Dress of the week May 29th !

Good morning Ladies !! How are you ? If your in the UK and United states you will be enjoying a nice long weekend. It is a lovely sunny day here . We are at my in-laws house for the weekend. So much has happened since my last post May 15th!

On  May  16th we  looked  at  an  existing  home about  4  minutes  drive  from  us .   It was a  beautiful  home built  in  2007  .  It  has   4   bedrooms  with the  option  of  adding  another.  It  is  spacious  and a  lovely  layout.  So  we  put in  an  offer on  the   house  and  2  days  later   we   were  accepted  !!!!    We  are  officially  moving.  We   did love  the  house style  that  was  going  to  be  built   blocks  away  from  us , but  the   builder  came  back  and  said  it   would be an extra  $25000  dollars  to  build  based on  material  costs. We  declined and  are  happy   to  move  forward  with  our  new   pre built  home.   One of  the  conditions  of  our  offer  being  accepted was  that our  house  would  be  put on the  market  within 10    days  ( yesterday  Friday!)   We  had  a  lot of  work to  do to  get it ready  for   showings! There  was    a   bunch of  stuff  moved to  storage  lockers  a  mile  away. We  had  extra   help  Thank God! So  every  evening  we  had   projects to  complete.   There  was  a  lot of  painting , cleaning  decluttering  to do. Since  Sunday we  had  been up  late, some days  until 2am!!  We  got  new  carpets in   throughout .  They  look   great!  So   Thursday  night  we  stayed  up late (2am again !)   and  had  it  ready   to  go on market   on  Friday  morning!  As    I  write some  people  have  made  offers  which is  exciting.   I  will have   updates   next  week!   Some  pics  below of our house listing   ,  I  can hardly believe its ours !


We  are  staying  here until  Sunday  as  there is  house  showings  today  and  early  tomorrow. Today  we  finally  get  to  meet  our  newest  family  member our  nephew Stanley!  WE  drive  90  minutes  from  here so it   will be  a  precious  moment  seeing  him  and  his  parents!   It  will be  a  relaxing  weekend after a   busy  week!  

Please  rate  out  of  10  this pinafore  style  ravishing   red   Prairie  dress From  April Cornell , see here


Have   a lovely  weekend, Terri  xo. 


8 thoughts on “Dress of the week May 29th !

  1. The house looks beautiful! I’m sure you’ll be very happy there! How do you find time for blogging with all the work you’re doing?



    1. Thank you on the house compliments Carmen but the photos are our existing house that we are selling( my wording caught most people out so it was my fault) They are from the realtor listing . I still have to post pics of our new house which we move into June 29th. I want to prioritize my time so that I have time to post, it is an important part of my week to keep in touch with you and my other friends. I will continue to post please God ! Thanks for visiting, Terri xo.

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      1. When you wrote – I can hardly believe its ours – I misunderstood. Wow!! Your house looks amazing, no wonder it sold so quickly! 🙂


      2. It was easy to misunderstand but yes , we worked hard to declutter to get it into that position , so were happy with the results! It got a lot of attention and we are glad it sold , Terri xo.

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    1. We have been busy Mackenzie , it will be worth it in the end. The pics above are our existing home , declutterered for the realtor listing. I will post our new home pics in time . Thanks so much for visiting, Terri xo.

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  2. Congrats on your new home, Terri. I’m sorry the new homebuilding didn’t work out, but hopefully this one will be just as nice. The pics of your home’s listing look beautiful. I can see why you’ve had offers so quickly. Congrats on that as well.
    I’ve always loved April Cornell. This dress looks summery and easy to wear–a 10.
    Enjoy the holiday today. ❤️

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    1. Thank you Cindy !! A quick update , we got an offer to buy our house yesterday evening and accepted!! We close on the old and new on June 29th. We are excited to move into the new one. God had a plan for us to move there I guess! Thanks for the compliments on the house listing photos, The photographer did a great job. April Cornell has so many feminine outfits and dresses, I wanted to include her. It does look so comfy to wear. Have a lovely day today also Cindy, take care, Terri xo.

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