Dress of the week November 13th .

Good   morning  Ladies, I  come  to  you this   morning  with a  hole in  my   heart .  On Tuesday of  this  week   I got  a  call  from   my  sister  that   my dear  uncle  Peter   had   passed  away into  eternal life. He   was  diagnosed   with  dementia  earlier  in the  year   and  then  from  July   started  going  downhill  quickly . He  was  staying at  home  until  6  weeks  ago  and  then  had to   go into a   nursing  home.  It  was   tough  on the   family, his   wife  and   3   kids , as  towards   the  end  he  did  not  know  them.  At  the  weekend they gave  him Morphine  and   he  was  administered the  last  rites  as  is   custom in  our   Church to   prepare  us  for  the  afterlife  with God.  He  was  a  man of  deep  faith, an  inspiration to all who  knew   him .  He   would   do  anything   for  you  if  you were in  need . He  was  a  great handyman  and   could  do  anything in the  home   from  plumbing  to  electrical  carpentry. He  also loved   working on cars.  May he   rest in peace , in the  presence of God.   

funeral bible verse

last  Sunday  was  a   relaxing   day .  After  working  pretty  hard on  Saturday  we  all took it  easy. Our   son had a  friend  stay over  after   celebrating  his   birthday  the  night  before  by  going   bowling.  They  were awake  late   but its ok once in  a  while !   We  watched some   football  also.   Monday  was  back to  routine .  Tuesday  towards the  end of the  work day I got the  sad   news of my Uncle passing.  I  had to   go to  a  dental  appointment   at  6pm  that evening  still. My  dental  hygenist  Claudia  was   very  compassionate  on  hearing  my sad  news.  We  had  a  good   chat  as   she  did  her   work(  well you can  guess she  did most of the  talking  and  it  was  lovely hearing  her  stories  about  loved ones  she lost)    On  Wednesday our   youngest  got  new  glasses  as   his  prescription  changed , for the  better   I am  happy to say.   He  has  cool   blue  and  yellow  frames!   The  kids  also had  church class  that  night. 

Thursday night I was able to relax and reflect on things. Sometimes the tears would flow out of nowhere when I would think about my Uncle. I am an emotional person at the best of times, shedding tears at a sad movie so you can imagine me when a loved one passes! Friday morning we got our first snow ! It started to form on the grass and roofs but as the day went on it dissappeared. Last night we went out to eat at a local restaurant. This morning I was able to watch the funeral on live stream as I was not able to attend. It was a beautiful Mass of sending to eternal life.

funeral verse 2

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Apriml cornell dress 1

Have a   beautiful  week  ahead,  Terri xo. 

8 thoughts on “Dress of the week November 13th .

  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dear uncle. It is never easy to lose those we love. It sounds like he was a wonderful man–so giving of his time and talent and will be remembered with love. My condolences to the family.
    Congrats on getting your first snow. (I think) We also had some icy flakes, but nothing stuck. The flakes reminded me that I am not yet ready for the cold and snow. *sigh*
    Enjoy the week, Terri. ❤️

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    1. Thanks for your condolences Cindy . He was wonderful , he just wanted to be of assistance to anyone he could . He was a loving husband father and Uncle to me and the whole family. Thank you for the snow congrats( i think !! lol) It has since warmed a little back to 40s. I am not fully ready yet for the cold but the calendar does not lie !! Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your week, Terri xo.


  2. Death is a sad part of life, I have tasted these bitter tears. The scripures you shared are true! I thank God for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! God will comfort those who mourn, that is a promise! Praying for the family.


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    1. Death is a sad part of life that we are all affected by. You have tasted these tears with the death of your young brother , that must have been so heartbreaking for you at an early age Carmen. We have the promise of eternal life , Our merciful God will help those left behind after our loved
      ones have moved to the glorious next stage of their life. Thanks so much for your prayers, God bless you, Terri xo.


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