Dress of the week October 9th!

Good morning ladies from a slightly cooler Minnesota this morning . It is cooler than the last few days but still higher than usual for normal temps. It reached 80f earlier this week. It will be in the 60s for the coming week which will feel more fall like. It will be good to get out to some orchards or pumpkin patches in the coming weeks.


Last  week  I  wrote   my  post   from the  hotel . After it  was   finished  we   went  for  a  relaxing  coffee  at   Caribou, a  popular  Minnesota   chain.  It  was   nice  just  to  relax  the   two of  us!   Then  we   came  back  and   checked out  of  our  hotel  and  started on  the   road  homewards.   We  did  not  get  a  mile  away  when  we   stopped! We  found  Christmas point wild rice company    It is  lovely  store  that  has a   bit of   everything  from  food as  the   title   suggests  to  , frames  to candles. It  was  nice   wandering  through  the  store.



We   made our  way to  St. Cloud  Mn  and   had   lunch .  We   also looked  in  Joann Fabrics  and   Michael’s  for  fall  craft  inspiration !  Then  we   decided  to   go to  a  winery   a  few  miles  away  . We  used to  do it  a lot  before  the   kids  were  born ! We  did  a wine  tasting of  various  wines  and   then settled on a   glass   each.  We  purchased  2  bottles  to  take  home. Mine  was a   german style  wine Gemütlichkeit
Try saying that! It means Good Times in German. It is made with Prairie Star grapes, but instead of fermenting it all the way to dryness as with Freizeit, I left it semi-sweet. It is a wonderful easy drinking fruity wine, with no barrel aging. Hints of apple, mango, pineapple, and melon come through. Serve chilled ! 


 Millner winery Kimball

Two  hours  after   leaving  the  winery  we  arrived  home to  relieve  the  in-laws !  Well it  was  not  too  hard  as  the  kids  are all that  bit older.    Soon  after  arriving  home  I   went  along  with  one of our  sons  to a   benefit  for a  little  girl  who  needs  a  heart  transplant. May God  grant  her  the  gift of  a  new  heart ,  Amen !  

Sunday  was   a  relaxing  day  after  our  trip  away,  our  youngest   had   swim  lessons  the   highlight. We  watched  the  football game   also !    Monday to  Friday  was  a  pretty  typical   week of  school  and   work.   On  Friday night  our  daughter  went  with  her  friend s to the  football  homecoming    game at  the   high  school  and  they  won !   Today   should  be   pretty  relaxing  also. 

Please  rate out of  10  this  floral  tile  print   wrap  dress   see here


Shoutout :-  to   Mackenzie  and  her   husband DJ on  getting   their  new   puppy  Moose ! 

Have a   great  week,  Terri xo. 


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