Dress of the week August 7th!

Good Morning Ladies! As I write this post early Saturday morning it is thundering and Lightening outside. Also heavy rain as you can imagine, but it is so needed here as we have had a very dry summer. Most lawns are a little burned but we have been trying to green ours up a little when we can water them. This past week has been in the mid to high 80s so maybe the storm will calm things down a bit!

1500x1000 (19)

Last   weekend on Saturday  we  hosted  a lovely   family  gathering . The head of  the family  tree  here   turned  93 !  He  is  in  an assisted   living  facility  2  hours  from   us  and  was   delighted  to  get  out . There   were 17   of us  in  total, one had  to  work , but it  was  nice to  see  our youngest   member  Baby Stanley make the  trip with his  parents! We  had a  nice   meal   and   some  yummy   cupcakes   afterwards.  It  was   so  much  easier  to host  in our  new   house with a  bit  more   space.

1500x1000 (7)
Master bath

On Sunday  there  was   Church   and   a  relaxing  day   afterwards. Our   younger   boys   had   swim  lessons  in the   mornings   during   the   week.   They love  water   and it is  a  win  win  as  we   do  not  have a  pool   at the  moment   since  moving. We  are   working  on  getting a   new  one. The  kids   had  a   few   friend   playdates  also.  Yesterday our  daughter  was   playing in  nationals  for   softball in a  weekend  long   tournament.  They  played  2  games  yesterday  and  at  5pm  all the  teams  had  a  parade ! Our   girls  dressed  in  a hawaiian theme!  There  are  more  games  Today  and depending on  results   into  Sunday.

1500x1000 (3)
powder room

For  this  weeks  dress of  the  week my   blog   friend  Courtney   has   kindly agreed  to   model    for  us ! She  is a  wife  to Jake  and  Mom  to  baby Scarlett . She  recently   did a  post  on ” ten  tips to  photogragh  a   baby” It   will be  a  great  insight  for  parents  of  young  kids. You  can see  her  post  here   Courtney  was in  some of the  photos  and I loved  the  dress  she  was   wearing! 

Please  rate out of  10  this eyelet   floral  embroidered  midi  dress  in  lilac  from Chicwish ,  see here

purple-dress-8 (1)

Thank you  Courtney,  have a  lovely  weekend everyone ,  Terri xo. 


9 thoughts on “Dress of the week August 7th!

  1. Thank you for another peek into your new home. Your laundry room, bathroom and powder room look very neat and lovely! How nice that you have a jacuzzi and double sinks in your master bathroom! You always manage to get so many activities in your week!

    The eyelet dress is so romantic and I love the lilac colour! Courtney makes a great model!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so welcome for the peek into our new home Carmen! Thanks for the compliments on the Laundry , powder and master bath rooms, they are sometimes tidier than other times ! The jacuzzi and double sink were one of the main features that drew us to the house. These are busy times with activities for sure! It really is a romantic , the colour is lovely and Courtney is a wonderful model! Have a great week and thank you for visiting , Terri xo.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The laundry space is so nice Jan !! A big improvement on our last one. I have to say the bathroom was one of the buying perks for us !! It is a pretty dress and Courtney is a really pretty model ! Thanks for coming to visit, Terri xo.


  2. Sweet dress! I love the color and eyelet has always been a favorite of mine 🙂
    giggles; i got a kick out of the magazine rack in the bathroom! hehehe making sure everyone has reading material, huh?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The color is lovely Kate and eyelet dresses and tops are really sweet. There is a story behind the magazine rack , I will have to tell you sometime ! Thanks so much for visiting, Terri xo.


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