Dress of the week December 4th !

Good  morning  Ladies !   It is  hard  to  believe  but it is   now  December , one of  my  most  favorite   months of the  year .  It is  the  month  we  welcome our lord  and  savior  Jesus Christ .  We  are  having   some  nice  weather  temperatures  here   for  Minnesota ,  We  dont  have  any  snow  on the   ground ,  but  we  are   promised  a  little   bit over   the  weekend . Thursday  was a  beautiful  day in the  low   50s  and   sunshine !  

Christmas bucket list

Last  Sunday  was    a   day of    quiet  family   time   after   the  busyness  of  thanksgiving.   The  kids   had  Monday off  school   to give  them    a   nice   long   late  November  mini  holiday.   Our  little  guy  who is in a  cast  due to   fracturing  his   shinbone    went  back to  school  Tuesday  after  being  off   for  over  a  week .  He is using his  wheelchair   and  had  lots of  attention  from the other  kindergartners  when he  returned! The  innocence of  little  kids !  Wednesday  the kids   also  returned  to  church class.    Thursday  was  a  pretty  normal  day of  work  and  home life .   On  Friday  I   went    food   shopping  , and  when there  I    seen Christmas  cards   and  realized  I  need to  get  them sent overseas quickly !  I will write  them  today .   Also today we  are  having   a  few   couples and  their  kids  over  for  lunch and  to   catch up. It  should  be   fun  ! 

vintage Christmas
Vintage Christmas !

Later we  might  go out  shopping for a   new  gas  stove .  We  have  electric  right  now    but  have  been  so used to gas over the  years   that  we   want to  see  what is  available.  Which do you like, gas or  electric?    I also hope  to  see  some hallmark   Christmas  movies, they are  a   guilty  pleasure of  mine !! 

Christmas card 1

Please  rate out of  10 this  floral embellished tulle   dress    see here


black dress

 Have a  beautiful  weekend  everyone,  Terri xo. 


6 thoughts on “Dress of the week December 4th !

  1. Love these nostalgic photos! The Christmas list is lovely, we have enjoyed almost all of them through the years, however, this Christmas will be different. We are making a BIG move two hours away from where we live in less than two weeks with sooo much packing to do! We will be with our boys and family for Christmas Eve.

    I did wear a holiday sweater, will enjoy a luncheon with friends, open all our gifts on Christmas Eve (a German tradition) watch a Christmas movie (after we move) and of course, we need to do something kind for others no matter how busy we are!

    The dress is elegant – 10 – perfect for New Year’s Eve. I have a tradition of wearing black on NYE.

    God bless you and your dear family!
    Joy to the world!

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    1. I found the vintage Christmas photos on tumblr site, they do bring is back to simpler times ! The list is a nice guide to try a few items on the list even if we do not get to do it all this Christmas. I am so excited for you and your new house move Carmen !!! The packing is a hard part but will be all worth it when you are done. As you know we moved and are very happy in our new home . I am glad you will get to spend Christmas with your family ! Doing something kind or donating to those less fortunate is really important , it helps someone out and we feel a little more peace inside having helped. Thanks for the dress comments, I liked it as soon as I laid eyes on it ! You have many pretty black outfits ! Sending blessings to you and yours Carmen , Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading Sis! He is definitely doing better and we are going for a check up tomorrow to see what the next stage of recovery is going to entail. I hope you have a lovely day, Terri xo.


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