peaceful  Christmas if I don’t get  a  post out  before then,  we  are  going to my in-laws , should  be  a lot of  good  family  time. take care,  Terri xo. 


8 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 18th !

  1. We got Internet this week … YAY!!

    Decorating for Christmas is so fun, but I missed out this year because of moving. We did put up a small Christmas tree and decorated the front door with garland and gingerbread men. Our new house has Christmas lights outside, I’m glad the previous owners left them for us. All my decorations are still in boxes, I guess they’ll stay there till next Christmas. I love your little Christmas village which I have too! I also collect snowmen (and snowwomen) but the box is nowhere to be found yet. If I find it I will still display them because they make a fun winter decor.

    Your mug looks very festive! And the green dress is so pretty (9) especially for the Christmas season (or St. Patrick’s coming up in two months).


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    1. I am so glad you got your internet connection Carmen ! I know how it is to be without it in this modern world we live in . It would have been to hard for you to decorate this year , but you have nearly a year to decide how to decorate your new home. I do like our village , it is always nice to keep out after Christmas too. I hope you find your snowpeople box soon ! I must admit the mug is from a photo I found , I will have to take a selfie one though ! Thanks for the dress rating, It will indeed be good for St Patricks day. Thanks so much for visiting, enjoy some more unpacking at your own pace in the week ahead, Terri xo.

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  2. Aw, thank you so much for the sweet shoutout, Terri!! I am so glad to hear your son’s fracture is healing up well! Also, I adore your Christmas decorations- we didn’t go all out this year (mainly because we knew Moose would chew up everything!), so it’s so fun to see everyone else’s!

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    1. You are so welcome for the shoutout Mackenzie, I like that feature I added a few years back to highlight my blogging friends special moments . Our son is really coming on in leaps and bounds , He will have cast off on the 28th . Thanks for the Christmas decorations compliments , they add a lovely element to the house in these winter days. I can imagine Moose would be all over tinsel or other decorations being a puppy! Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas to you all, Terri xo.

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    1. Thanks so much Sis , I try to make the posts as interesting as I can ! Thanks for liking the decorations, we really like them ! The weekend was busy early then relaxing Yesterday, just how I like it ! Thanks for stopping by, love to you too, Terri xo.


    1. Awww I know how you feel Kate about electric ! Thanks for the decorations comment , they do cheer us up in this time of year ! I think 8 is about my grade also for the dress. Have a good week, Terri xo.


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