Dress of the week June 12th !

Good  morning  Ladies !!   I come  to you  on a  cool  day!   After  a  bunch of  days  in the  high 90s and  low  100s   we  are  in the   80s  today, where’s  my  coat??? It  is  way too early  to get  these  temps  in  Minnesota    and  I hope  there  is a   cooler  period. 

Last  Saturday   morning  I  met  my  friend  Claire  for  coffee .   I  first  met  her  at  our  church after  moving  here  and  she is  also Irish! We   had  a  nice  chat  and  caught  up  on life. i  see  her  at  church but  its  nice  to  sit  down  and  relax .   After  that  I  did  some  shopping  , came  home   and  did  a  few   chores.   I also  went  to  see my   daughters  team play softball. They  did  not  have a  good   day in the  searing  heat. 

new skirt and top!

On  Sunday   we  went to   Church, the  feast of  Corpus  Christi .   The  rest  of  the  day  was  pretty  relaxing .   our  youngest  had  swimming  lesson  for  3  days during  the  week.  He is  already part  fish in  our   backyard  pool  but  he  is  getting  fine  tuned  with  teachers. There  was  also  softball  and  baseball  activities.  Yesterday  our  youngest  celebrated  his  6th  birthday!!  He  requested  to go to  Applebee’s  for   dinner  and  also  he  got  a   minions  cake! Not to forget  all the  generosity  from  family  here  and  overseas! 

Please  rate out of  10 this  cool  cotton  forget  me  not  sundress  from April Cornell see here

Screenshot 2021-06-12 201519

Have a  lovely  weekend, Terri xo. 

4 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 12th !

  1. Nice to see a photo of you now and again Terri! What colour is your skirt? We’ve had some hot days too, but I’m not complaining because I prefer it to snow. 🙂 I’m glad you had coffee with your friend and that she’s Irish too! Time for summer sports and fun activities, but I know it’s not so fun in sweltering heat. Happy birthday to your youngest, 6 already, how time goes by! Enjoy every day and make happy memories! 🙂 The pink dress is very pretty, would look good on you! 🙂



    1. Aww it is sweet of you to say you like to se e me now and again, I appreciate it! It is a black polka dot skirt, I want to get a better photo and send it to you. It is hard to find a balance in the weather but you are right, better than the snow. It was nice to meet up with Claire for coffee , we have been talking about it for a while and found a day that worked out. It is that bit harder doing sports on the humid days for sure. Aww it is hard to believe he is 6 already Carmen! We are making precious memories and recording with photos is so easy these days. It is a pretty pink dress and thank you for suggesting I would look good in it!! Thanks for visiting with me, Terri xo.

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