Dress of the week November 20th !

Good morning Ladies ! I started that first previous sentence on Saturday morning and that is as far as I got ! It is now Monday. last Saturday (13th) I had just watched the funeral online of my Uncle who passed to eternal life. I was able to compose myself and after that got busy with a bunch of chores and also we worked on the basement where we are building a new bedroom and bathroom for our daughter. it is at the framing stage and now needs plumbing electrical and heat /cool added . In the evening we had friends come over and had a nice evening with them. On Sunday after church there was a pancake breakfast and that is a popular event . In the afternoon I printed up a photo of my Uncle who passed , put it in a frame and put it on the remembrance table at our church as November is the month of the holy souls where we pray for those departed from this life and those in purgatory who need our prayers.

Monday  and   Tuesday  started off  normal   then  at  9.30 am I got a   call from  the   school  that   our  youngest  had  a  playground  accident  and  had   swelling  on his  leg. I left  work and    went to  pick him up ,  he  was in a  wheelchair in a  bit of  discomfort.  The   nurse  and  I  got  him loaded up  and  I  took him to  Childrens  hospital in St. Paul.  We  waited   a  while, He  was  feeling  ok after  a  while  with his  leg up in  a  chair.  We   then got   x rays   done  and  the  diagnosis  when  we  seen the   doctor  was  that it  was  a  shinbone   fracture. So they  commenced  to  putting a  splint in which is a  heavy  duty  bandage   put  together in  4  parts. We  wheeled  him to the  car  and  got  ready for  our new  life  experience!  He  did  really well. I had   enquired about  temporary  wheelchairs  for   our  son  but  they  did  not  know about any. 


We  got  him  home  and there was a  lot of  carrying   needed, he is  too young  for   crutches. He  had a  tough time  falling  asleep the  first   night  even  with the  medication  he  was  taking.   he  did  drop off  though. The  next  day I was   busy with him  , and  also calling  our primary  doctor, insurance  company and  anyone  else  we  could to  find a   chair  for  him. It was a   bit of a  runaround  and  we  eventually had to order a   chair online  , it  has  not  shipped  as  yet. He  has   spent  his  days sitting on our  new  couch with  footrest , and  generally  giving us orders!  He  needs  help to  use   the  bathroom,  but is  a trooper.  Saturday was  a  day of   keeping  busy, getting  ready for  thanksgiving and  minding our patient. He is  going to see the  specialist  tomorrow so we  will see  what  that entails going   forward.  

Please  rate out of  10 this V neck  button  detail    floral  midi dress  from  Cherie  day, 

cheried day 11 22


Have  a  beautiful  week  ahead  and  a lovely  thanksgiving  if you are  celebrating, Terri xo. 




10 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 20th !

  1. Hi, Terri. What an emotional time you’ve had! I hope your son has gotten used to his leg splint. Those things can be annoying. I have one to keep my two fingers straight at night and I often find myself taking it off in the middle of the night. A full leg splint that cannot be removed–well, he is a trooper for putting up with that. A+++!
    What a gift that you were able to view his funeral even though you couldn’t be there in person. Your uncle was loved very much. His spirit will live on in your wonderful memories of him.
    Hoping your Thanksgiving was relaxing with delicious food.
    Enjoy your weekend. May it be easy with relaxing moments.

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    1. It has been an emotional time but we are taking it day by day! He got the splint off Tuesday and got a hard cast put on for a few weeks. Sorry you have to deal with a splint too! Aww he does get A + ! The funeral was beautiful Cindy and a true reflection of his Catholic life from Baptism to passing to eternal life. There was so much love for him he was selfless. Thanksgiving was a lovely time with family and some even stayed over ( do they like us that much ???)! The weekend has been nice, back to reality tomorrow ! Thanks so much for visiting, Have a lovely week as we shift into December , Terri xo.

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  2. May God comfort you and the family at this time. Sadly, death is a reality of life and we all know the sorrow of losing loved ones. Your daughter will be so happy to have her own brand new room and bathroom. I would like to see a photo when it’s finished. Praying your youngest son has a speedy recovery. The dress is very pretty. 10 again! 🙂


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    1. Thanks again Carmen for your comforting words. Loss and sorrow are a constant in all our lives. Our daughter is so looking forward to her bedroom , it looks like it will be the new year before she moves into it ! I will send photos for sure. Our youngest is doing better day by day. Thanks for the dress rating! Thank you for visiting, I hope the weekend is good to you, hugs, Terri xo.


    1. He is doing better Kate and just got a new cast put on today. He is giving us plenty of orders being a patient! The wheelchair will finally be here today or tomorrow at latest ! Thanks for the dress rating, and visiting, Terri xo.


  3. I’m so sorry to read about your youngest son. I will keep him in my prayers and hope that everything goes well with whatever has to happen from here on . Most of of all I hope he heals quickly!!
    I give the dress a 9.

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    1. Thanks so much Jan! he is doing better , and got a new cast put on to help the leg further. We will go back in 2 weeks to see what the doctor says. Thanks for your prayers, we appreciate them ! He is giving us plenty of orders now that he is a patient !! Thanks for the dress rating and visiting, Terri xo.


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