Dress of the week June 5th!

Good morning Ladies , how are you today? After having morning frost here just 3 and a half weeks ago , yesterday we reached 100f (37c) in a week that gradually crept up to that temp. It seems a little early for those temps but is going to stay in the 90s for a few days. I am glad we have our pool set up !

Not our  pool   but  what a   view!
Not our pool but what a view!

So  last  week  we   were out of  town  for  the  long  weekend at my in-laws and also  as  our  house  was  just  put on the  market to  sell ! There  were   viewings  on  Friday  with some interest { I had said  there were offers  made on Friday  but  in fact we were  told that someone was going to make an offer but  had not that  day)    On  Saturday  there  were  morning  appointments   and  then  at 1-3 there was  an open house. Our  realtor  who has been in the  business  0ver  30 years  said he never  seen  such an amount of people  for an open house , and  on a  holiday  weekend! We  were  expecting offers  to come in  Saturday  evening  but  they  did not.   We   came home  Sunday around  midday  and  had to leave soon after  for  a  showing.  There  was  also  a late  afternoon  showing . Our  realtor  came over in the  evening  and  said  we  had  received  an offer!!!!  The  people  who  viewed it early  made a  nice offer  and  we  accepted , it  was  such a  relief I can tell you!!  We  have  heard  they are  a  young  couple  who are renting right now  and  have to be out of  their  place at  the  end of the  month .  Reminds me of  us when  we  moved  in,   with the same  circumstances as them.  We  are  doing our  house  closing on  June 29th in the  morning and   closing our  new  home in the  afternoon.  Thank God it all worked out ! 


So our  weekend  away  was  so  nice ! We   relaxed at  my in-laws  house  early (they were at  their camper  30 mins away)  Then we  drove to my brother-in-laws and  his  wife’s  house  to  meet  our baby  nephew Stanley!  He  is  just  adorable  and  brought  back  memories of our  kids  at  that  age. he is  a  month old  but  is  such a   strong   baby  for his age. 

Screenshot 2021-06-05 072638

 After  leaving Stanley and  his  parents we went to the  camper  for  dinner   and  were  treated  to  Sauerkraut  and  dumplings !  Our  2 older  boys  stayed  with  their  grandparents  overnight in the  camper and  we  picked them up Sunday Morning.  It  was  nice relaxing at  home  Monday , our  friends  Brandon  Josette  and  Maddi  came over  for  a  visit Monday afternoon. The  kids  were  back to  school Tuesday  and  were  finished  for  the  summer  Wednesday at  noon!   They are  happy  to  be on  vacation. 


We  have  a little   work to do  at  house  today to  be  ready for leaving  June  29th  but  nothing  too hectic. 

Please  rate out of  10 this   Poetry  smocked  tiered  ruffle  dress in  a  periwinkle  color.  It  has  tie  shoulder  straps.  See here

Screenshot 2021-06-05 074840

Have a  beautiful  weekend, Terri xo. 

5 thoughts on “Dress of the week June 5th!

  1. Oh my! I missed this post! I have not been online much lately. We are concidering moving and have been helping both our sons get their houses ready to sell.

    I’m so happy for you that all worked out with the sale of your house, it’s a stressful time for sure, as our oldest son just went through buying a new house and selling their old one, then the BIG move last month! Our youngest son is going through that right now as we speak. He bought a house and just listed the one he’s living in on Friday. He had four showings yesterday and more today, so we’re praying all goes well.

    Then it might be our turn, we have been thinking of moving for years, but always a little hesitant to leave our sons and grandchildren. Now that they’ll be in outher cities, we’ll just have to see what happens. I want to find the right house.

    We’ve looked at dozens of posibilities (long story) and here are a couple of places we’ve considered in the past.

    Decisions Decisions Decisions

    Dream House?

    This will be a busy time for you! Stanley is a little cutie!! God bless him! You’re wearing one of my favourite prints – leopard! Looks good paired with a black skirt. The periwinkle dress is beautiful, love the ruffles -10l



    1. It is exciting that you are considering moving too Carmen! How nice you are helping both sons with moves, The older son has moved to new house right? Sending prayers that your younger son gets a sale soon! It is good you are waiting for the right house not just a new house! I will check out the past posts you linked. We have 16 days left here now after being here for 15 years. It was just the 2 of us when we first bought it and now we are here 4 kids later and cherishing the memories we put into that time . Stanley is a cutie and I think we will see him again next week ! Well… I knew that you would like the leopard print as soon as you seen it . I think it is cute with the skirt alright. The periwinkle dress caught my eye to win the prize of dress of the week . Beautiful for summer days and the ruffle are lovely. Thanks for visiting me Carmen , Terri xo.

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      1. Yes, our older son and family moved into their new house last month. Our youngest son will move into his new house in August. Real Estate is different than it used to be here. There are usually multiple offers and the sellers will not accept offers that have conditions, which makes it difficult. 😦

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